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Apple hosts opened Maps to third-party apps, permitting developers to make expansions that can be integrated into the search result of Maps. At the point when you install an app that has an extension accessible for Apple Maps, then, it will be coordinated with it automatically. Here we will see how you can enable and use Maps extensions on iPhone and iPad.

Notwithstanding, all Maps extensions are disabled as a matter of course so your search result doesn’t get piled up with pointless extensions. Enabling an extension is simple and should be possible on a per-app basis. So you can enable a specific extension while keeping all the others disabled. It’s not difficult to get more out of the Maps app by permitting third-party apps to add extensions. The main role of app extension is to enable you to do things like book a reservation at a restaurant or require a ride without having to leave Maps. This sort of integration opens up your valuable time by removing the need to switch between various apps to achieve your goals.

Enable Maps extensions through Settings

In case that you have apps that can be utilized with Maps, they will appear inside your Maps settings. Third-party apps can work with the Maps app. Let us see how you can enable third-party apps as maps extensions on iPhone and iPad.

  • Choose the Settings app from your Home screen.
  • Hit on the Maps option, then, at that point Choose the type of extensions you wish to turn on under Extensions.
  • Switch On the extension you need to enable. Green means it’s on.

If that you don’t see the Extension heading, there are no apps installed on your gadget with Maps extensions capabilities.

Third-Party Extension in Apple Maps:

  • Dispatch the Maps app.
  • How you access the third-party extension inside Maps relies upon the third-party app.
  • For instance, OpenTable is an app for reserving restaurant reservations; so when you discover an restaurant in Maps and tap on it, there will be an alternative to make a reservation.
Enable Maps extensions
Enable Maps extensions
  • In our example, we will be using Lyft. At the point when you get directions starting with one spot to another, you will have the alternative to choose Ride at the lower part of the screen next to Drive, Walk, and Transit.
  • From here, you can can tap Book to choose the ride that works for you and your spending plan.
Enable Maps extensions

When you demand a ride, the Lyft will be one its way without truly expecting to leave the Maps app.

Use Maps extensions

Each maps extension will work somewhat better, yet to give you a harsh thought of how they work, how about we utilize OpenTable to show you how it can work.

  • Dispatch Maps from your Home Screen.
  • Tap the search bar, then, at that point Start typing for the name of the restaurant you need.
  • Tap on the option you need, then, at that point Hit on the Reservations: OpenTable button.
Enable Maps extensions
Enable Maps extensions
Enable Maps extensions

From here, you can arrange every one of the details of your reservation, including what time, the number of people coming, and even write exceptional requests. After your data is completely entered, you will be redirected to the OpenTable app to confirm your reservation.

Apps compatible with Apple Maps Extension

At present, there are few apps that help Apple Maps expansion. These include:

  • OpenTable
  • Uber
  • Lyft
  • Yelp

Unfortunately, the App Store doesn’t show which apps come with an expansion for Maps.


Apple Maps got a huge, and required, upgrade. The Maps app is currently fit for doing significantly more, including connecting with third-party apps on your device. For instance, suppose you need to make a restaurant reservation. In case that you have your reservation app-enabled for use with Apple Maps, you can search for a restaurant, reserve the spot, and get directions all inside the Maps app. This was all about how you can enable and use maps extensions on iPhone and iPad. Regards!

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