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View weather on iPhone and iPad through Weather and Maps app!

Weather on iPhone
Weather on iPhone

In case you’re cruising along the highway on a road trip with buddies and you need to take a look at the weather without exchanging app, follow along. You can do that from Apple’s Maps app as well on your iPhone, no need to set up another location in the Weather app. Here we will see how you can view the weather on iPhone and iPad.

The Maps app on your iPhone can provide you with directions on the best way to get from your present location to another location based on your personal preference. These directions can be given depending on whether you’re walking, in a vehicle, or on public transportation. In any case, the Maps app can be modified to show different things, as well, like the weather. Knowing the current weather conditions when opening the app can tell you how to dress for what’s outside, just as regardless of whether you may require an umbrella.

See weather through Maps App

  • Dispatch the Maps app on the iPhone and enter any location as usual.
  • When the location has loaded in the Maps app, look in the lower right corner of the Maps app for a little tiny weather gadget .
  • This will show you the temperature and a weather symbol for that destination.
  • Reward trick for 3D Touch prepared iPhone models: presently 3D Touch on that weather symbol to uncover a forecast and extended weather data.
View weather
View weather

This works with any location that Maps or Weather can accumulate weather information for, even appearing in the centre of nowhere it typically will pull weather information from a close-by weather station, so check it out with urban cities, towns, or even rural spots that are off the beaten path.

3D Touch Maps Weather Tricks

If that you delicate press with 3D Touch, you will see a forecast and more detailed weather data. In case that you firm press with 3D Touch, the Maps app will divert that location to the Weather app and inquire as to whether you’d prefer to add it to the Weather app, or simply see that location in Weather app for more specific weather data like wind speed, humidity, heat index, the possibility of rain, and extended forecasts.

Obviously and in case that you don’t have 3D Touch, don’t feel excessively left out, you will in any case see the weather in the corner of the Maps app. If you don’t see the weather details in the corner of Maps app when browsing destinations and locations, you may have a more older version of iOS and need to update your system software to acquire this ability in the Maps app for iPhone.

View weather
View weather

Show Weather Conditions

The steps here in this article were performed on an iPhone 11. Note that this only influences the default Maps app. It will not change other apps like Google Maps or Waze.

  • Open the Settings app, then, Scroll down and pick the Maps alternative.
  • Look to the Climate area and tap the button to one side of Weather Conditions.
View weather
View weather

View weather

Check the weather through Siri

Utilize the Weather app to View weather in Maps on iPhone and iPad for your present location or in different places. You can similarly see the forthcoming forecast, see information about genuine weather conditions and, if rain or snow is coming, see a one hour from now precipitation chart.

Weather utilizes Location Services to get the forecast for your present location. To turn on Location Services:

  • Go to the Settings in your iPhone home screen.
  • Hit on the Privacy.
  • Then, at that point click on the Location Services.
View weather

Ask Siri to update you with the weather conditions. Utter words like: “Hey Siri tell me the weather for today “. Or “Tell me how windy is the weather”.


“What is the humidity?”

Check the weather through Weather App

Dispatch the Weather to do any of the following:

  • Check nearby weather conditions:
    • The details for your present location are accessible when you open Weather.
  • View the hourly forecast: 
    • Swipe the hourly presentation left or right.
  • View the ten-day forecast: 
    • Look down to see weather conditions, possibility of precipitation, and high and low temps for the coming days.
  • View next-hour precipitation: 
    • At the point when rain or snow is coming in the following hour, a minute-by-minute precipitation graph shows up at the top point of the screen. Although not accessible in all countries or regions .
  • View serious weather information: 
    • Updates about serious weather conditions, for example, winter storms and flash floods show up at the top point of the screen.Although not accessible in all countries or regions .
  • View more weather details: 
    • Look down to see air quality, humidity, wind speed, and more. Although air quality is not accessible in all countries or regions .The air quality scale shows up over the hourly forecast when air quality arrives at a level of specifically interest for that location.
  • Check the weather in different locations: 
    • Swipe left or right on the screen, or tap Edit Cities button.

Add, erase, and adjust location in your weather list

  • Tap Edit Cities button to see your weather rundown.
  • Do any of the following:
    • Add an location:
      •  Hit on the search button, enter the name of the city, zip code, or airport code to see the weather, then, at that point tap Add.
    • Erase a location: 
      • Swipe left on the location, then, at that point tap Delete.
    • Reposition the order of locations on your list: 
      • Touch and hold the location, then, at that point drop it up or down.

Your list of areas keeps up to date across your devices when you’re signed in with a similar Apple ID.


The weather forecast and other weather-related details for your present location will appear on the screen. Clearly, you can view the weather in the Weather app and Map App on your iPhone and iPad. This will reveal to you the temperature and forecast of locations, and with a little investigation, you can also see all the detailed information as well.

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