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Report issues and problems in Maps on iPhone and iPad!

No map app is great; all are approximations. Be that as it may, it’s galling to business owners when a modern advanced map lists some wrong address, has incorrect business hours, or even says the business is closed when it’s anything but’s—a huge concern right now for struggling enterprises. Here we will see how you can report an issue in Maps on iPhone and iPad.

Apple may store the data you report in Maps on iPhone and iPad in a way that is related to you for as long as two years to better understand reporting trends. Consistently, data collected by Apple will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy. Apple Maps require eternal vigilance. In case that you discover anything wrong with any of them, you can tell Apple by reporting an issue. That way, if something is missing, misplaced, or essentially moved, you can submit more current, better information and Maps can update for everybody! Remember that your report might be to no vain, yet it’s as yet great to attempt.

What sort of issues you can report in Apple Maps?

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You can report a variety of issues in Apple Maps; here’s a list with all of your choices:

  • Map Labels
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Transit
  • Image Quality
  • Add a Place
  • Home address
  • Work address
  • Other Issue

Report an issue in Apple Maps

To report an issue in Maps on iPhone and iPad., or edit your home or business locale, follow these means:

  • Dispatch Maps from the Home screen.
  • Tap the Info button. It’s the blue “I” in a circle, then, at that point Choose the Report an Issue.
report an issue
report an issue
report an issue
  • Hit the Agree, if that it is applicable, Select on the issue you need to report. For this model, let us use Map Labels.
  • Tap on a road or location you need to report, and make a point to include extra information and comments, then, at that point Click on the Submit button.
report an issue

Depending upon the issue you’re reporting, the cycle is going to be unique. Luckily, Apple includes directions along the way so you shouldn’t have an over the top issue when reporting issues in Apple Maps.

Apple may wind end up reaching you through the email address related to your iCloud account if that they have any follow-up questions regards to your report.

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At the point when you report an issue, Maps is designed to collect the minimum necessary personal data to assess your report and further develop Maps.

Apple collects the following data:

  • Your Apple ID, to have the option to tell you of a fix to your reported problem
  • The device model, operating system version, region and language, timezone, route settings, and regardless of whether you are associated with Apple Watch or CarPlay, to more understand Maps’s capacity and state at the time of your report.
  • A screenshot of the Maps app prior to filling the issue, the latitude and longitude, the zoom level, and the last search term you utilized, to better understand the setting at the time of the reported issue.
  • The data you give in the report, like suggested new addresses, URLs, opening times along with comments, and any uploaded photographs


Apple Maps is designed to ensure your information and enable you to pick what you share. At the point when you report an issue, Maps is designed to collect the minimum necessary personal data to assess your report and further develop Maps. Maps collect data to help solve reported issues. This data is stored in a relationship with your Apple ID. You may submit extra data with your report to help solve the issue all the more effectively. Apple may store the data related to you for as long as two years to better understand reporting trends.

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