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Garmin Enduro 2: New sportsman flagship unveiled!


You’re far fitter if you have such a bounce in your step that you usually outlive the battery life of your activity tracker. However, a dead battery isn’t going to aid in reducing your running split timings. Enter the multisport GPS watch from Garmin, the ultramarathon ready Garmin Enduro 2, which can maintain the pace for up to 150 hours.

Last year, Garmin introduced the Enduro smartwatch, which was made for constant activities like trekking and mountain climbing. The Enduro 2 GPS multisport watch, the company’s replacement for the Enduro wristwatch, has just been declared. With added features, the Garmin Enduro 2 aims to keep up with the most challenging performances.

The Enduro 2, a wearable designed specifically for endurance athletes, is an improved version of the first Enduro. The 1.4-inch circular touchscreen is covered by sapphire glass, and the device is made of titanium to resist scrapes and scratches while in motion. In case you’re out in colder weather with gloves, it also preserves the traditional physical buttons. Once you start to sweat, the nylon wrist strap should be comfier than silicon or metal since it adjusts quickly.


Garmin Enduro 2

The fiber-reinforced polymer shell of the Garmin Enduro 2 has a titanium back cover and bezel. The sapphire crystal-coated 1.4-inch AMOLED color touch screen has a 280 x 280-pixel resolution and is larger than the average touchscreen. Although it is compatible with Garmin’s silicone bands, Enduro 2 comes with a nylon sports ring band. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and ANT+ connections are built in. The watch has a 32GB internal storage capacity and is 10ATM water resistant. Even an LED lamp is included for exercising at night.

The Enduro 2 appears to be the type of timepiece you want to wear for all kinds of activities. Its titanium bezels make it lightweight but incredibly strong, and its battery can operate in GPS mode for up to 150 hours. That’s partly due to the watch’s recharging capacity using solar energy.


Garmin’s industry-leading navigation system offers grade-adjusted speed for comparing your times to jogging on level ground – a helpful benchmark during uphill training multi-band GNSS for continual coverage, TopoActive charting, and many features. In addition to board games, golf, and yoga, it can identify all the popular sports and exercises, including jogging, swimming, and cycling. Continuous heart rate monitoring, breathing readings, and stress checks follow your performance and advise how much downtime is required before your next session.

Built to outlast the longest ultramarathon, the Enduro 2 comes equipped with Garmin’s renowned navigational capabilities, TopoActive and ski maps already preloaded, and Multi-band GNSS with SatIQTM technology, which ensures superior localization accuracy in any surroundings while maximizing battery life. Enduro 2 has improved solar charging capabilities, extending its battery life to 40% over its predecessor. Users may easily install software and upgrade maps without a computer, thanks to Enduro 2’s integrated Wi-Fi connection.

New Upgrades

Garmin Enduro 2

Users may better understand their present location thanks to the NextFork map guide, which displays the distance to the following trail intersection and the name of the next trail. By showing what an analogous running speed would be on level ground, grade-adjusted pace assists runners in pacing themselves over varied terrain. It enables users to alter their pace and retain protection during a race.

The Visual Race Predictor provides a pace prediction for forthcoming runs based on past running performance and general fitness level. This trend data indicates the effects of training over time so that users can get closer to the following personal record.

  • Visual race predictor: Based on primary data, estimates the pace of your forthcoming runs.
  • Automatic rest timer: Pauses taken when ultrarunning to monitor how much time is spent moving versus at aid stations.
  • Grace-adjusted pace: To show that a similar speed would be on level ground, aiding runners in holding their pace over various terrains.

Battery Life

Compared to the Fenix 7X (37 days in smartwatch/122 hours in GPS mode with solar) and the Enduro (65 days in smartwatch/80 hours in GPS mode with solar), the Garmin Enduro 2 can operate for up to 46 days in the smartwatch and up to 150 hours in GPS mode. As you can see, the inclusion of health functions caused the energy life in smartwatch mode to drop, while the battery life for GPS is just incredible.

Price and Availablity

The Garmin Enduro 2 is a $1,100 watch, which is not in the least bit affordable. It is more expensive than the $399 base price of an Apple Watch Series 7. For those interested, the watch is currently offered on Garmin’s website. You can strap all of these features to your wrist. Starting today, you may buy the Enduro 2.

Heath Measurements

Garmin Enduro 2

Body Battery, Fitness Age, sleep tracking, and several integrated indoor and GPS sports applications. It will record a report of essential statistics, like heartbeat, heart rate variability, Pulse Oxygen, breathing, and stress2. And produced using the new Health Snapshot function. Also, the advanced features are mountain biking, swimming, trekking, jogging, golfing, yoga, and surfing. Enduro 2 incorporates these health measurements into performance features like a recovery advisor and daily recommended activities to provide users the resources they need to perform at their best.

Is the Garmin Enduro 2 worth buying?

The Garmin Enduro 2 is not the most feature-rich watch in its lineup. But if you just want a Fenix-style watch that’s lightweight, has similar sports tracking abilities, and has some kind of battery performance to let you go without charging for a month or even longer, this is the watch you want on your wrist.

What is Max Battery GPS mode Garmin?

Max Battery disables all power-setting options and configures GPS recording to Ultratrac to offer the most long period between charges. Wrist heart rate will be turned off in Jacket Mode, but it will alter no other parameters. When you might not be wearing your watch on the wrist, this mode is intended for you.

Is Garmin Enduro 2 fit for cycling?

Although Garmin’s new Enduro 2 watch is intended for all navigation and physically demanding activities, it includes mountain biking. It is packed with qualities that will interest off-road bikers. The Enduro 2 is a watch for “severe endurance athletes,” according to Garmin.

Does Garmin Enduro 2 have mapping?

Maps are the main thing the Enduro needs. The topographic maps of the US are stored in this watch, which is extremely helpful for all. It will often prevent us from making wrong choices when trekking.


With its impressive health tracking functions and lightweight body designs, the new Garmin flagship is believed to surpass the Apple smartwatch when it is released. You may wear it quickly in any season. The Garmin Enduro 2, aka “every sportsperson’s ideal watch,” is an actual watch. It’s a gift from God provided to every endurance athlete through Garmin.

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