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How to download YouTube videos on iPhone?Quick ways to do!

We all stream YouTube videos for various purposes whether entertainment or learning. Sometimes we need to watch the videos offline as well .Whether is saving a recipe for further use, or saving a tutorial ,we need to save videos a lot of time. And a lot of us don’t have unlimited Wi-Fi streaming , we have to use a limited set of internet data and that become tedious. You can download videos  directly for viewing anytime, even when you are offline. Here we will see how you can download/save YouTube videos on iPhone.

You can do i through YouTube’s own subscription options or using third-party apps. There are several ways to save YouTube videos to your iOS device. Never again will you return to a favorite video and find it missing. In this guide, we’ll walk you through some of the easiest methods for downloading and converting YouTube media to MP4 video.

Should you really download and save YouTube videos?

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Nowadays ,internet has solution to your every problem. Similarly,downloading a video from YouTube isn’t a big task.Even the newbies can download it through quick simple steps. But the important thing is we do not break the rules and regulations as per the stated guidelines and terms.Sometimes people want to post videos to share content. Many rely on YouTube for their general bread and butter. Videographers often earn a cut of ad revenue.

Sure, advertisements are annoying, but YouTube pay their bills with that money. If you download videos , the transaction almost loses its important worth. The video doesn’t earn income for ads. The platform also loses out on multiple views from you, the audience.

Let us discover some methods how you can download videos.

Download/Save YouTube videos on iPhone via the Youtube Premium

download youtube videos on iPhone

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If you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you can download and save YouTube videos on iPhone from the official YouTube app. This requires a paid subscription, but there is a trial and it comes with other features beyond the ability to save videos.

To save a video from YouTube to your Android, launch the YouTube app, find the video you want to download, then tap Download.Then you will be ask to choose the choose quality options, such as 720p or 360p.

Via a third-party app on a computer

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There are various apps, free as well as paid. Sometimes you need to download YouTube videos on a computer. But once downloaded, you’ll need to transfer the video to your iPhone then.

But here you are not downloading the video directly to your iPhone,you are downloading on the PC. ClipGrab is one of the app that allows you to download the videos on your PC. ClipGrab is a multi-platform software package for downloading videos from various websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook. 

  • You need to download the ClipGrab App.
  • Use the search tab of the app to enter keywords to help you find the videos you want to save.
  • From the search results,select your appropriate item.Then use the pulldown menu to convert it to MPEG4 format so you can view it on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Make your selection and click Grab This Clip.
download/save youtube videos on iPhone

Download YouTube videos on iPhone Via Airdrop

AirDrop is a feature in iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Macs that lets you instantly send files, photos, and other content to other iPhone or Mac users.AirDrop is the easiest way to get a short clip onto your iPhone.

  • Just right-click on the video icon on the desktop.
  • Then choose Share > AirDrop.
  • Make sure you enable Airdrop both on the desktop and in the iPhone’s Control Center.
  • Also you don’t need a wired connection between your Mac and your iPhone.
  • Click the AirDrop icon or drag and drop the video icon on the Mac’s AirDrop icon
  • Then the file will be sent directly to your Camera Roll as a video for viewing whenever you want.
download/save youtube videos on iPhone

download/save youtube videos on iPhone

Via the iPhone’s in-built Screen Recorder!

With iOS 11, released in 2017, Apple released a feature through which you can record your screen.Yes,your entire screen !Also this method is completely free and unpaid.

But let us see how in Youtube we can save the video in just simple steps.

screen recording
  • Open YouTube app and stream your video.
  • Make sure you change the orientation of video to landscape mode.
  • Swipe up on the Control Center and tap on the Record button.
  • Wait while the video plays and then tap to stop the recording when it’s done.
  • The video will be saved and stored in your Camera Roll.

The above method,we find is the easiest no extra downloads , no sharing ,quick start the button and you are done.

Final Verdict-Our Opinion

To summarize, you shouldn’t download a video for commercial reasons or to distribute it. Yes for personal reasons or for some convenience,you can use the free tools.. That way, you avoid most ethical issues and copyright violations.

But what about when you have another device? Check out our guides for:

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