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Samsung Galaxy Fit 2: Live more productively with this feature-rich fitness band!

In today’s digital world every individual is fond of a fitness band by giving first priority to their health. But some people might be won,t able to buy fitness bands as per their budget. Might be Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 can overcome this barrier.

This time Samsung has launched the better version of their last Fit which looks excellent. They have updated their fitness band range and come with the new Galaxy Fit 2. Moreover this time the cost is quite lesser than the previous one which is quite impressive. So that many people can purchase it by balancing their budget.

They designed it in a more detailed way and improve the features in their fitness band. The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is easy to wear on our wrist, which Tracks your every step, sleep, and heart rate. You can easily wear it while you’re going for a jogging or a morning walk.


Brand: Samsung
Compatible devices: Smartphone
Screen size:
1.1 Inches
Operating system :
Age range (description) :
Connectivity technology:
Supported application:
Fitness Tracker
Wireless Communication Standard: Bluetooth
Water Resistance Level
: Water-Resistant

Design of Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

design samsung fit 2

The design of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has improved from the previous one. The original Galaxy Fit is in silver and the Fit 2 is in black. It’s more a case of the nip to tuck instead of a complete update with the new plan. Samsung has abandoned the metal surround for the display and selected rather mix it a lot nearer to the silicon strap. This certainly gives the Fit 2 a superior taste however it implies that you lose the solitary home button that appeared up on the first Fit.

That display is now a bigger 1.1in with a 126 x 294 resolution matching what you’ll find on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. It offers satisfying, rich, vibrant colors and it’s brilliant excessively even without using it at its maximum brightness setting. It offers great viewing angles in brilliant outdoor light and it was not difficult to see for nighttime exercise sessions as too. It’s anything but consistently in plain view, however, you might find a difficulty to get a good amount of battery life.

It has a touchscreen display and the response is also superior. There is no physical button on a display, but there is a capacitative touch area on your display, with the help of these you can easily jump off to the main screen.

Soft silicone strap

band samsung fit 2

Comfortability is also important while you are wearing a band on your wrist. It comes with a soft silicone strap that doesn’t feel irritated. Moreover, it is designed in a satisfying way, which is featured with fasten open and wear process on your wrist. It is loose and comfortable to use even if you are doing exercise or jogging.

Price and Availability

samsung fit 2

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has launched on September 3, 2020, and is available in the UK, US, EU, etc. You can also buy directly from the Samsung UK or US. Moreover, it is affordable in price. Samsung Fit 2 can be the competition Amazfit Band 5 and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 from the price point of view.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Fit 2


Samsung Fit 2 is a Water-Resistant Fitness tracker which you can while doing any water activities like swimming, or in a shower.t is stated that the tracker has an IP68 waterproof rating, which means that this fitness tracker can also work in a depths of up to 5ATM or 50 meters which is quite attractive. If you’re searching for a waterproof band for your use it fits your choice.

Intimate App

app samsung fit 2

Recently all the fitness trackers come with a particular app for their device to track or notified about your activities. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 needs two apps on your phone: Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health.

Galaxy Wearable: You can change your settings like setting up quick responses, changing the notification center, and also modify the functions on your band. This is also the place to go to switch up watch faces.

Samsung Health: It keeps you updated about all your health stats. On the main Home Screen, you can easily check your step counts, active time, music controls exercise history, sleep tracking, weather, heart rate, etc. You can also manually input the data about your blood pressure level and Blood Oxygen.

Daily Use

As we discuss before it is useful in all your daily life, also it keeps you updated on all the activities of your daily routine. It counts each and every step you walked through the day, also your notifications and messages about your daily lives, and moreover keeps you aware of your health and physical updates. All-day heart rate monitoring on your fitness tracker.

Battery Life of Samsung Galaxy Fit 2

Battery life should be good because you are using your fitness band daily which keeps you updated all the time, which is impressive for such a productive routine it needs satisfying battery life. Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 has an excellent maximum battery life of 21 days if you charge at a time. Besides, it can be reduced to 15 days the reason for typical or complex users ou turned off your notification center and a continuous heart rate monitoring you can use more. But with everything turned on you can easily use 10 days which is also a good claim.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Not Expensive
  • Comfortable to wear and further developed screen
  • Simple to use
  • Nice watch face collection


  • Complex heart rate accuracy
  • There is no form of GPS support
  • Liberal battery life claims

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Galaxy Fit 2 without a phone?

In settings, set up your smartwatch without phones.

Note: The Galaxy Fit, Fit2, and Galaxy Watch4 series can not be used without a phone.

Can I leave my phone at home and use my Samsung Galaxy Fit 2?

You can use your fitness tracker by staying connected with your phone no matter wherever you go. It happens because of LTE connectivity so that their customer can experience the standalone experience.

Do Fitness Tracker needs a data plan?

Fitness Tracker doesn’t need any data plan because it is considered an accessory that works with your smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is great looking and featured fitness tracker with a splendid display. Also, it fits your budget as per its features. But if you’re looking for a good heart rate monitoring it might disappoint you because it doesn’t have the accuracy for heart rate monitoring.

Another drawback is that there is no GPS or NFC, however, you are paying more as compared to a Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and Amazfit Band 5. It doesn’t have weeks of battery life if a customer needs to use of fitness tracker on a regular basis. As a modern featured fitness tracker, it is worth it.

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