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Best iPhone XS Max screen protector in 2020

A screen protector most definitely protects your screen from scratches that are going to happen just from everyday use, going in and out of your pocket or bag all day. There...
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Best iPhone 8 Screen Protector Edge to Edge in 2020

Protecting your iPhone 8 is most important because it keeps looking good from everyday wear and tear, and it’ll retain its value if you choose to sell or trade it in...

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Using Touch Bar with Contacts app on Macbook Pro!

With the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro from Apple, you can access important tools directly from the keyboard. You can use the Touch Bar even when you're using the Contacts...
How to find the owner of a lost or stolen iPhone

Contact and track the owner of a lost iPhone!

Indeed, it's regularly hard to tell how to continue when you track down a lost or taken iPhone even with good motives. Luckily, there are a couple of steps you can...

Would you be able to use an Apple Watch with Android?

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Awesome Touch Bar apps you won’t find in the Mac App Store!

According to Apple's Interface Guideline for the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar can be used as an input device, and not as a secondary display. It is present to...

Best Touch Bar apps for MacBook Pro in 2021- Add fun to Touch Bar!

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Everything you need to know about Game Center!

Apple’s Game Center is remembered for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It's a social gaming administration for games on Apple's foundation. With Game Center, you may see friend welcomes, game invites, and...

Blocking websites on your iPhone and iPad isn’t that tough!

In case that you are worried that your kids can gain admittance to adult content or other harmful sites which include violence, at that point you likely need to block those...

Use Touch ID on your iPhone and iPad effortlessly!

Use Touch ID to securely and conveniently unlock iPhone and iPad, authorize purchases and payments, and sign in to many third-party apps by pressing the top button or the Home button with...