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Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!


Siri is Apple’s virtual digital assistant. It uses regular language voice control and progressive derivation to check out what you say, concerning what you may have successfully said, and offer the best information or response it can. Siri can help you stay related, arrange your life, and complete thing both master and person. It can moreover do a huge load of cool tricks… you ought to just acknowledge what to ask! Here we will see some helpful Siri commands!

Activate Siri by “Hey Siri”

There are a couple of approaches to stand out enough to be noticed.

  • Press and hold the home button to initiate Siri and issue her a command or pose her an inquiry. iPhone X users should hold the side button.
  • In case you’re utilizing Apple’s Earpods, press and hold the middle button to enact Siri and issue her a command or pose her an inquiry.
  • Or then again If you’re utilizing Apple’s AirPods, twofold tap on either ‘unit to actuate Siri and issue her a command or pose her an inquiry.
  • On the off chance that you have Hey Siri enabled and an iPhone 6 or prior, say “Hello, Siri” when your iPhone is connected and charging, trailed by a command or question. The individuals who own an iPhone 6S or more up to date, “Hello, Siri” works in any case if the phone is connected.
  • On a Mac, you can make a committed keyboard shortcut to raise Siri, utilize a stunt to enable “Hello Siri,” or snap on the Siri symbol in the menu bar to give a command or pose an inquiry.

“Hey, Siri!”

On various new iPhones and iPads, in case they’re associated, you can say “Hello, Siri!” to start voice control. Regardless of whether or not you’re along the room. It has Voice ID to endeavor to guarantee you’re the one in particular who can command it also. On the latest iPhone 6s, you can engage “Hi, Siri!”.

Basic Siri Commands

  • Call or FaceTime somebody. Eg.: “Call Katherine,” or “FaceTime Mom.”
  • Call a crisis number. Eg.: “Call emergency”.
  • Check voice mail. Eg.: “Open up new voice mail?” or ” Open and play the voice mail from Dad.”
  • Text somebody. Eg: “Tell her I’ll be there in a few minutes,” or “Advise him I am visiting the store.”
  • Send an email.
  • Hear your messages or emails read resoundingly. Eg. “Browse my Google mail app .”
  • Set a timer. Check stocks. Eg.: “What’s Apple’s stock cost?”.
  • Conversions. Eg.: “Convert 1000 kg into grams !” or “What number of dollars are in a Euro?” or “What number of pounds are in a stone?”
  • Calculator tips. Eg.: “What’s 5 multiplied by 72?

Commands for Settings

  • Snap a photo.
  • Take a selfie.
  • Turn on/off settings like
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • Cellular Data
    • Airplane Mode
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Night Shift
  • Increment/decrement brightness.
  • Open any app. For Eg Open Facebook.
  • Assign contacts as relationships. Eg.: “My mother is Nancy,” or “Noa is my sibling.” Once a relationship is set up, you can say relationships rather than names (e.g., “Call my sibling,” rather than “Call Noa”).
  • Change music volume. Eg.: “Change volume to 80,”.
  • “What amount of free space do I have?”

Commands for Scheduling

  • Schedule or drop a gathering. Eg: ” Keep a gathering with ( the person’s name )tomorrow at 5:20 a.m.” . Or “Drop my 8 p.m. meeting.”
  • What meetings do I have tomorrow?
  • Set area mindful reminders. Eg: “Remind me to take my bike keys when I leave,”. Or
  • Discover the date and day of the week of occasions. Eg: “When is Christmas?” or “When is Father’s Day?”
  • Make and create alarms. Eg.: “Create an alarm for 1 a.m.”. Or maybe ” Create an alarm for six hours from now.”
  • Erase/turn off all alarms. Eg. “Erase all alarms”. or “Turn off all alarms.”
  • Check the number of days between dates. Eg: “How long until October 30?” or “How long between April 17 and June 17?”

Search Commands

  • Characterize [word].
  • What is an equivalent for ( specific word )?
  • What’s the historical background of ( specific word )?
  • Find photographs. Eg.: “Show me photographs from last month,”. Or “Show me my selfies,”. Or “Show me photographs from London.”
  • Search Twitter. Eg.: “What’s WHO saying,”. Or simply “Quest Twitter for ___,”
  • Discover explicit notes or messages. Eg.: “Discover my note about _____,”. Or “Discover messages about _____.”
  • Discover your companions (on the off chance that you have a “Discover My Friends” set up). Eg.: “Where is Paul?” or “Who is close to me?”
  • Or on the other hand, basically, Find pictures of my ___.
  • Find apps. Eg.: “Get the Twitter app,”. Or “Search the App Store to find entertainment games.”
  • Quest for Word/PDF/PowerPoint/and so on in my Download/My Documents/and so forth folder.

Voice Commands!

  • Essential commands: “Play,” “Pause,” “Stop,” “Return,” and “Next song”.
  • Play explicit music: “Play ( song/artist/album name ).”
  • Play music radio.
  • Like a song: “Like this song” will have the app “like” the song as of now playing.
  • Mix: “Mix my playlist” ought to generally work — despite the fact that in case that you have emoticons in the names of any of your playlists, it’s less dependable.”
  • Line songs: “After this, play Feels So Nice by The Wrecks” lines that as the following song.
  • Play famous music: “Play the top songs from 2010” — Siri will play you probably the most well-known music from any period based on your personal preference.
  • Play related music: “Play more songs and melodies like these “. Siri will play more songs that sound like the one you’re at present paying attention to in class and tone. This capacity is more exact the more Apple Music thinks about your preferences.
  • Buy music: “Purchase this song” will take you to a buy affirmation for the song.
  • Recognize songs: “What song is this?” works in case you’re playing a song through Apple Music, or on the off chance that you listen to a song while you’re someplace and you have Shazam introduced.

Siri knowledge questions and commands

  • How high is (mountain name /building name )?
  • Additionally what the number of calories in a chocolate/coke/apple?
  • What number of teeth does a (name of animal) have?
  • What distance away is (planet)?
  • Life long stretches of a creature.
  • What number of bones does a (name of animal )have?
  • Where do (animals) live?
  • What number of components are found in nature?
  • How old were the most seasoned (person/canine/animal)?
  • What’s the populace in (city/country)?
  • How enormous is the greatest (human/animal)?
  • How little is the littlest (human/animal)?
  • Interpret (word) from English in (language)
  • How would you say (word or sentence )in (language)

Put it on speaker

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

In case that you’re using “Hello Siri!” to put a call, and need the actual call to be comparable as, without hands, you can do that too. Simply uncover to Siri who you need to call and say you need the call to be on speaker. For example, “Hi, Siri! Call my mother on speaker!” The phone call will start. And you’ll listen the ringing riotous and clear, even from across the room.

Keep in mind “this!”

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

Siri would now be able to remind you of “this”, where “this” is nearly anything you’re taking a gander at when you invoke Siri. It can consolidate email or instant messages, website pages, even podcasts you need to check out. Basically say: “Remind me of this” and Siri will add it to Reminders with an association back to the app, anyway the specific substance.

Roll the dice

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

Siri can help you with getting your game on, whether or not it’s for random number generation, Dungeons and Dragons, and out and out fun. Simply encourage Siri to “flip a coin”, “roll a die on” or even ask “Siri 8 ball”. The die can have quite a few sides you like, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20… to be sure, even extraordinary numbers like 37.

Find my photos

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

Siri as of now moves toward the Photos app, so it can search for pictures and chronicles subject to plan, spot, album , and surprisingly individual . If your albums have event based names, you can demand that Siri “Show me photographs of Eddy from Karaoke in San Francisco the past fall.”

Goodnight, Siri

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

In the event that you have HomeKit accessories you can utilize Siri to control your home. You can handle explicit accessories by name: “Turn off the kitchen light”, institute scenes: “Game time”, and even wind down for the afternoon: “Hello Siri, goodnight!”.

If you have HomeKit accessories, you can use Siri to control your home. You can deal with express accessories by name: “Turn off the kitchen light”, foundation scenes: “Game time”, and even wind down for the day: “Hi Siri, goodnight!”.

Zero cookies!

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

Siri has amazing attention to what’s really amusing and can show it off in the most astonishing habits. For example, ask Siri: “What’s 0/0?” Sure, 0/0 appears to be like dull math, and what Siri shows isn’t in any way energizing. In any case, hold on until you hear the appropriate response! By then ask Siri “why did the chicken go across the street… ?”. Or maybe “For what reason did the chicken cross the road…?”

Call me ….!

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

Siri will by default use your name and the name of your contacts. In case you need to change that, tell Siri: “Call me ‘Gadgetarq’ ” or “Dmello is my mom”. If Siri encounters trouble articulating a name or nickname, exhort it: “That isn’t the means by which you articulate ‘A Lie’!” and it will ask you for the right elocution.

Do not disturb

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

In case that you were out too far to consider turning back, if you need to finish some work and people simply won’t leave you alone, if all you need is a little congruity and quiet, tell Siri: “Do not disturb”. Or in case that you need to go atomic, you can exhort it: “Erase all alarms” and even “Airplane mode”.

Directions and locations!

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!
Walking directions to Dominoes

Not exclusively can Siri take you where you need to go, it can reveal to you how long it will take you to arrive. You can advise it: “Take me home” to get fast directions. “Walking directions to Dominoes” in the event that you incline toward sneakers to tire. Indeed “ETA” to discover how much longer you need to go.

Shopping lists

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!
Add shoes to Shopping List

Siri is the quicker method to add anything to a Reminders list, and that means it’s the quickest method to add anything to a shopping, pressing, party, or some other list. To get explicit, tell Siri: “Add bacon to shopping list” or “Add shoes to shopping list” .

Mathematics by Siri

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!
What’s 10 times 10

Siri is great with numbers. For straightforward math, ask Siri: “What’s 10 times 10?” or “What’s the square root of 50?”. To give tips, enquire “What’s the tip on $50”. For changes: “The number of kilometers in a mile”. Or simply, advise it: “Flip a coin” or “roll the dice”.

What birthday…?

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!
Purchase an iTunes gift card!

Instead of pardoning yourself, racing upstairs, leaping out the window, and tearing off to the lone open Quicky Mart, ask Siri: “When’s Nancy’s birthday?”, then: “Set an update” for the date or, if it’s already past the point of no return: “Purchase an iTunes gift card!”.

Directed dictation

At the point when you’re mentioning to Siri what to type, you can dictate punctuation like “comma” or “ellipses”, images like “hashtag” and “copyright sign”, and even emojis: “smiley” or “winky”. Use “new line”. Or else also you can use “new paragraph”,. Prevent formatting with “hyper no space”, and use along “ALL CAPS”.

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

Stay up with latest!

Top Siri commands: Cool commands you can pose right now!

Siri can set reminders, make appointments, send messages and email, Tweet or post to Facebook, however, it can likewise stay up with the latest.

siri commands

Ask Siri: “What time is dusk in Cupertino?”, “What’s the climate in London?”, “What’s on my schedule?”, “Planes overhead?”, “Open pictures of iPhone”, or “Moving on Twitter”.

Checking Facts and Truths!

siri commands

Siri can rapidly resolve contentions, barbets, and level out battles. Ask Siri: “Who featured in the Matrix?”, “Who won the World Cup cricket in 2015?”, “What did Apple close at?”, or “What number of calories are in a Big Mac?”. What’s more, in case you’re o very busy to wind up paying for supper or a film, Siri can make your work do easier. Siri discovers your tickets and book a table at an eatery too.

Change and solve!

In case that Siri misunderstands something, or if that you understand you posed some unacceptable inquiry, you can advise Siri to “Change” things like dates and times. You can even tap the inquiry you posed and physically type in various words to adjust the question.

Fun commands with Siri

siri commands
Tell me a joke

Siri has an awareness of what’s actually funny. Children can converse with Siri like a virtual companion. Children of any age simply have a great time. You can give Siri a wide range of mainstream society references: “What’s your opinion about Google Now?”, “make me a wisecrack”, “read me a Haiku”, “would you be able to beatbox?

siri commands
Can you beat box!

Topical teases

siri commands

Since Siri is assistance, Apple can refresh it any time. That implies exceptional events like Christmas or even unique occasions like the declaration of the following iPhone. Keeping with the character, the answers are quite often short, sweet, and intended to make you grin.

Play Music

siri commands

Siri has all out integration with Apple Music. You can advise Siri to play any tune—or any front of a melody—just as any station. You can get to Beats 1, mix your tunes, get top records from any melodic period, and the sky is the limit from there. There’s such a lot of we needed to give Siri for Apple Music its own rundown!

Siri for Apple Watch

In case that you have an Apple Watch, you have Siri on your wrist too! Essentially lift the watch to your mouth, say “Hello, Siri!” and mention to it what you need. Siri for Apple Watch can’t do everything Siri for iPhone can do, yet it can hand off to your iPhone in the event that you need to accomplish more. Once more, there’s such a lot of we’ve made a rundown only for Apple Watch!

The Conclusion

There’s a great deal you can do with this Apple’s virtual assistant — and a few things you can’t do. For instance, while Siri can send messages, search Twitter, and open up your forward-looking camera, she can’t change your gadget’s ring volume. Convoluting the matter, Siri doesn’t work the very same route on a Mac as she does on iOS.





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