Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Best iPad games in 2020-Which one to download?

In this technological epoch, gaming on your iPad couldn't be sweeter. Amid the coronavirus outbreak that has many people in the United States and other countries sheltering inside their homes to...
iPhone SE waterproof case

iPhone SE (2016) Waterproof case.

Many of the latest phones are water-resistant, but sometimes if your phone drops into the water. Sure, you could reach for a bowl of rice and try that method, but why be...

How to backup Mac with Time Machine?- Everything you need to know!

Backing up your Mac will save all your important data and memorable photos when your hard drive fails or your computer crashes. To prevent the loss, you should back up your...
Voice Memo

iPhone Voice Recorder-How you use and avail it in the best way?

The iPhone is a ubiquitous gadget with a ton of impressive competence. One of those skills is the iPhone voice recorder also called the Voice Memos. This feature allows you to...

How to find and remove ‘Other’ files from the iPhone and iPad?

If you are have been iPhone or iPad user for a while and came across low storage issue; you must have tried checking which apps are taking the most space and...

Best Apple TV apps for 2020- Which one you should install?

Apple TV is a great alternative to your regular TVs. With the right apps installed its just heaven on big screen. These Apple TV apps will include everything, your favourite movies, TV...

How to delete old iCloud backups- Clear some iCloud space

iCloud stores backup for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac which comes in handy if your devices ever get reset for any reason. You won't lose any important files, photos, or app...
Apple ID

How to change or switch Apple IDs on your iPhone or iPad?

You can switch iCloud accounts on your iPhone and iPad with few steps. Your Apple ID is the most significant aspect through which you can connect to the Apple Ecosystem. To...

Photo Editing App for Mac- Perfect to enhance your photos!

When you click pictures you want your photos to look their best. And most importantly, you want to make that happen without having to spend a lot of time. When you...
VPN Configuration

How To Configure VPN on iPhone or iPad

Some people find it very hard to configure VPN on iPhone or iPad, but let me tell you it is quite an easy thing to do. Before going on how to...