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How to Manage Apple Pay on your iPhone or iPad?

Apple Pay is a credit only and cardless exchange service offered by Apple. Apple Pay is simple and works with the Apple gadgets you utilize each day. You can make contactless,...

How to Return a purchase in-store with Apple Pay?

Purchasing something in-store with Apple Pay is just about as simple as getting into NFC range and utilizing Touch ID or typing your passcode for verification. On the off chance that...

How to use Digital Touch and handwriting in Message?

Digital Touch — the capacity to send a hand-drawn Sketch, haptic Taps, or sensor-read Heartbeats — was one of the presentation highlights of the Apple Watch. They were well known to...

Use stickers and apps in Messages on iPhone and iPad!

You can put your number one stickers and iMessage apps up front so you can get to them quicker. Apple has made it feasible for you to make your messages much...

Using Dock on Apple Watch-Everything you need to know!

Utilize the Dock on Apple Watch to control your music and rapidly access applications! Apple Watch is about fast associations — you lift your arm, tap and swipe, and drop your...
Email Shortcuts

Mail shortcuts for iPhone and iPad: Signals to accelerate your iOS email!

You may think utilizing the Mail application on your Mac or MacBook has more benefits, and you're halfway correct. In any case, there are huge loads of mail alternate ways for...

Set up Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad-Everything you need to know!

Ordinarily we don't convey cash with us and but if need to buy something around then we can definitely utilize Apple pay. It is exceptionally simple to buy things web based...
How to find and delete duplicate songs in your iTunes library

Search and delete duplicate songs in your iTunes library !

On the off chance that you have a heavy iTunes library that has been moved over from one Mac to another or PC to PC, chances are you've run into issues...

How to use Up Next in Apple’s new Music app?

In the days of yore, in the event that you were amidst an incredible blend, yet one track drove you to recall another not in the blend. You could either...

Best Weather Apps for iPhone in 2021!

There are many best Weather Apps for iPhone in the App Store. It's a famous popular category. Certainly, Apple's built-in weather app is an great choice with its nice graphics, animations,...