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Perfectly use the Contacts on iPhone and iPad!

Figuring out how to utilize contacts on iPhone and iPad may appear a little basic, however, there are numerous things you can do that you likely didn't think about. You can...

Search photos in the Photos app- Find people, places, animals, and things!

The Photos app from Apple is a tremendous gallery that stores every one of your photos in it. These photos summarize more than thousands all at once. Furthermore, to track down...

Use Siri to search photos- A quicker way to find your photos!

Siri is like your helping hand which helps you do everything with just a voice command. You might be using it to do simple and small tasks like setting an alarm...

Share and print favourites photos on your iPhone!

Ever thought, how nice it would be if you could instantly print your pictures from the Photos app? If so, here is some good news for you from Apple! You can...

Use extensions in the Photos app for iPhone- Make your Photos more fun!

With the use of extensions, your picture gallery has become more fun. You can directly edit your pictures with your favourite editing app in the Photos app only. Not only this,...

Using the Touch Bar with FaceTime on the MacBook Pro!

With the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, you can undoubtedly get to the most utilized tools in your apps. A considerable lot of us may be new to the Touch...

Easy guide to use the MacBook Pro Touch Bar effectively!

The MacBook Pro is here with an exclusive new mechanical upgrade from Apple, called the Touch Bar. With the Touch Bar, you can undoubtedly get to tools in your MacBook and...

Using the Touch Bar with the Calendar app on the MacBook Pro!

Calendar, regardless of whether Apple's inherent form or a third-party app, is the most fundamental need in this day and age. You can add your occasions, gatherings, appointments, events and considerably...

Use Touch ID on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro!

Touch ID accompanied the iPhones, yet presently we can discover them even on MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models in-built in the keyboard. Despite the fact that it has been a...

Using the Touch Bar with Preview on MacBook Pro!

Life has become significantly simpler with the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro. The tools which you utilize oftentimes on various apps can be straightforwardly accessed with the Touch Bar. When...