Sunday, October 25, 2020
How To Backup iPhone or iPad

How To Back up Your iPhone or iPad?

In today's era, we all keep our every important data, or memories i.e photos, or do important convos through messages on phones. In case of any accident and you...
Apple ID

How To Create New Apple ID on Your iPhone or iPad and sign in?

New to Apple World? Your first step towards it is an Apple ID without it you probably cannot access anything in your Apple device. Before moving toward how to...
Pokemon Go Cheats and Hacks

Best Pokemon Go Cheats and Hacks you can get now!

Nowadays, if you cant, win something, who needs to win when you can get the reward else way. Some people earn their reward if they can't get it they...

Troubleshooting iCloud Photo Library- How to solve it?

If you've enabled iCloud Photos on your iPhone or iPad, you may have noticed that sometimes some of your content doesn't show up on your device. As it turns out, there...
iCloud Photo Library and Security

iCloud Photo Library and Security- All you need to know about securing your storage!

Our photos are extremely close to us and private too. iCloud Photo Library backs up all your images and videos and makes it available on all your devices. For doing so,...

iCloud Web- What is and how to use the iCloud web?

0 is a great way to access all your iCloud data whether you're on a Mac or PC. Just sign in and you can use apps like Mail, Photos,...

How to back up iCloud Photo Library – The cloud-based sync service

Apple's iCloud Photo Library is a great online backup service, but even online sync services need to be backed up.  iCloud Photo Library service works seamlessly to sync and back...

iCloud Family Sharing- How to use Shared Albums?

Apple's iCloud service offers a fantastic feature for family groups called iCloud Family Sharing. It lets you share storage space, purchase accounts, Apple Music subscriptions, and more between multiple iCloud users — including...

iCloud Offline – How to use iCloud without accessing the internet?

If you use Apple's iCloud service and have iCloud Photo Library enabled, you'll be able to access your entire photo and video library on any device — even if...
Time Flies apple event

Exciting stuff to notice at Time Flies Event 2020-What’s new to check out!

On Tuesday 15 September, Apple held Time Flies Event .The tagline of the event was Time Flies, which as expected was a fairly obvious reference to a new Apple...

How to download movies and TV shows from Netflix

Netflix and Chill, our one of the favorite things to do. Here is a piece of good news from Netflix. It now...