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VMware AirWatch Review- A mobility management software to help protect your staff devices!


AirWatch, a well-known enterprise mobility product from VMware, offers cutting-edge solutions and technologies to businesses and organizations worldwide. Consequently, it promotes growth by automating intricate digital infrastructures. Businesses can support each endpoint using a single management console thanks to VMware AirWatch. The platform unifies endpoint management and works well with all phone usage scenarios, including kiosk and shared device management and gadgets and app management. 

What is VMware AirWatch?

Airwatch is a very popular enterprise mobility software product from the company VMware, which is one of the most trusted vendors in the market. VMware is also one of the top leaders in the industry and has been delivering innovative technologies and solutions to firms and companies worldwide.

They automate complex digital infrastructures and drive growth. VMware AirWatch offers the ability to support every endpoint and every user from a single management console.

AirWatch also guarantees that all corporate apps and data on any network are shielded. It adds a security layer to cover endpoints, apps, data, networks, and users. Users can configure security procedures and settings through a single mobility management platform.

What is mobility Management software?

Mobile device management software, also known as Mobile Device Management (MDM) software or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software, is a type of technology organizations use to control and secure mobile devices by their staff or members, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Overall Summary

VMware AirWatch maintains its lead position in mobile device management (MDM). Integrated with VMware’s Workforce One identity management platform, this mixture gives users everything they need to track, manage, and also grow a fast-changing gadget resume.

The enterprise mobility management solution can be mixed with another software product from VMware. It is called VMware Workspace One, which is a digital workspace platform that is used for handling and securing apps on devices. The software can handle access control. This seamless combination increases gadget productivity, as employees can access all the business apps they ever need smoothly. It stops the issue of the application level. 


  • A wide range of product options to satisfy different customer needs.
  • It is aesthetically pleasing and has a customizable UI.


  • Several problems with the device signup procedure.
  • The current state of Windows 10 gadget support is limited.

Pricing Plans

VMware AirWatch Pricing plans are as follows:

Free Trial
VMware AirWatch Green Management Suite $267.80/yr
VMware AirWatch Orange Management Suite$314.15/yr
VMware AirWatch Blue Management Suite$391.40/yr
VMware AirWatch Content Locker Advanced$252.35/yr

Pricing Details

VMware AirWatch is available to buy in different SMB and enterprise pricing plans. The pricing packages vary depending on the suite of Airwatch software products that the user is going to buy, the number of licenses that they have to buy, the type of support level they need, or even the subscription term the user prefers.

Moreover, VMware AirWatch offers separate deployment pricing packages for users to select from.

VMware AirWatch Green Management Suite

  • $267.80/yr= 1 year with 5 licenses
  • $503.50/yr= 2 years with 5 licenses
  • $707/yr= 3 years with 5 licenses


  • AirWatch Mobile Device Management: It provides a simplified and effective method to view and manage all mobile devices from one central console which is the main.
  • AirWatch Container: It provides a complete separation of corporate and personal data.

VMware AirWatch Orange Management Suite

  • $314.15/yr= 1 year with 5 licenses
  • $590.65/yr= 2 years with 5 licenses
  • $808.40/yr= 3 years with 5 licenses


  • AirWatch Mobile Device Management: It provides a simple and effective method to view and manage all mobile devices from one central console which is the main.
  • AirWatch Container: It provides a complete split of corporate and personal data.
  • VMware Boxer: It provides a secure entry to corporate email, contacts, and calendars.

VMware AirWatch Blue Management Suite

  • $391.40/yr=  1 year with 5 licenses
  • $735.85/yr= 2 years with 5 licenses
  • $1,033.30/yr= 3 years with 5 licenses


  • Air Watch Mobile Device Management: It provides a simplified and effective method to view and manage all mobile devices from one central console which is the main.
  • AirWatch Container: It provides a complete separation of company and personal data.
  • VMware Boxer: It provides a secure entry to company email, contacts, and calendars.
  • App Wrapping: It enables developers to wrap internal applications for advanced security.
  • AirWatch Content Locker advanced Standard: It enables a secure entry point to content at any time or any place.

VMware Content Locker Advanced

  • $252.35/yr= 1 year with 5 licenses
  • $474.45/yr= 2 years with 5 licenses
  • $666.2/yr= 3 years with 5 licenses


  • It protects with FIPS 140 and AES 256-bit encryption.
  • Can configure remote file storage for user content.
  • It can share and cooperate on files and folders, both internally and externally.
  • Lets the user view dynamic content dashboards.
  • Create safe content within the mobile device app.
  • Curates and captures images, videos, and audio in the app.

Features of VMware AirWatch

  • Unified Endpoint Management
  • Can protect enterprise apps and data on any network
  • Complete app lifecycle management
  • Enterprise integration
  • It can power VMware Workspace One
  • It has a self-service portal


Unified Management Of All Endpoints

VMware AirWatch makes it incredibly easy for Information Technology administrators to manage and secure endpoints across all major operating systems and platforms. The reason for that is that the platform unites and centralizes the management endpoint in a single enterprise mobility management console. As the amount of devices across their community grows, users will be able to easily manage and secure them through the help of automation engines that are organized in a single solution.

End-to-end security At Any Layer And Level

AirWatch makes sure that the organization can achieve enterprise protection at most of the layers. Therefore, the platform provides end-to-end security features that enable users to protect their sensitive data at various different levels. 

Manage Any Business-Critical App’s Entire Lifecycle

Another great ability of the platform is that it can support the entire lifecycle of an app. Therefore, it also allows a seamless deployment of any type of app, whether it is native, remote, or web. Therefore, has an application catalog that further provides a single sign-on entry, which makes it more suitable for users. Now they can manage and deliver the application that is needed for all their devices.

Key Productivity Apps

AirWatch makes the lives of Information Technology administrators easier while simultaneously delivering capabilities that somewhat guarantee a seamless smartphone workforce and user experience. Firstly, take now, for example, the platform provides business applications to end customer devices, helping end customers maintain their productivity from the start. 

Utilizing an Integrated Digital Workspace, manage and secure apps

To quickly manage and secure these applications, the platform seamlessly integrates with VMware Workspace One. It is a digital workspace platform that combines access controls, endpoint management, and application management. All those can be done in the cloud or on the premises. The platform ensures that the applications are secured and can be easily accessed by the employees.

Self-Service Portal

The product also has a self-service portal where end customers can organize and control their devices independently. The portal supports the service management of any type of gadget, including smartphones, laptops, rugged, tablets, printers, etc.

Enterprise Integration

The last benefit that we are offering to you today, Airwatch can be integrated with living Information technology infrastructures. By doing this, organizations will be able to leverage and also maximize the investments that they make for their current systems. The forum permits them to extend their systems to mobile devices. In addition to that, the software has its own application ecosystem and type of development tools which allows users to build and deploy business-critical applications. 


The devices supported are:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-Based
  • Windows Mobile

Deployment is:

  • Cloud Hosted
  • On-Premise
  • Open API

Language Supported:

  • English
  • German 
  • French

Pricing Packages are:

  • Annual Subscription
  • Quote-based

Customer Types are:

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business
  • Large Business


Even after all this information, you may still think that VMware AirWatch may not offer you the good quality of customer support you may want. If you are feeling like this, you could consider some of the other alternatives that we have listed below. All the company we are going to mention offers the same type of deal with Mobile Device Management Software (or MDM, if you prefer).

While all these products likely share the same type of common features, some of them will offer unique solutions and benefits that can be important to your company. 


It is a refined mobile device management solution. It is solely available for Apple gadgets, letting users and organizations easily secure and handle their apps. The forum allows administrations to automate device management software tasks and enforce security policies. 


It automates HR procedures such as onboarding, payroll, time tracking, and electronic document handling to improve productivity and security. Integrating with over 500 apps, Rippling employs level provides a single system for managing and automating HR operations.  

AirDroid Business

AirDroid Business is a gadget solution that supports remote deployment, monitoring, protection, control, and also protection of Android endpoint gadgets for various industries, companies, and business plans.  

Does VMware own AirWatch?

VMware acquired AirWatch for $1.54 billion in 2014, which is the largest EMM acquisition in history. Marshall and Alan Dabbiere, who co-founded it together, served as the CEO and Chairman from its start in 2006 till 2016. 

Assigning apps to AirWatch?

Adding assignments and exclusions lets you schedule various deployment scenarios for a single application. The users can configure deployments for applications for a very specific time and it will let the Workspace ONE UEM console forward to carry out the deployments without any further interactions. Users can also add a solo assignment or multiple assignments to handle the deployment of their applications. Users can also rank the importance of each assignment by moving it to the top for the most important or the bottom for the least important position in the list. 

The flexible deployment feature is living in the Assign sections of the applications area and it offers advantages to the assigning process solution. The users can also exclude groups from getting the assignment from the Exclusion tab.

They can assign a group of deployments at once and order assignments so that the right distribution level and software policies get applied to their devices. They can also customize distribution and software policies for one or more smart groups.

Is MDM a cloud or tool?

Cloud Master Data Management (MDM) is the information administration in the cloud. It is used to transmit files safely and ensure that an organization always works with the most up-to-date and also correct versions of information to make efficient and informed business solutions. 


VMware AirWatch stands as a robust and adaptable solution in the realm of MDM and protection. Its comprehensive features, ranging from gadget provisioning and application command to information shield and compliance enforcement, make it a go-to choice for businesses seeking to simplify their phone operations. With its easy interface and integration capabilities, AirWatch allows organizations to maintain control over their phone ecosystem while enabling employees to work efficiently and securely. As the phone landscape continues to evolve, it remains a dependable ally in guiding the challenges of MDM and providing an effective, protected, and connected digital workplace.

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