Monday, January 25, 2021
iPhone 12 pro

New iPhone 12 Pro – The Most Premium Feeling Piece!

The recently launched New iPhone 12 Pro is one of the best in the race. It will be not wrong if said that September is the most awaited month for iPhone lovers....

AirPods 2 Review- Full Review, Features and Specifications!

Apple received a lot of backlashes when it first released the AirPods back in 2016. As time passed by, the AirPods became highly popular amongst the iPhone users; they are still...
iPad 8th Generation 2020

8th Generation iPad 2020-From Specs to Features to all the Basics you need...

Apple introduced its exclusive 8th Generation iPad 2020 at Time Flies Event September 2020 .This has been the vital product Apple launched to its lineup. Also it provides a low-cost...
iPad Air 3(2019)

Is Buying iPad Air 3(2019) in 2020 a Smart Choice?

iPad Air 3(2019) has always remain an excellent choice for creatives and video-takers who need extras the budget iPad doesn't provide. But the launch of the 2020 iPad Pro lineup, the...
iPad Air 4 2020

Exclusive new iPad Air 2020-What’s new to witness? Check out our Ultimate Guide !

Apple release its new monster gadget few days back on its Apple event 15th September,2020.They described it as the most powerful iPad Air ever. Declared its larger screen, improved...

Youtube Premium, -All you need to know about this ad-free streaming service!

Formerly it was knows as Youtube Red.The service now is bundled with YouTube Music Premium and also offers some other perks as well.Also includes access to You Tube Originals - exclusive...
How todownload Youtube videos on Android

How to download and save Youtube videos on Android!

YouTube was originally created as a platform for anyone to post any video content they desired. It is a platform where users upload, share, and view content without restriction. It has since...
iPad Pro 2020

iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing and Review-All you need to know!

The new iPad Pro 2020 was released on June 18,2020. Apple has shipped a new iPad Pro in the middle of a global pandemic and on the cusp of a spectacular...
Download youtube video

Save and Download Youtube videos with these simple steps!

We all love to stream videos,watch movies ,to play our favorite tracks.And the biggest platform for this is Youtube. Youtube is the app even kids know.We all are quite familiar with...

Contactless door opener by iSOUL-A must-have essential in this Covid-19 pandemic!

In a pandemic like a coronavirus, we have to be careful at every step we take outside! Whether it is touching anything or meeting anyone or eating anywhere or maybe just...