Thursday, April 15, 2021
Email Shortcuts

Mail shortcuts for iPhone and iPad: Signals to accelerate your iOS email!

You may think utilizing the Mail application on your Mac or MacBook has more benefits, and you're halfway correct. In any case, there are huge loads of mail alternate ways for...

Set up Apple Pay on iPhone and iPad-Everything you need to know!

Ordinarily we don't convey cash with us and but if need to buy something around then we can definitely utilize Apple pay. It is exceptionally simple to buy things web based...
How to find and delete duplicate songs in your iTunes library

Search and delete duplicate songs in your iTunes library !

On the off chance that you have a heavy iTunes library that has been moved over from one Mac to another or PC to PC, chances are you've run into issues...

How to use Up Next in Apple’s new Music app?

In the days of yore, in the event that you were amidst an incredible blend, yet one track drove you to recall another not in the blend. You could either...

Worth of Used iPhone-Everything you need to know!

Now a days people want to get upgrade year by year .You many wanted to get upgrade and wish to have latest and good iPhone Or you have not upgraded and...

Apple Watch features: How to use the Digital Crown on Apple Watch?

Notwithstanding its size, your Apple Watch has an amazing measure of functionality - all constrained by three interesting sources of info, including a side button, a Digital Crown, and touch capacities....

How to use Touch ID on older Macs?

You can have it for quite a long time, it'll actually turn out great with no significant issues. The downside is, when Apple delivers a new Mac, you don't actually have...

How to watch live broadcast TV on your Apple TV without cable?

Being a string shaper (really, I've never had cable, so I haven't in fact cut any lines), I'm generally on the chase for better approaches to keep myself engaged. On Apple...
Change appleid email address

How To Change E-mail Address of your Apple ID?

Apple ID is your gateway to all of Apple's cloud services: iTunes, Apple Music, and iCloud. But what about your actual username? It's usually an email address: Often, it's an @icloud,...

How to Set Up and Use Do Not Disturb mode on iPhone and iPad?

If you are in meeting or any of formal events or sleeping at night. You won't like to hear all that beeping and buzzing coming from your phone. It is very...