Check if your iCloud song status is uploaded, matched, purchased, or Apple Music DRM-laden!


Contingent upon whether you’ve bought into Apple Music or iTunes Match, your iCloud Music Library may contain tunes you’ve bought from iTunes. This include-. Downloaded from the Apple Music streaming list, transferred from your Mac. Or coordinated from your Mac to the iTunes Store catalogue. With these various kinds of music records, it’s not difficult to get a little befuddled over which tunes are really yours. And which ones may vanish on the off chance that you end your membership. Here’s a fast tip to check iCloud song status.

Starting with macOS Catalina, the iTunes app has been supplanted with the Music app. The functionality recognized here stays as before in the recently named app.

An introduction on downloaded, uploaded, matched, purchased, and Apple Music statuses

Before we turn out how to discover these statuses on your Mac, how about we go over what each means. Your library has four diverse track statuses — Uploaded, Matched, Purchased, and Apple Music. This reveals to you how the iCloud version of the file has been put away. Moreover, every song shows an iCloud Download status .— Downloaded, Streaming, Ineligible, or Removed. This subtlety whether the song is at present being put away on your Mac if it’s exclusively in iCloud. If that it can’t be uploaded to iCloud, or if it’s been removed from iCloud. Yet remains put away locally on your Mac.


You use iCloud Music Library (either through Apple Music or the free iTunes Match ). This status infers that Apple has scanned and uploaded this track from your library; when you re-download it, it’ll show up in its one of a kind plan. — 128kbps mp3, 256kbps AAC, at any rate, you uploaded it.

Notwithstanding long you’ve downloaded this track to your library before completing your Match or Music subscriptions. It’s yours until the cows come home.


You use iCloud Music Library (through Apple Music or the free iTunes Match organization). This status suggests that Apple has scanned and matched the track in your Mac’s library with a tune in its iTunes Store list. When you re-download it on some other device (up to 10) .— Or erase and re-download the track on your Mac — you’ll get that iTunes track, in 256kbps Matched sans DRM AAC (m4a) plan.

iTunes Match and Apple Music use audio fingerprinting and metadata to “match” tracks from the iTunes Store to your library, nonetheless know. The iTunes Store list’s matching calculation isn’t magnificent, especially with regards to the live tracks and other exceptional songs. And there’s, incredibly, no real method to “power upload” a tune to iCloud. If that you’re stressed over iTunes incorrectly matching these songs, ensure you have a full backup of your music files before empowering iCloud.

You can use Matched files to redesign low-quality MP3s you may have from CD tears on your special device. Or to simply stream your music to all your different devices. In case you drop Apple Music or iTunes Match, any of these files you’ve downloaded are largely yours. Nonetheless, you’ll lose the ability to stream them on different devices.


You’ve as of late purchased tracks from the iTunes Store, and maybe simultaneously subscribe to Apple Music or iTunes Match. This status infers that you’ve purchased these tunes from the iTunes Store stock. When you re-download them on some other contraption (up to 10), it’ll show up as a 256kbps Purchased DRM- free AAC (m4a) document.

You can stream purchased music on any Mac or iOS device you’ve supported — up to 10. And redownload said music on any of those devices. Purchased tracks are yours forever, and can, by and large, be spilt on the sum of your devices. Whether or not you have a functioning Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription.

Apple Music DRM

If that you see this status, you’ve bought into Apple Music. This status is appointed to any melodies downloaded from Apple’s streaming catalogue. Apple Music documents are put away as 256k AAC (m4p) records and have FairPlay copyright protection on them. If that you at any point drop your Apple Music membership, you’ll lose admittance to these records.

If that you had an Apple Music membership before July 2016, you may likewise see this status inaccurately ascribed to tracks in your library that should appear as Matched.

No Longer Available

iCloud song status

This status is to some degree uncommon and applies basically to Apple Music tracks that were once accessible through the membership administration. However, due to licensing issues or something else, Apple Music no longer has the option to stream them.

iCloud Download

iCloud song status

If that you use iCloud Music Library (either by means of Apple Music or iTunes Match) and have the iCloud Download indicator enabled. You’ll have the option to perceive what tracks are put away locally on your Mac, what tracks are put away in the iCloud Music Library. And which have been taken out or are ineligible.

  • If that the track is put away locally on your Mac, you should see no icon under the iCloud Download section.
  • If that the track is put away in iCloud and stream able or re-downloadable, you’ll see a cloud icon with a descending arrow. You can download that track by clicking on the cloud icon, or by choosing various tunes and control-clicking on the. At that point choosing Make Available Offline.
  • If that the track has been taken out from iCloud Music Library yet exists locally on your Mac. You’ll see a cloud icon with a x inside it.
  • Also , if that the track or item (like an iTunes Extras PDF) is ineligible for being transferred to iCloud Music Library, you’ll see a cloud icon with a cut across it.

Eliminated and ineligible tracks will not sync by means of iCloud Music Library to your different gadgets. Except if it’s an item attached to an iTunes buy, similar to an Extras PDF booklet. If that is the situation, you’ll have the option to download that object to each of your other devices.

Way to Check the iCloud Status of your Mac’s songs!

Since we’ve covered what every one of the iCloud Music Library statuses means, we should turn out how to discover them on your Mac. Lamentably, it’s absolutely impossible to check the status of your iPhone or iPad’s tracks past whether they’ve been privately downloaded to your gadget. Yet they’ll be equivalent to what’s recorded on your Mac.

  • Open the iTunes app and select My Music from the dropdown bar. At that point click on Songs in the sidebar.
  • Select the View menu, at that point click on Show View Options. Then again, control-click or right-click on the column toolbar.
iCloud song status
  • Toggle the iCloud Status and iCloud Download boxes to enable those columns. Alternatively, if you’ve utilized the right-click method, you can choose: 2 statuses from the dropdown to enable those columns.
iCloud song status

After you do this, you ought to have two new columns in your Songs view.: A cloud icon (addressing iCloud Download), and the iCloud Status menu.

Conclusively, iCloud shows you whether those songs are downloaded locally to your device or not. If not, you’ll see a cloud with a descending arrow. iCloud Status will show the fitting status referenced above for every melody. You can tap on the iCloud Status toolbar to coordinate by this status.

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