Thursday, July 29, 2021

Use extensions in the Photos app for iPhone- Make your Photos more fun!

With the use of extensions, your picture gallery has become more fun. You can directly edit your pictures with your favourite editing app in the Photos app only. Not only this,...

Using the Touch Bar with the Calendar app on the MacBook Pro!

Calendar, regardless of whether Apple's inherent form or a third-party app, is the most fundamental need in this day and age. You can add your occasions, gatherings, appointments, events and considerably...

Use bubble and screen effects in Messages for iPhone and iPad!

With Apple's features, you can add some fun to your iMessage on your iPhone and iPad. It is not just a simple blue chat bubble anymore, you can add some fun...

Create tasks in the Reminders app on iPhone and iPad!

We all forget things and tasks many a time. Regardless of whether it's a grocery list, tasks for a major task, or simply remembering to send a few emails and make...

Shooting with the telephoto lens on the iPhone!

The iPhone 11 lenses let you effectively zoom in and out on a scene. However, when would it be a good idea for you to utilize the different camera lenses on...

Use the Photos App to assign contacts, for slideshows, setting Wallpaper and more!

With all the pictures in the gallery, you would want to display them somewhere or the other. You can display these pictures on your wallpaper or contact pictures or anywhere you...

Save your HEIC iPhone photos as JPEG!

Since iOS 11, your iPhone has, of course, captured pictures in a format called HEIC (otherwise called HEIF), and HEVC for video. It's a more proficient format than the old default,...

Best Webcam alternatives for Mac, PC and more!

The best webcams turned into an absolute necessity toward the beginning of this current year. And have just gotten more fundamental since working and gaining from home is the new typical....

Organize Photos into Albums in the Photos app on your iOS device!

Apple's Photos app stores all your images and videos, but sometimes finding your picture becomes difficult. It organizes the pictures into the year, month and daily views, although it is possible...

Use zoom on the iPhone 8 Plus and later models in the camera!

Taking selfies has become a fundamental function of modern phones. There are numerous tips and tricks to accomplishing the perfect selfie, including getting the framing perfectly. While navigating the front camera...