Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Erase iPhone-How to wipe all data and clear your iPhone and iPad?

Wiping up data is often required in many situations like .Whether you want to re-install your iPhone or iPad . Or you want to sell or give it away to someone else entirely...

Apple Books- User Friendly Guide on how to operate Apple Books!

Ever since the iOS 12 update, iBooks became Apple Books or Books for short. With the same basics, but new features, look and organization, the app has changed quite a lot....
iPhone 8 Plus waterprof case/cover

iPhone 8 Plus Waterproof Case Best Selling Case in 2020

The iPhone 8 Plus already provides water resistance to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes, but given its price, that might not be enough. For added protection,...
iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Case

iPhone 11 PRO Waterproof Case Best Selling Case in 2020

Yes, we all know that the iPhone 11 Pro is built with water resistance up to depths of four meters for 30 minutes, even when it's naked. The thing is, Apple...

Best iPhone 12 Mini Battery case in 2020- Recharge your battery!

When you tend to lose your charge quite easily and don't want to stick with the charger for your phone, then the iPhone 12 Mini battery cover is best for you....

How to use FaceTime-Easy Guide on how you can place FaceTime calls on different...

FaceTime is Apple's video and audio calling service. A phone that uses your Wi-Fi or cellular data connection instead of traditional phone lines. You can use it from any iPhone, iPad,...

How to purchase and download books with Kindle for iPhone and iPad?

For all the book lovers around the world, Amazon has all the books for you! It has almost every e-book which you can purchase and download. If you have the Kindle...

How to change your email address associated with Apple ID?

Your Apple ID is portal to all Apple’s cloud services: iTunes, Apple Music, and iCloud. But what about your actual username? It’s usually an email address. If you get a new...

Best iPad games in 2020-Which one to download?

In this technological epoch, gaming on your iPad couldn't be sweeter. Amid the coronavirus outbreak that has many people in the United States and other countries sheltering inside their homes to...
iPhone 12 Pro Waterproof Case

Best iPhone 12 Pro Waterproof Case in 2020- For all your adventures!

When you are always ready for adventure, you will want your mobile to be adventure ready too. To protect your mobile from water damage, iPhone 12 Pro waterproof cover are the...