Blocking websites on your iPhone and iPad isn’t that tough!


In case that you are worried that your kids can gain admittance to adult content or other harmful sites which include violence, at that point you likely need to block those sites on your child’s gadgets. Safari allows you to blacklist and whitelist sites giving you more authority over your perusing experience. Here we will see how you can block websites in Safari on iPhone and iPad.

Regardless of whether you need as far as possible all adult content to keep a kid from coincidentally hitting a connection they shouldn’t, blacklist specific websites, or shut off all destinations with the exception of the ones you explicitly whitelist, you’ll discover all you require directly in Settings and Restrictions.

Restricting adult content in Safari

The iPhone and iPad incorporate a site content filter that can naturally detect explicit and adult content not reasonable for more youthful watchers and prevent access to those pages. You can likewise block private browsing totally and keep browsing history from being deleted, disabling the capacity to initiate the incognito feature.

In case you’re not excessively stressed and simply need to attempt to keep your children from tapping links that take them to grown-up material, or there are a couple of sites you need to ensure they never land on, you can utilize the automatic settings and the blacklist feature. Before you start, you’ll need to ensure you have set up Screen Time on your gadget.

  • Dispatch Settings from the home screen.
  • Pick Screen Time.
  • Press Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Switch Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Choose Content Restrictions.
  • Tick Web Content.
  • Pick Limit Adult Websites.

Blocking specific websites in Safari

In case that limiting adult content isn’t enough, or you happen to notice a URL that has popped up unnecessarily, you can generally block any URL you want with restrictions.

  • Start Settings from the home screen.
  • Pick Screen Time.
  • Press Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Switch Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Choose Content Restrictions.
  • Enter Web Content.
  • Pick Limit Adult Websites
  • Hit Add a Website under NEVER ALLOW.
  • Type the URL of the site you wish to hinder in the Website area.
  • Choose Back at the upper left.
Block websites in Safari on iPhone

Repeat this cycle for each site you’d prefer to block. Recollect that if certain sites have mobile sites, you may have to block them independently. In case that you discover a site that is at this point actually overcoming after you attempt to block it, visit that site and look in the Address Bar of Safari to ensure you’re blocking the correct URL. Copy it in case that you need to and paste it into limitations.

Block everything and whitelist only specific sites

For your unmatured young kids, or if you just need to ensure nothing is accessible except what you explicitly permit, you can disable everything and a while later just betray the sites you consider totally reasonable.

  • Start Settings from the home screen.
  • Pick Screen Time.
  • Choose the Content and Privacy Restrictions.
Block websites in Safari on iPhone
Block websites in Safari on iPhone
Block websites in Safari on iPhone
  • Switch Content and Privacy Restrictions.
  • Pick Content Restrictions.
  • Tick Web Content.
  • Pick Allowed Websites Only.
Block websites in Safari on iPhone
Block websites in Safari on iPhone
Block websites in Safari on iPhone
  • Enter the Add Website.

  • Add Title and URL for a custom site that you wish to add to your permit list.
  • Pick Back.
Block websites in Safari on iPhone


Need to block sites in the Safari browser on your iPhone? Restricting the sites from getting to is possible whether you need to block sites on a common gadget or for somebody who you would prefer not to get to it, trust this guide helped you out.

The capacity to block websites in Safari on iPhone/iPad may prove to be useful, particularly in the event that you don’t need your children to get to the content that is not permitted or get them far from social media and different sites.

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