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How to add a tick symbol in a PDF?

It appears to be a straightforward task: check a box. It’s not so simple when it comes to checking a box on a PDF form. That is, after all, why you are here. So, here’s how you need to add a tick symbol in a PDF.

If you do have your free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software, put a check or check-in a container on a PDF. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iPhone. So, if you don’t already have it, click the link or search for Adobe Fill and or Sign in to your phone’s app store and install it.

On a PC or Mac, how do you add a tick mark to a PDF?

On a PC or Mac, how do you add a tick mark to a PDF?

Download Acrobat Reader DC if you don’t already have it. Launch it once it’s been installed & open the PDF that needs to fill out.

When you hover over the label Sign file by typing or drawing a signature with the mouse cursor, you’ll see a number of options along the menu bar there at top of the page, but the one you need is the fountain pen nib which shows the label Sign file by typing or drawing a signature once you float over it with the mouse cursor.


The Fill and or Sign menu bar appears when you click this. Ignore any suggested signatures and instead use the Tick icon.

Move your mouse so over the box & left-click to put a tick in place of the pointer. Use the two A icons to increase or reduce the size of the tick before placing it.

How to add a tick symbol in a PDF?

You can save the document with the necessary checkboxes filled in if that’s all you need to do. If not, go ahead and fill out the relevant fields by clicking on the other fields. This is how to add a digital certificate to a PDF if you need to sign something.

How does one add a tick symbol to a PDF on a tablet or phone?

On a phone or tablet, how do you add a tick icon to a PDF?

The procedure is quite similar if you’re dealing with a PDF using your iPhone and Android phone. You’ll need to download the Adobe Fill and Sign app for free. After that, press the Select a form must be filled out the icon, and navigate to the PDF file you’d like to change.

Now, go to the point here on a form where you wish to add a tick, and tap and hold it until a choice appears. The tick icon will then select, and one place in the box.

If the tick isn’t exactly right, tap and hold it until a large circle appears around it. Now move the tick to the proper location. The two A symbols can use to change the size of the tick once more.

When you satisfy, move your finger to another part of the paper, and the box will vanish, leaving only the tick. These are the top PDF editors to use if you want to do something with your PDF files.


If you’re using either a Windows laptop, PC, Android phone, or iPhone, use these helpful instructions to tick boxes on PDF forms online.

When filling out PDF forms online, it’s usually a simple matter of entering your information & adding a digital signature, but if there’s a checkbox that demands a tick or a cross?

Well, if you do have the complimentary Adobe Acrobat Reader programs for PC and mobile, adding a tick symbol to a PDF is a piece of cake. We walk you through the easy actions you’ll need to take to cross something off your to-do list.

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