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Use these apps and methods to download videos on iPhone and iPad!


You can learn how to download videos on your iPhone or iPad with a few steps only. You can view the videos offline, without the internet. There are various ways and apps to download videos on your iPhone or iPad. You may be using YouTube to instruct yourself, see the most recent game reviews, or simply watch a couple of videos.

Now the question arises “can you download youtube videos ?” is perhaps the most famous question on search engines. In the event that you wouldn’t worry about paying $12 per month, a YouTube Premium membership will permit you to stay away from frequently brutish YouTube download apps for iPhone and watch videos disconnected straightforwardly from the YouTube app. Sadly, there would in any case be no real way to move these videos to your Mac. So using a YouTube video downloader is as yet essential considering that means a lot to you. It is not legal to do so.

There are different ways and apps to download videos on iPhone. Like, downloading videos from youtube to iPhone or Screen recording is another option. Not at all like Android, iOS doesn’t have a downloader built-in, hence making things tricky. iPhone has profoundly progressed security frameworks, which likewise keep you from downloading music or video from any outsider third-party sites or channels that the video lovers can take as a hurdle.

Method 1: Watch downloaded videos on iPhone and iPad?

Anytrans download youtube videos offline on iPhone

You can now watch what you download from YouTube without an internet connection or when you are offline, with the help of YouTube to iPhone transfer set up. Assuming that you’ve used the iPhone screen recorder previously, that group of videos ought to be as yet accessible from the Photos apps. Also, to see the videos you got from an iOS YouTube downloader, AnyTrans will help you with it, it is a Media Downloader tab also you can re-download, erase, or clear every one of the documents in the list through AnyTrans.

In the event that you are intending to travel a significant distance and have to download videos on your iPhone and iPad to enjoy your outing, then you should find out about the absolute best and most free YouTube downloaders or video downloaders or AnyTrans. You have to be very cautious while downloading youtube videos from third parties it may lead to changes to your default settings. Through a video downloader, you can directly access your videos on your iPhone easily or you can transfer the file to your Mac to watch later.

Method 2: Subscribe to Youtube Premium

youtube premium download offline

Youtube premium is one of the best options to get your videos downloaded without any difficulty. But, sadly you have to pay for it on youtube. For subscription different plans offers you different cost. Likewise, for an individual plan prices starts from $11.99 per month, for the family plan it costs $17.99 per month and $6.99 per month for a student plan. A one-month free trial is available through the iOS youtube app, but fairly it provides you the low-resolution as low as 360 pixels. They provide you the ad-free videos and ad-free music, also you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Method 3: Search the List of free Youtube Video Downloader Apps for iPhone

  • Documents by Readdle
  • DownloadMate
  • QWE
  • Video Manager – Offline Play
  • YTD Video Player
  • VidMate

Method 4: Record your screen on your iPhone and iPad

 how to srceen record on iPhone and iPad

The best part of iOS is that you can record your screen with its sound and with better quality. Instead of paying to youtube by getting a subscription, you can easily record your video through screen recording and save it to your video file and also to our Gallery on your iPhone. This way you don’t need to download it from youtube to your iPhone.

Follow the following steps to screen record your Youtube videos :

1: Firstly, go to the settings.

2: Go to the Navigate Control Center and select the option Customize Controls.

3: Select the Screen Recording option from the list below.

Steps for actual Screen Recording:

1: Swipe up from bottom to up or top to bottom as per the series of your iPhone.

2: Select the Screen Recording widget icon and wait for three seconds to start the screen recording.

3: After that start, the video which you want to record to watch offline, and wait until the video gets finished.

4: After you are done with your recording, then click on the red button which is in the top corner of your screen.

5: Select the option to confirm to stop recording.

Method 5: Use the Documents by Readdle app

Use these apps and methods to download videos on iPhone and iPad!

You can view any document: Office, PDF, images, recordings, music.. the rundown is unending. It likewise includes a strong PDF motor for quick review and essential explanations like features and imprint ups.

Documents are free forever and also you might add pay-only features later on, yet all that you see today will be free tomorrow and for the hereafter. The objective of Documents is to have 100 million clients and need to eliminate any hurdle along with these ways. Readdle has been beneficial for a really long time on our incredible iOS items.

Method 6 : Download videos with DownloadMate App

downloadmate free youtube video downloader for iPhone and iPad

Downloadmate supports every version of Setapp and Appstore. You can select the saving path as per your choice and also check the downloading progress. This app is perfect to download online videos without any hurdles. It is a full video download manager with efficient features for iPhones or iPad.

Method 7: Vidmate to download videos

Use these apps and methods to download videos on iPhone and iPad!

Vidmate is another good option to download HD videos, songs, and photos easily. You can download it unlimitedly and useful File conservation tools. It is compatible with over 1000 websites and over 200 streaming channels. It has a built-in downloading tool, but sadly you cannot edit the videos which are downloaded from Vidmate.

Method 8 : Use QWE

download youtube videos on iPhone and iPad through  QWE

You can download and browse your documents on your iPhone, or iPad.It supports file manager and folders,iCloud manager, and iTunes file sharing support. You can also view this app on the Apple Watch app icon, file filter, download progress and rename your file or folder automatically. It has the unique feature of managing a file with a user. Also, you secure your data with passcode protection.

Method 9 : Download videos with YTD Video Player

Use these apps and methods to download videos on iPhone and iPad!

It is a free video app for several streaming sites (not for youtube video downloaders), also you can browse its audio files and video files on your iOS devices. You can make your own collection of your videos as a playlist and sort or filter your videos easily. It is a fully assured video application app with password protection. This app has been updated by an apple and it can view it on your apple watch icon.

Method 10: With “Video Manager Offline Play” – watch videos offline

download youtube videos on iPhone and iPad through video manager

Video Manager acts as manager, it manages your videos that are downloaded offline. It also supports all formats of video and also supports wifi to transfer files. This is one of the easiest ways to download and manage your videos. It is free to use but if you want to remove ads from videos or want to download an unlimited video or to want to upgrade it you have to pay for it.


Downloading youtube videos is not a big deal, unless and until you are not facing copyright. Instead of facing all this chaos, these are the various methods to download your videos offline and watch them at any time and anywhere. Likewise, screen recording, video downloader apps for iPhone, getting subscriptions from youtube and third-party websites, etc.

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