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We in general love to transfer videos, watch movies, to play our cherished tracks. You might need to save videos you see on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or some other site to your phone or PC to watch them later. Fortunately, it’s very simple to download videos on iPhone or any other gadget from the web. In this article, how about we take a gander at various ways of saving them on iPhone from any site for free.

Why saving videos is a good alternative?

If you are with practically no internet connection, and you want to keep yourself engaged on planes, trains, and outings to places without solid mobile internet access.

This is additionally extraordinary if you have a mobile plan with a limited information plan. You can download them to your phone utilizing your home Wi-Fi, and watch them moving without risking going over your information allocation.

On iPhone/iPad

Method 1: Use a third-party app -VideoSolo

Saving videos on your iPhone and iPad is fairly intriguing since Apple polices the apps available in its store. If you escape your phone, there are more choices, however, if you would rather not put in any amount of work, the best and simplest way.

  • Download and dispatch the app Documents by Readdle.
  • Hit on the compass icon to open the internet browser and go to the videoSolo app.
  • Paste a video link on iPhone in the text box and enter the “Download.” After a couple of seconds, the video will decode and produce a list of different output formats and quality choices.
Download videos on iPhone
Download videos on iPhone
  • Select the “Download” on the favored output choice.
  • Enter a name and the download location for the video.
  • Enter the Downloads section in the base navigation bar to view this inside the Documents app.
Download videos on iPhone
Download videos on iPhone
Download videos on iPhone
  • To save videos to your iPhone or iPad hard drive, go back to the Documents app home screen and open your Downloads organizer.
  • Find the video you need and select the three dots symbol on it.
  • Enter on Share and then Save Video.
  • You can discover this then in the Photos app.
Download videos on iPhone
Download videos on iPhone
Download videos on iPhone

Method 2: Record your screen

Since 2017 you can record your iPhone or iPad screen and anything playing on it, including videos. This strategy is right on your device, making it free and simple to utilize.

  • Pull the video up.
  • Change the direction of the landscape.
  • Swipe up on the Control Center and enter the Record button (a circle inside a circle).
Download videos on iPhone
  • At the point when the video gets done, enter the Record button again to quit recording.
  • The video saves to your Camera Roll.

Download Videos on Mac and Windows

Method 1: Using Online Web Downloader

The most straightforward method for saving videos is utilizing the web destinations that permit removing videos from different sites. Many people use ClipConvertor, which anybody can use with the expectation of free utilizing the steps below.

  • Dispatch your browser and visit
  • Enter the video link in the URL bar and hit Continue.
  • Select your ideal quality and format.
  • Besides, specify if you need to trim it.
  • Then, at that point, click on Convert.
  • At long last, hit Download to save the video.

Then again, you can utilize other video downloader services given below:

Method 2: Using Video Download Tools

If you’re on a desktop or PC, you can utilize committed tools like VDownloader on your gadget to save videos from any online source, as follows:

  • Open VDownloader in your browser.
  • Download the installer for your Windows or macOS gadget.
  • Copy the ideal video link to your clipboard.
  • Presently, open VDownloader and head to the Clipboard section
  • It’ll naturally paste the link you copied to bring the video.
  • Enter the Download button on the video.
  • Then, at that point, select the download location and quality.
  • open VDownloader and head to the Clipboard section.
  • At last, hit on Save to download the video to your PC.

You can likewise utilize different choices like iTube Downloader, Freemake Downloader, SnapDownloader, and then some.

Download videos on Android

Method 1: Using Video Downloader Apps

Also, you can utilize a dedicated video downloader app on your telephone to save them from the web. To do as such, follow the steps beneath.

  • Download and install Video Downloader (or any comparative video downloading the app) from Play Store.
  • If it’s not too much trouble, open it and paste the video link into the URL bar.
  • When the site loads, play the video for it to recognize video resources on the page.
  • Then, at that point, hit the Download button and save the video to your telephone.

Then again, you can utilize the NewPipe, which is likewise an astonishing app for saving videos on Android.


These were really simple methods for downloading videos from any site for free on your phone and PC. I trust this assists you with saving the videos you need to see later without the internet.

Authoritatively, we will especially really like to say that at present downloading videos is straightforward. It will not be an unrealistic tiring and confusing process for every one of you. If you have any inquiries concerning the content, feel free to comment. Best regards!

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