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iPad (9.7 inches) 2011 2nd Gen Defender Cases Best in 2020

Accidents happen to the best of us. You pick up your iPad (9.7 inches) 2011 2 Gen but your grip fails, and it slips from your hand to the floor. Horrified, you reach for it and notice the large crack on the screen. If you had a proper case for it, this may not have happened. With a vast range of cases available, which one is best for you? If you are working in a harsh environment an iPad 2 Defender Case/Cover is best and their relative strengths and weaknesses are not always straightforward. No worries, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are some of the best cases available for your Apple iPad.

But before buying a defender case for your iPad you must know what exactly that case is and what are the different types of cases available and sold in markets.

What is a Defender Case?

If working in an environment where your iPad needs to be protected from damages then Defender Cases are Used. Plus It Protects your device from the action and accidents that come your way as you work hard and play hard with the legendary protection of Defender Cases for iPad (9.7 inches) 2011 2nd Gen. In addition, Designed for real life, Defender Series combines tough layers to guard against the roughest drops, scrapes, bumps, dust, and grime. Defender Series defends your device from daily wear and tear and rugged adventures.

Types of case

  • Hard Tablet Cases.
  • Gel Tablet Cases.
  • Leather and Folio Tablet Cases.
  • Tough Tablet Cases.
  • Children’s Shockproof Tablet Cases
  • Keyboard Tablet Cases.
  • Defender Tablet Cases.
  • 360 Tablet Cases.
  • Wallet Tablet Cases.
  • Tablet Skins.
  • Tablet Sleeves.

We’ve gone through the available options for the iPad (9.7 inches) 2011 2nd Gen to find the Defender Cases we believe will be the best options. Also, Have a look at our picks to find the iPad 2 Defender case/cover that’s right for you.

Hocase iPad 2 Defender Case/Cover

ipad 2 defender case/cover
  • Compatible with iPad 2.
  • Made up of Hybrid shock-resistant silicone exterior and inner hard plastic.
  • A case that withstands accidental drops and falls.
  • Heavy-duty shockproof hybrid dual-layer case.
  • Also, it has a kickstand that is separate so that the case can be used likewise also.
  • Raised lips around the screen and camera protect it from being scratched and shattered.
  • Precise cutouts give easy access to everything.
  • In addition, port covers keep Dust and Debris out.
  • Most importantly, very easy to install and remove.

AICase iPad 2 Defender Case/Cover

ipad 2 defender case/cover
  • Compatible with iPad 2.
  • Made up of Silicone and PC.
  • Design that gives 3 in 1protction and Hybrid Shock Absorption.
  • This case is highly Durable, Safe, and Non-Toxic.
  • Also, Lasting color and not easily deformed.
  • Plus, Anti-fingerprint and Scratch proof and kids friendly.
  • An easy to convert Kick Stand Design.
  • Raised lips give safety to your screen and camera.
  • Provides protection against shocks, damages, dust, and scratches.
  • Precise cutouts give easy access to everything.
  • Port overs keep Dust and Debris out.
  • Moreover, it also gives a screen protector.

Package includes:

  • 1 x Hard Case For iPad 2.
  • A black Stylus.
  • 1 Screen protector.
  • One Microsoft Clean cloth.
  • An application card.

BENTOBEN iPad 2 Defender Case/Cover

  • Compatible with iPad 2.
  • Made up of Advanced Polycarbonate hard shell and soft silicone skin outside.
  • Designed with 3-layer protection.
  • Also Protects against drop, bump, and shock.
  • Plus, it features four corners cushioning for protection.
  • Kids Friendly and soft touch and smooth grip.
  • The back case is outfitted with a foldable kickstand.
  • Textured rubber surface protects from slip, scratches, and fingerprints.
  • In addition, Precise cutouts give easy access to everything.
  • Port Covers keeps Dust and Debris out.
  • Another notable feature, Raised lips to protect your screen and camera.
  • Most importantly, easy installation and removal.

Moona iPad 2 Defender Case/Cover

iPad 2 defender case/cover
  • Compatible with iPad 2.
  • It has a 360 Degree Kickstand that can be used for handsfree entertainment.
  • A 3-layer protection case and Shockproof.
  • Also Built-in 30 degree Rotating Handle Grip that makes very easy to handle for you.
  • Plus, precise cutouts give easy access to everything.
  • The port covers Dust and Debris out.
  • Most importantly it comes with a 1-year warranty so no worries if anything goes wrong.

PIXIU iPad 2 Defender Case/Cover

ipad 2 defender case/cover
  • Compatible with iPad 2 Gen.
  • Made up of Silicon and PC.
  • Protects your iPad from  Drop and Scratch and Fingerprint.
  • Also Flexible shock absorption silicone sleeve.
  • Plus, Covers all the sides of your tablet and gives a special corner safety.
  • Raised edges keep your screen and camera on go.
  • A Heavy-duty case that is also Kids friendly.
  • Precise cutouts give easy access to everything.
  • Moreover, port covers keep Dust and Debris out.

TSQ iPad 2 Defender Case/Cover

TSQ heavy duty case
  • Compatible with iPad 2.
  • Made up of inner hard polycarbonate shell and soft silicone outer shell.
  • Designed sturdy 360° swivel foldable kickstand for convenient viewing.
  • Also non-slip, which gives a firm grip to your iPad.
  • Along comes a detachable and attachable carrying shoulder strap for easy carry.
  • A triple-layer protection case.
  • Raised lips protect your camera and screen.
  • Protects against shocks, falls, and bumps also impact resistant.
  • Precise cutouts give easy access to everything.
  • Also Easy to take back the kickstand if you want.
  • Extremely simple installation and removal.
  • In addition, Very much kids friendly and for outings.


There are many cases on the market if you are looking for a new Defender case for your iPad (9.7 inches) 2011 2 gen. However, remember to balance what you are getting for the price you are paying. Chances are that you are not as clumsy as you actually think you are and your iPad (9.7 inches) 2011 2 gen does not need hundreds of dollars’ worth of protection. Go with what you feel is really necessary and your iPad will thank me.

You should definitely keep your iPad (9.7 inches) 2011 2 Gen well-guarded and protected in tip-top shape with a case and these are some of the best options we found.

Conclusively, We think Hocase Cover is one of the best as it has some of the best features included. First of all it protects your iPad from drop, falls, shocks and scratches. Also it has a separate kickstand which you can use when needed. Plus raised lips to protects your screen and camera. In addition, precise cutouts and port covers. It comes in different colors so you will get mate options that will go best for you. Most importantly it has great quality with amazing price, quality, and Amazon’s choice.

Also, Moona Case is the next best alternative and it has some of the best features included. Most importantly, It also comes with great protection, quality, and Amazon’s Choice and a special feature is, it has a 1-year warranty.

We would like to hear your reviews. Do comment and share. Also do subscribe to stay updated With All The Latest News, Offers, and Special Announcements.

*Price was correct as on 8th September, 2020

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