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iPad Pro 11″ 2020 Wallet Cases-Perfect to carry your cards, money, etc!

Wallet cases for iPad serve two useful purposes. They both protect your tablet and give you a place to store your bank and ID cards. So there is an advantage that you do not have to carry a wallet with you all the time. There are hundreds of options for wallet cases, so it might be hard to narrow down the choices. Lucky for you, we’ve put together a list of iPad Pro 11 2020 Wallet Case/Cover.

But before buying a wallet case you may know some important things about it.

What Is A Wallet Case?

A wallet case is a case where you can put your credit cards, train cards, money, and so on, and don’t have to carry a separate wallet around. Plus, they’re attractive and come in stylish designs for both men and women.

Does The Wallet Case Protect Your iPad?

The most common wallet-style cases are folios that fold over your tablet, typically covering both the front and back. The protection they offer is basic. While they’ll protect the front and back of your device from scuffs and scratches, you won’t want to play any games of catch with your device.

Advantages Of Using A Wallet Case

  • Keeps all your necessities in one place.
  • It can act as a stand.
  • Offers damage protection.
  • They are stylish.

Disadvantages Of Using A Wallet Case

  • They are bulky.
  • You lose a lot more such as credit cards, train cards, money, etc if you lose the wallet case.

We’ve reviewed the best wallet cases for your iPad that offers a variety of both fashion and function to meet your needs.

Timovo for iPad Pro 11 Wallet Case

Timovo for iPad Pro 11 Wallet Case
  • Built with premium synthetic PU leather exterior, anti-slip leather material interior and PC back cover.
  • Simple and fashionable, shock-proof and impact-resistant, well protects your iPad from daily scratches, bumping and knocking.
  • Just opened and closed the lid, you can easily make your tablet wake or sleep, easy and convenient to use.
  • Well designed to fit snugly to your iPad, allows smooth operation. It is also camera protected and screen protected.
  • In keeping with the latest Apple Pencil magnetic wireless charging technique.
  • Our protective case has a side opening design that allows for wireless charging and pairing without removing the case. (Apple Pencil is NOT included).
  • Exclusively designed for New iPad Pro 11 Inch 2nd Generation 2020 Release (A2228/A2068/A2230/A2231).
  • Note: It will not be compatible with other tablets, please check your tablet model before purchasing.

Toplive for iPad Pro 11 2020 Wallet Cover

Toplive for iPad Pro 11 Wallet Cover
  • Made with durable canvas exterior and premium fabric interior.
  • Supports auto sleep and wake function.
  • Toplive iPad Pro 11 case cover 2020 structured with a front pocket to store some cash, receipts, and documents.
  • 3 business card holders and an elastic holder for apple pencil,perfect for school,business trip, an interview or a conference etc.
  • Allows to adjust different angles for better viewing or typing.
  • Toplive case for iPad Pro 11 inch structured with anti-slip stripes inside.
  • Toplive new 2020 iPad Pro 11 case have one year warranty.
  • New iPad Pro 11 2020 case is compatible for 2020 Release iPad Pro 11 inch device Only, do not fit any other tablets.

IYCK for iPad Pro 11 Wallet Case

  • Made with high quality PU leather and magnetic strip design.
  • Stand flip design to freely and relaxed to enjoy video, movies, E-book, pictures etc.
  • Flip Style Wallet Case, card slots and inner pocket for carrying ID, cash and credit cards.
  • Single magnetic button closure design.
  • Safe, secure,convenient and tightly.
  • Compatible with Apple iPad Pro 11inch 2018 Release Tablet.

Package including:

  • 1 * Apple iPad Pro 11inch 2018 Release Tablet Case.

DTTO for iPad Pro 11 Wallet Cover

DTTO Cover
  • Exterior is made of premium synthetic leather, lined with microfiber provide full protection for your iPad.
  • Front document card pocket to keep notes, cash, cards. Please Note: Apple pencil is not included.
  • Built-in leather hand strap (one-handed operation).
  • Support 2nd gen Apple pencil pairing and charging with iPad.
  • Front cover have Auto Wakes/Sleep function, external elastic band enhances magnetic closure (reduces battery drain).
  • Designed specifically for the Apple iPad Pro 2nd generation 11 Inch 2020 released(Model Number: A2228/A2068/A2230/A2231), also fit iPad Pro 11 inch 2018(Model Number:A1980/A2013/A1934/A1979).
  • Do not fit any other tablets.

Ztotop for iPad Pro 11 2020 Wallet Case

Ztotop for iPad Pro 11 Wallet Case
  • Excellent workmanship with premium synthetic PU leather exterior and soft microfiber interior lining designed to protect your new iPad Pro 11 2020 from scratches and bumps.
  • Sensitive automatic wake/sleep with magnetic opening and closing designed for power saving and convenience.
  • Multiple slots able to set up multiple horizontal stand angles for comfortable watching or typing.
  • Stylus loop keeps your pen always ready for you.
  • Unique S-shaped card pocket design.
  • Built-in handbag for holding iPad tightly by one hand.
  • Cutouts allow access to charging, pencil adsorption and use of headphones jack and buttons.
  • Not need to take the iPad out of the case.
  • Designed specifically for the Apple iPad Pro 2nd generation 11 Inch 2020 released(Model Number: A2228/A2068/A2230/A2231), also fit iPad Pro 11 inch 2018(Model Number:A1980/A2013/A1934/A1979).
  • Do not fit any other tablets.

KAVAJ for iPad Pro 11 2020 Wallet Cover

Ztotop for iPad Pro 11 Wallet Case
  • Made of real organic genuine leather. Every case is made by hand so your iPad is protected by a unique handmade cover.
  • Open the Smart-Case and iPad magically wakes up. Close it, and it goes to sleep.
  • Designed and improved for iPad Pro 11″ 2020.
  • Practical pen holder especially for the Apple Pencil.
  • The case folds in just the right places to become the perfect Face-time and movie-watching stand.
  • Fold it back to tilt iPad into a comfortable writing position.
  • The case is compatible with iPad Pro 11″ 2020.


That ends our article here!

Conclusively, by observing and distinguishing between all the above, Ztotop is the best option for iPad Pro 11

There are various reasons we consider it as best. Automatically wakes or puts the tablet to sleep when the lid is opened and closed. Interior card slots and document pockets are designed for carrying your credit card/business cards/ some notes or bills while on the go. Corner magnets keep the iPad safe and secure when closed.

But all of the above have some unique features, you can opt for one as per your requirement!

Regardless of which case you go with, the most important thing is that your iPad is well guarded!

We would like to hear your reviews. Do comment and share. Also do subscribe to stay updated With All The Latest News, Offers, and Special Announcements.

*Prices was correct as on 11th August 2020.

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