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How to fix the iCloud login loop on the Mac?


There aren’t a ton of issues one will experience with iCloud. Of those which do pop up, the iCloud login loop is maybe the most irritating. At the point when it occurs. You’re approached to sign in to your machine once more.

Fortunately, there is a fix that works in by far most cases on the very best Macs, including the 2021 24-inch iMac. However, first of all, let us see what is mac and what is the use of mac.

What is iCloud?

To safely save photos, records, notes, passwords, and different information in the cloud there is help from Apple which is named iCloud. And stays up with the latest across, the entirety of your gadgets naturally. Moreover, the app additionally makes it simple to share photos, documents, notes with loved ones. You can likewise back up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using it.

Moreover, it includes a free email record and 5 GB of free storage for your information. For more storage and extra features, you can prefer iCloud+.

Additionally, iCloud is built into every Apple gadget. To set up, you simply sign in to your device with your Apple ID. However, then, at that point, pick which apps you need to use with the app. Which iCloud features do you need to turn on or off? You can customize these settings for every gadget. You can likewise get to data put away in it on a Windows PC involving iCloud for Windows. And in an internet browser at

Uses of iCloud:

At the point when you use iCloud. You can get your photos, documents, passwords, and different information on any gadget you choose. Since your information is put away in the cloud and not on a single device. It keeps staying up to date all over the place. But what if the iCloud login loop appears.

For example, assuming that you turn on iCloud Photos on your iPhone and Mac. You see the same photographs on the two gadgets. Moreover. In the event that you take another photo or erase one from the Photos application on your iPhone. Those changes show up in Photos on your Mac.

Moreover, you can share the data put away in it and team up with others. However, you can decide who can see your content and who can make changes. Assuming partners make edits to the content, everybody sees them in real-time.

How to stop it from asking you to login on to your Mac repeatedly: iCloud login loop?

Assuming that iCloud is constantly messing with you for your login accreditations on your Mac in any event. When you’re logged in. The best strategy is to sign out of the app, restart your Mac, and sign in once more. In fact, this is the way to solve the iCloud login loop mac problem.

1. Firstly, Open System Preferences

2. Secondly, click Apple ID.

3. Click Overview.

iCloud login loop mac

4. Click Sign Out…

iCloud login loop mac

5. Click any of the checkboxes to remove the check close to any things for which you would rather not keep a copy on your Mac.

6. Click Keep a Copy.

iCloud login loop mac
  • 7. Click Download to download a copy of your photos and videos to your Mac, or Delete from Mac to remove them.
  • 8. Click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen.
  • 9. Click Restart…
  • 10. Sign in to your iCloud on Mac once it has restarted.
  • 11. Further, Open System Preferences.
  • 12. Click Sign In.
  • 13. Enter your iCloud email address.
  • 14. Click on Next.
  • 15. Enter your iCloud password.
  • 16. Click Next.

17. Further, enter the one-time code (OTP) you get on one more device to get connected with your iCloud account. Assuming you have two-factor confirmation turned on. You’ll currently be endorsed into iCloud on your Mac. That will solve your problem with the iCloud login loop.

Hopefully, these are all the steps you need to squash the iCloud login loop!


If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may be experiencing an iCloud login loop. It’s a frustrating situation to be in, but luckily we have the solution for you above so that you get your iCloud account back on track so that you can access all of your data again and avoid losing more files.






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