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Best Background Check Sites and Online Service for best authentication of one’s identity!


Regardless of whether you need to decide whether you can believe your new neighbor or you essentially need to look for relatives and friends that you lost contact with, Background check sites and online services are the best approaches.

The purposes behind utilizing these sorts of services can be various, yet observing the right one can be difficult considering the way that there are many services accessible today. These services differ from the ones that are finished by the police as they are made from publicly accessible information and at times private databases.

If you are pondering where you can track down the most dependable platforms, in this article, we present you with our decisions for the best background check sites and online services that can give you definite and accurate background reports.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is a cycle used to verify that an individual is who they say they are. This process is finished utilizing a singular’s criminal, employment, financial, and education records, alongside other documentation. For employers, a background check regularly happens after someone applies for a job, or before they extend to someone an employment opportunity. To run a background check, a business needs the singular’s assent, alongside their date of birth, social security number, and current location.

Business background checks can incorporate a wide scope of criteria, like web-based media activity, driving records, and medication screenings. Note that different states have different laws with regard to background checks.

Few tips to Choose the Best Background Check Site for Your Business

  1. Know Your Pre-Employment Screening Needs
  2. Focus for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Compliance
  3. Know Your Pre-Employment Screening Risks
  4. Look for Accreditation
  5. Watch out for Unrealistic Claims

1. Intelius – Background Checker for Educational History

Background Check Sites and Online Service

This experienced company has been in the game beginning around 2003 and flaunts access to over 20 billion available records.

If you’re worried that your new roommate or potential date may discover that you ran a background check on them, then, you’ll be happy to discover that all Intelius looks are anonymous and secured with an industry-standard 256-bit encrypted connection. Did you realize that Intelius has a unique Intelius Connections feature that permits you to tap on associations to decide extra affiliations? An extraordinary feature if you need to augment your circle of potential contacts.

Intelius offers seven unique background search products, going from phone catalog queries to full-scale background checks. Regardless of which of these you need to utilize, you’ll have to sign up for a drawn-out membership to get to them. Each arrangement accompanies a comparative month-to-month subscription cost, yet starting times for testing costs vary.


The Monthly unlimited reports = $22.86
Monthly Premier+  = $29.95
Monthly Identity protect (to monitor your public records) = $19.95 


  • One-off reports 
  • Reverse address lookup 
  • Reports reveal educational history 
  • Large database 
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Intelius connection engine


  • Not the clearest pricing policies 
  • Can load slowly

2. Instant Checkmate – Easy to Use Background Check Service

Background Check Sites and Online Service

Instant Checkmate flaunts an A+ BBB rating and has a slick, simple to-explore site that makes it ideal for first-time clients. Using the background check service is genuinely straightforward as you’ll simply enter in your subject’s details and permit Instant Checkmate to wrap up.

No compelling reason to stress over waiting for results as the background checker is pretty fast. In basically no time, Instant Checkmate will outfit you with valuable insights regarding your person of interest.  And it improves as individuals checker consistently updates its databases, which means you’ll uncover simply the most recent, most-applicable insights concerning your subject. One area of worry with Instant Checkmate, be that as it may, is in the absence of a solitary search choice, and that implies you’ll have to consider different services like Intelius if you need a one-off search.

Instant Checkmate enables you to look for somebody in view of simply their name, city, and state. There’s additionally a reverse phone query feature, although this is to some degree difficult to come by on the Instant Checkmate website. At the point when you run a search, you’re given a list of potential matches and you can pull an itemized report for any person.


1 Month plan = $35
3 Month plan = $44 ($14.9/month)
6 Month plan = $55 ($9.6/month)


  • Mobile app 
  • Superb customer service 
  • Regularly updated database
  • Unlimited reports with a subscription plan


  • No single search option 

3. TruthFinder – Background Checks Overall

Background Check Sites and Online Service

Since launching in March 2015, Truthfinder has helped thousands of customers perform an exact background look, laying down a good foundation for itself as an industry heavyweight simultaneously.

By scanning billions of public online data sets (just as social network data), Truthfinder can recover precise, profoundly definite subject details. And it loads quick, as well! Other than running background checks, Truthfinder likewise conducts reverse phone lookups to uncover the character of that unknown caller that simply doesn’t appear to stop!

You can likewise utilize the background check service to monitor sensitive personal data like your Social Security number, passport number, bank account numbers, and even credit and debit cards. It’s an incredible method for monitoring your own details.  Unfortunately, the app version of Truthfinder can be a piece temperamental, particularly for Android clients. Other than that, you won’t encounter such a large number of issues while looking for a top-notch background check service.


Standard for 1 month = $28
Premium for 3 months = $26 ($72 once-off fee)
Unlimited monthly reverse phone lookups = $2


  • Dark web scan 
  • Scans billions of public records 
  • Unlimited reports (premium subscription) 
  • Self-monitoring features 
  • Responsive support team
  • App available


  • No single search option
  • App version could use some improvement

4. US Search –  Most Experienced People Search Site

Background Check Sites and Online Service

Since beginning operations in 1993, US Search has secured itself as one of the most reliable background checkers around. In expansion to background checks, US Search enables you to turn back in time: the site looks and feels like Yahoo around 1998. However, the absence of a website design financial plan appears to imply that US Search has had the option to put more in careful search choices and fantastic price points.

US Search additionally doesn’t disappoint as far as search precision as it approaches some of the oldest databases. When utilizing US Search, in any case, it is profoundly prudent to affirm the search results as the background checker isn’t known to update its data set regularly.

There are different evaluating choices accessible, beginning with a solitary report cost, a month-to-month subscription accessible for limitless searches, or a quarterly package for something very similar yet with a discount. It may not be pretty, however, it’s surely a very great value for money, also a strong background check solution.


  • US Search Background check $39.95


  • Rich database 
  • Simple to use 
  • Well-reputed


  • Pop-ups 
  • Not frequently updated

5. BeenVerified – Background Check App for IOS and Android

Best Background Check Sites and Online Service for best authentication of one's identity!

Having been in the background checking industry for well more than 10 years, it’s nothing unexpected that BeenVerified is continually at the bleeding edge of advancement giving probably the best background check sites and online services simultaneously.

The background checking service has one of the neatest, fastest-loading apps around, which permits you to make irregular searches when on the go. Searching for business people and outsiders has never been simpler!

The primary issue with BeenVerified, notwithstanding, is its somewhat unresponsive help group, as they require days to respond to emails. Therefore, if you really want to contact the help group critically, it’s ideal to call them straightforwardly through their number.

BeenVerified covers the typical background check essentials, yet we thought that it is especially great at uncovering work history. BeenVerified doesn’t enable you to buy a report for a solitary person. Rather, you need to sign up for a month-to-month subscription that offers limitless reports. You can pick between a recurring 1-month subscription, or pay for 90 days.


  • BeenVerified $22.86/mth


  • Fast loading app 
  • Detailed reports 
  • Simplistic, easy-to-use website


  • Not the most responsive support team 

6. Spokeo – Best for Reverse Phone Lookups

Best Background Check Sites and Online Service for best authentication of one's identity!

If you need to find out about a private caller or decide the authenticity of an email sender, then, at that point, you should try Spokeo out.

The background check site and online service are renowned for their opposite background check that is profoundly viable in recovering cryptic client data. This implies that Spokeo will handily recover a client’s details regardless of whether the individual uses fake names to hide character.

Spokeo is additionally great for scanning the dark web. The company utilizes secure 128-bit SSL encryption, which means your security is 100 percent ensured when running searches.

To search on Spokeo, you’ll just have to give your subject’s name, address, phone number, or email address. Obviously, the more details you have, the more precise your results will be. But you can in any case lead exact searches even with scanty details.  Spokeo is likewise among a couple of background check services that offer quality identity protection services. This kind of service is great if you need your own subtleties checked online for identity theft.


Monthly Subscription = $13.95
3 Months Subscription = $23.85


  • Regularly updated database 
  • Simplistic website 
  • Geo-grouping algorithm 
  • Suitable for reverse call lookups


  • Not the fastest 
  • No iOS app


Since we’ve analyzed probably the best background check sites and online services, you ought to be all-around set to pick one that best suits your specific requirements.

Truthfinder is an incredible choice if you need a fast-loading, consistently updated background checker that can even output the dark web.

We’d suggest Intelius for tracking tragically missing friends and family members, while Instant Checkmate should tick your boxes if you need an easy-to-use checker with incredible client support.

While picking background check sites and online services, make sure to check on factors like loading speed, precision, and cost. It will likewise help if you utilize a background check service that doesn’t consume a huge chunk of time to react to customer questions.

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