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Instagram Posts-How to post photos and videos on Instagram?


Instagram posts are the most common found on the platform, with 95 million being uploaded every day. Images were previously required to be square, but that’s no longer the case. Now you can upload vertical/portrait images with an aspect ratio of 4:5, landscape/horizontal images with an aspect ratio of 16:9, and then anything in between. In your profile overview, the images will still be displayed as square however, this may be something to consider when posting.

1. Tap the + icon on the top of your screen.

See that in addition to sign [+] in the picture above? That is your beginning stage. See that post from account. That is your end point. Snap that in addition to sign and you’ll be prepared for the following stage, underneath.

instagram posts

2. Choose a photo or video from your library or shoot one in the app.

Instagram will show you the photographs previously saved to your device. Pick one of those to post. Then again, you can tap on the camera icon to snap a picture or video inside the Instagram app itself, if you don’t already have an image you want to use.

When you select and crop a picture (carousel of multiple images)click the arrow button in the upper right corner of the app.

instagram posts

3. Instagram Carousels (Multiple Instagram Image Posts)

These can be known as carousel posts, slideshows, or multiple image posts. The name gives it away, these are posts with multiple images. When viewing them on Instagram you can swipe sideways to go through the various images or videos. These are useful when you have a range of images to showcase and for viewer retention.

Do you have different photographs and need to feature them all? Instagram permits you to do this with its carousel feature.

As you go to tap a photograph or video, first tap the icon simply over your photographs to the correct that resembles stacked squares. When you tap this, you’ll see a number on the side of each picture or video you tap. This number notes where the substance will appear in the carousel.

4. Crop the image.

instagram posts crop

You’re not restricted to simply a square picture on Instagram. You can really share horizontal or vertical pictures too. To get a greater amount of your picture seen, squeeze the screen of the photograph you’ve chosen on the Library screen.

However, while Instagram does allow vertical and horizontal options, the images still need to fit into some specific dimensions. So, you might still need to crop a tiny bit of your photo to get it to fit.

5. Pick a filter for your Instagram Post

instagram posts filter

Instagram offers 24 filters – look to one side to scrutinize your alternatives, and snap on one to review how it will look on your photograph.

Naturally, the filter will be applied by original capacity. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to downsize the power of the channel, double tap the filter whenever it’s been applied, and a scale selector will show up, permitting you to make light of the impact.

You can likewise tap the sorcery wand at the highest point of the screen to change the photograph further.

6. Edit the photo

You can also click “Edit” at the bottom right to adjust the image to your specifications.

instagram posts edit
  • Adjust – This helps subtly rotate the image along the center plane, giving it a tilt either to the left or right according to the linear scale at the bottom of the screen.
  • Brightness – This helps lighten or darken the image. All you have to do is pull the selector to the left to darken or to the right to lighten.
  • Contrast – This helps to increase or decrease the intensity of the image’s colors. Pull the selector to the left for less contrast (a dulling effect) or to the right for more contrast (a higher intensity effect).
  • Structure – This helps to add an HD-like effect to the image, bringing out specific details in your photo. Drag the selector to the right to help the image “pop.”
  • Warmth – This helps you adjust the temperature of the photo. Drag the selector to the left to increase cool tones in the image, or drag the selector to the right to increase the warm tones in the image. 
  • Saturation – This helps you adjust the saturation of the colors in your image. Drag the selector to the left to desaturate the image (all the way to the left if you want a monochrome look), or drag the selector to the right for extremely saturated colors.
  • Color – This gives you a number of color options to overlay over your image for interesting color effects. Simply select your color choice and see how it changes the image in the preview box.

Some more!

  • Fade – This softens the intensity of the blacks in your image to create an “aged” photo effect. Simply drag the selector to the right for a higher degree of fade.
  • Highlights – This helps you control the intensity of the highlights in your image. Dragging the selector to the left will darken the highlights in your image while dragging the selector to the right will lighten the highlights in your image.
  • Shadows – This helps you control the intensity of the shadows in your image. Dragging the selector to the left will darken the shadows in your image while dragging the selector to the right will lighten the shadows in your image.
  • Vignette – This darkens the corners of the image, leaving a circle shape in the center. Drag the selector all the way to the right for the most dramatic vignette.
  • Tilt Shift – This helps blur the edges of the image in a radial or linear way, drawing focus to the details in the center of the image.
  • Sharpen – This helps sharpen certain details of the image, bringing a more dramatic look to subtler elements in the photo.

When you’re ready to move on to the next step after editing, click the arrow button in the top right corner.

7. Type your caption.

instagram posts caption

Get innovative and compose a decent, fascinating caption to go with your photograph. Since text can help improve your post in Instagram’s hunt, composing something can just profit you.

8. Use hashtags for post optimization.

With Instagram’s search feature, users can look by hashtags. Along these lines, you should make a point to compose pertinent hashtags in your inscription. On the off chance that somebody does search a hashtag you set in your caption they may track down your post just as others that incorporated a similar one.

9. Tag friends.

Need your friend or their followers to see a photograph that you posted of you two? Tag them!

On the post page, you can click “Tag People” to label or tag other Instagram accounts in your post. Then again, you can include their handle (or their username starting with a @ image) in your caption.

10. Add your location.

In case you’re on a pleasant excursion or at a flawless occasion and you don’t want to remember that data for your caption, you can check where you are in another manner. On the post page, tap “Add Location” to put a location on your picture (which makes it simpler for individuals to find your post).

At the point when you post a picture or video with a location it will appear between your name and the block of content on the feed.

11. Play with emojis.

Emojis are fun and can make your caption more eye catching. If you know of a few relevant emojis that could fit with your post, stick them in the caption area. For example, if you’re posting a vacation photo, you could include a palm tree 🌴 or a plane ✈️ to show you flew somewhere.

Here are the top Instagram emojis you can use:

  1. ❤️
  2. 😍
  3. 😘
  4. 😂
  5. 😊
  6. 😎
  7. 💕
  8. 😉
  9. 💋
  10. 👍

In any case, remember that there’s a huge number of decisions to add pizazz to your posts, from keeping it genuine 💯 to the wince face 😬.

Be certain not to go over the edge and post emojis only for posting them. On the off chance that you post a bowling emoticon alongside a photograph of a sea shore, that clearly won’t make sense to people. Also, on the off chance that you post 20 emojis that freely identify with a post, you may very well bother your followers or put on a show of being frantic.

12. Share the Instagram post on other social media platforms

Finally, if you want to share your content on your other, connected social media sites (like Facebook or Twitter), simply slide the bar from the left to the right.

Instagram Posts-How to post photos and videos on Instagram?

When you’re ready to post, click “Share” in the top right.

13. Edit the Instagram post.

Typos happen to everyone! If you just posted something and notice a glaring spelling error, don’t panic. Simply tap the three dots that appear on the right across from your name, then tap “Edit.”


Now that you know how to post to Instagram, you can begin creating content for the platform and connecting with your audience. If you’re a business or brand, you’ll want a solid strategy for earning engagement and awareness. 

Instagram Saved Drafts

If you’re not ready to post right away, you can also save it to your Instagram Saved Drafts. Simply go back to the filtering and editing step, tap the back arrow in the top left, and select “Save Draft.”

These can be either your own posts, or other users’ posts that you want to look at later, share, etc. To save a post, open the desired post, and then click on the ribbon icon on the right just beneath the image/video.

Saved posts can also be organized into collections for easier use. Only you can see what you have saved.

Video Instagram Posts

Video posts on Instagram can be up to 1 minute in length and should fit the image ratio and dimensions. These videos play automatically when hovered over and will appear in followers’ feeds just like normal images.

How to post videos to Instagram

Posting a video to Instagram is slightly different to images but follows the same process.

First, click on the (plus) button at the bottom of your screen when in the app. Next, you’ll select whichever video you’re looking to upload. If you want to share the fullwidth video, as opposed to a square video, you can click on the ‘diagonal arrow’ button on the bottom left of the preview screen.

Once you’ve decided on this, select ‘next’ and then you’ll be presented with the familiar filter screen. You can now apply a filter if you so wish. At the bottom of this page, you will also notice ‘trim’ & ‘cover’. When selecting ‘trim’, you can adjust where the video starts and ends. If you select ‘cover’, you can select which frame of the video should be your cover. This will be the image that is seen when scrolling through your feed and is shown on your profile.

Once you’re satisfied with all of these settings, you can select ‘next’ and then complete uploading just like a normal image.

The grid

Beneath your website, there will be 4 buttons. On the far left is the grid view and right of that is the list view. These are just ways that you can view posts in your feed, it won’t change anything for viewers of your profile. You can view other profiles like this as well. The next icon to the right is your tagged posts. The last icon of the four is your saved posts.


Whether or not you are an aspiring influencer, images lover, or an normal social media consumer, Instagram is a high-quality region to be. it’s smooth to get started out, so if this manual has piqued your interest, provide it a strive.

And if for something cause you later determine it is not for you, you could delete your Instagram account at any time. No commitment.

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