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Know that Flickr could be so beneficial both socially and storage-wise!


Flickr is a unique mix of a social media platform and a cloud storage service. Generally, it lets you save your photo and video information online in a secure and safe place. Moreover, it provides a platform for you to share your material with a huge, photo- and video-focused audience.

Users chose to take a deeper look at Flickr as part of their hunt for the top cloud storage services. The remaining of our Flickr review covers every feature of this popular platform. Also the tools it provides help you determine if it’s the best fit for your requirements.

Flickr has a free tier as well as a premium tier known as FlickrPro. Although the free tier used to be more helpful in terms of photo storage, revisions in 2018 made it less interesting. Also, while having a Yahoo! account was once required to access Flickr, this is no longer the case.

Free plan vs Paid plan of Flickr 

Flickr cloud storage
Know that Flickr could be so beneficial both socially and storage-wise! 4

A Flickr Free page is a good place to start. But most photographers will rapidly overrun the 1,000 photos or video storage limit. For most people, this is unlikely to take up a lot of storage space. But the maximum restriction of 200 MB for each image and 1 GB per video might take up a lot of space and isn’t very restrictive. However, one notable problem of Flickr’s free tier is that it is ad-supported. In summary, most users will not be satisfied with Flickr’s free tier.

The FlickrPro account, as it is the only premium tier offered. It is a better option since it simplifies the process of upgrading from free to paid with a “One size fits all” approach. The first advantage is that the storage is limitless, and the photographs are high-resolution. Another advantage of the Pro account is the ability to use Flickr without advertisements, and users of your profile will also be able to do so. Advanced Stats may be used to check how photographs are trending right now as well as historically to view the most popular images over time. There is also Premier Support, which gives paying consumers priority when help is required.

Not only is picture uploading limitless, but FlickrPro also provides a feature called AutoUploadr that makes the process easier. This program allows users to post an entire photo collection from a smartphone, a computer, or a hard drive. It can also sync with cloud storage services like Adobe Lightroom and Dropbox.

The major difference between the two plans is Ads

One of the major differences between a Flickr free account and a Flickr paid account is ads.

Flickr free has advertisements. So each time you visit Flickr’s website to upload a photo/video or share a photo/video file with a friend, an advertisement will pop up.

Flickr cloud storage ads
Know that Flickr could be so beneficial both socially and storage-wise! 5

Plans and pricing of Flickr 

  • Free Plan – Up to 1000 photos
  • Flickr offers a Pro unlimited storage plan.

Although there is just one premium tier of the FlickrPro plan, there is a price range to choose from. The most simple choice is the monthly subscription, which includes all of the functions as well as unlimited storage for $6.99 per month with no term. The first choice for a discount is to join up for three months for $18.99, which is a little 9.4 percent reduction because it reduces the effective monthly cost to $6.33 when divided out.

The best value is to join up for a year for $60, which is paid annually and reduces the effective monthly cost to $5, a 28.5 percent reduction. Each plan exhaust, which is convenient and prevents users from losing prior photographs, but is also non-refundable.

Features of Flickr 

The capacity to upload and manage images is the most crucial feature of a cloud storage option for photos. It’s simple to upload a large number of photographs at once with Flickr. There are three main ways to look at them after that.

All of your images are shown in one constant flow in the Photostream. The Camera Roll is arranged by the date it was taken or uploaded. Finally, you may create albums for certain events so that they can be easily sorted and shared.

Flickr allows you to edit the photographs you submit because it is targeted at photographers. There are filters that you may use in addition to basic changes like brightness and contrast. You may also include text.

The idea of sharing photographs with the general or in themed groups is probably Flickr’s most unique feature as a cloud storage option. The ability to discover and be discovered on Flickr is a nice feature for photographers searching to share their work or even grow a photography business. But it’s a nice feature for photographers looking to share their work or even grow a photography business.



Flickr offers a complete yet searchable FAQ collection and it should be capable of answering the most frequent issues when it comes to helping. Users can contact Flickr for help using a form on the website if they are unable to find an answer there. A hectic community forum is also available, where you may seek criticism and help from other Flickr users.

Other Alternatives

Dropbox is a known unit in the cloud storage market for a reason for consumers searching for a more secure picture storage solution without the social media aspects of Flickr. 

Members of Amazon Prime may wish to choose Amazon Photos as an option. With Amazon Prime, you get unlimited full-resolution picture storage for free.


Flickr’s security measures are notably unclear, suggesting that “physical, technological, and corporate” measures are used to secure your data but not stating what those procedures are. On the plus side, there is a means to report any issues you find, which allows for community review.

Although Flickr is not the safest cloud storage service, it does have the essential security features you’ll need to keep your data safe online. You can choose from a variety of privacy options to control who can download, share, or find your files through public searches.

Flickr’s servers, on the other hand, are secured by a variety of complex security measures. Convert your files to private if you just want to use the platform for cloud storage.


Flickr is without a doubt one of the most popular cloud storage services for photographers. You may upload an infinite amount of photographs from all of your devices after you purchase an account. The organizing tools are also excellent. Professional photographers, on the other hand, may feel that the limited file format—particularly the absence of compatibility for RAW files—reduces Flickr’s flexibility as a cloud storage option. Overall, Flickr is a fantastic cloud storage option for photographs and videos, especially for photographers looking to share their work with the world.

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