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Netflix’s popular shows and movies ranked!


For years, Netflix was famously quiet with regards to its viewership. However, in the most recent two years, Netflix has developed a lot chattier with regards to the popularity of its shows and movies ranking, to assist with recruiting talent and stoke buzz. It added a top-moving positioning to its service, so individuals can see what the most well-known titles streaming on Netflix in their country are on some irregular day. Furthermore, it began releasing global viewership details for specific titles consistently. These trickled-out disclosures have brought about a developing list of its generally “popular” shows and movies. Here we will see some of the most popular Netflix shows and also movies ranked!

What is Netflix?

 movies ranked

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that grants people to look at the TV shows and movie’s ranking without plugging on a web-related device.

You can likewise download TV shows and movies to your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device and watch without a web affiliation.

Netflix Plans and Pricing

Netflix's popular shows and movies ranked!

Every Netflix plan picks the number of devices you can watch Netflix on at an identical time and if you like to find it in Standard Definition, High Definition, or Ultra High Definition.

Netflix's biggest shows and movies ranked

Coming up next in Netflix’s most sampled TV series by a number of accounts that have watched somewhere around two minutes in the first 28 days of release. Any figures that were projections when Netflix declared them are noted beneath. This ranking incorporates just the shows that Netflix has decided to disclose. Other Netflix titles absolutely have accumulated sufficient examining in the first month of release to make it on this list, however, Netflix can carefully choose which titles get viewership revelations.

  1. Bridgerton (season 1), romance — 82 million accounts. 
  2. Lupin (part 1), a French series — 76 million accounts. 
  3. The Witcher (season 1), a fantasy series — 76 million accounts. 
  4. Sex/Life (season 1), a drama about a love triangle  — 67 million accounts. 
  5. Stranger Things (season 3), a retro science fiction series — 67 million accounts. 
  6. La Casa de Papel (part 4), a Spanish-language heist thriller drama — 65 million accounts.
  7. Tiger King: a viral docuseries drama — 64 million households. 
  8. The Queen’s Gambit: a series about a chess prodigy — 62 million accounts. 
  9. Sweet Tooth (season 1), DC comic series — 60 million accounts. 
  10. Fate: The Winx Saga (season 1), a drama about fairies — 57 million accounts.
  11. Shadow and Bone; the fantasy series — 55+ million accounts. 

Who Killed Sara? (season 1), a Mexican series — 55 million accounts projected.

  1. You (season 2), a psychological series — 54 million accounts.
  2. Lupin (part 2), a French series — 54 million accounts. 
  3. Ginny & Georgia: a drama about a mother and her kids — 52 million accounts.
  4. Cobra Kai (seasons 1 and 2), a series of The Karate Kid — 50 million accounts.
  5. Firefly Lane: a series about the friendship of two women — 49 million accounts.
  6. Ratched (season 1), a psychological series — 48 million accounts.
  7. Cobra Kai (season 3), a teen action series — 45 million accounts.
  8. Umbrella Academy (season 2), superhero series — 43 million accounts.
  9. Lucifer (season 5), a police-procedural series — 38 million accounts.
  10. Barbarians (season 1), a German action series —  37 million accounts.
  11. Elite (season 4), a Spanish drama — 37 million accounts. 
  12. Who Killed Sara? (season 2), a crime thriller — 34 million accounts. 
  13. Love Is Blind (season 1), dating competition series — 30 million. 
  14. Too Hot to Handle (season 2), the dating show — 29 million accounts estimated. 
  15. Selena: The Series (part 1), the Spanish-language show —  25 million accounts.

For context, those most-watched shows actually September were:

  1. Bridgerton  — 625 million hours.
  2. Money Heist — 619 million hours.
  3. Stranger Things — 582 million hours.
  4. The Witcher — 541 million hours.
  5. 13 Reasons Why — 496 million hours.
  6. You  — 457 million hours.
  7. Stranger Things — 427 million hours.
  8. Money Heist — 426 million hours.
  9. Ginny & Georgia — 381 million hours.

Coming up next are Netflix’s most broken-down films by the number of accounts that have observed no less than two minutes in the underlying 28 days of release. Any figures that were projections when Netflix declared them are noted underneath. This ranking also incorporates just the movies that Netflix has decided to disclose. Other Netflix titles absolutely have accumulated sufficient sampling in the first month to make it on this list, however, Netflix is in the situation to single out which titles get viewership disclosures.

  1. Extraction: an action movie — 99 million accounts.
  2. Bird Box: a postapocalyptic movie — more than 89 million accounts.
  3. Spenser Confidential: an action-comedy movie — 85 million accounts.
  4. 6 Underground: a Michael Bay explosion — 83 million accounts.
  5. The Old Guard: an action movie — 78 million accounts.
  6. Enola Holmes: a period detective series — 77 million accounts.
  7. Project Power: a superhero movie — 75 million accounts.
  8. Army of the Dead: a heist-zombie flick — 75 million accounts.
  9. Fatherhood: a dramedy film — 74 million accounts projected. 
  10. Murder Mystery: a comedy movie — 73 million accounts.
  11. The Midnight Sky: a science fiction movie — 72 million accounts.
  12. Holidate: a Christmas-themed rom — 68 million accounts.
  13. Sex/Life: a racy love triangle drama– 67 million accounts. 
  14. Kissing Booth 2: a teen romantic comedy flick drama — 66 million accounts.
  15. Outside the Wire: a science fiction movie — 66 million accounts. 
  16. The Irishman: a period epic about the Mafia — 64 million accounts.
  17. Triple Frontier: an action/heist movie — 63 million accounts.
  18. Yes Day: a family film about kids — 62 million accounts. 

The Platform, a Spanish science fiction horror movie — 56 million accounts.

  1. I Care a Lot: a thriller about a con artist — 56 million accounts. 
  2. He’s All That: a teen romantic film — 55 million accounts. 
  3. We Can Be Heroes: the children of-superheroes activity film — 53 million accounts.
  4. American Murder: a true-crime documentary film — 52 million accounts.
  5. To All the Boys: The last film in a famous high schooler romantic comedy set of three — 51 million accounts. 
  6. The Perfect Date: a romantic-comedy movie — 48 million accounts.
  7. Below Zero: a Spanish action film — 47 million accounts.
  8. Over the Moon: an animated film — 43 million accounts.
  9. Klaus: an animated holiday film — 40 million accounts.
  10. The Social Dilemma: a documentary about social-media — 38 million accounts

In September, Netflix gave a preview of its Top 10 movies by absolute viewing hours in the initial 28 days around then.

Basically, it’s the most-watched movie yet. That far hasn’t published any further hours-watched figures even as new film titles have been released. For context, those most-watched movies actually September were:

  1. Bird Box drama — 282 million hours.
  2. Extraction — 231 million hours.
  3. The Irishman — 215 million hours.
  4. The Kissing Booth 2  — 209 million hours.
  5. 6 Underground — 205 million hours.
  6. Spenser Confidential drama— 197 million hours.
  7. Enola Holmes — 190 million hours.
  8. Army of the Dead drama — 187 million hours.
  9. The Old Guard — 186 million hours.
  10. Murder Mystery drama— 170 million hours.

What other viewership stats has Netflix released?

Before 2020, Netflix counted views differently. Netflix would also consider something “watched” when you traversed 70% of it, both of the first episode for a series or of a film’s absolute runtime, inside the initial 28 days of release. Netflix says the new two-minute edge is even more justification behind all titles, paying little heed to their length. Yet, it likewise also implies the fresher details inflated viewership numbers by around one-third contrasted and the old ones.

These are past viewership details under the 70% rule, for reference.

  1. Stranger Things (season 3): a retro science fiction series — 64 million households. 
  2. Umbrella Academy: a superhero shows — 45 million households.
  3. Tall Girl: a teen romantic movie — 41 million households.
  4. Sex Education: a British dramedy show — 40 million households.
  5. The Highwaymen: a period crime movie — 40 million households.
  6. Secret Obsession: a mystery about a young wife with amnesia — 40 million views.
  7. Our Planet: The BBC-style nature docuseries — 33 million households.
  8. Always Be My Maybe: a comedy film — 32 million households.
  9. Unbelievable: a true-crime miniseries — 32 million accounts.

Dead to Me: a series with Christina Applegate — 30 million households.

  1. Otherhood: a film about a band of mothers visiting their grown-up children off surprise — 29 million households. 
  2. When They See Us: a buzzy limited series — 25 million households. 
  3. Bodyguard: the BBC-World Productions drama — 23 million member households.
  4. Fyre: a documentary film about the Fyre Fest debacle — more than 20 million homes.
  5. Élite: a Spanish-language high-school soap drama — 20+ million member households. 
  6. Baby (season 1): an Italian teen drama series — 10+ million homes.
  7. The Protector: Netflix’s first Turkish un iqueseries show — more than 10 million households.

What’s the difference between something most examined and something most watched?

Titles that are the most examined, as referenced previously, are ranked by the number of accounts watched no less than two minutes of them in the initial 28 days of release. Titles that are the most-watched, which Netflix has unveiled recently a solitary time, are shows and films with the best outright all-out gathered review hours in their underlying 28 days of delivery.

The presentation of hour-watched watched information in September gave a new context around Netflix’s earlier popularity figures, permitting comparisons between programming that racked up a lot of watch-time versus programming that was generally inspected (or, now and again, both.)

Hours-watched can reveal programming that motivates the most loyalty. Three programs appear in the hours-watched Top 10 list twice, despite the fact that none show up in the Top 10 most inspected: retro science fiction series Stranger Things; Money Heist, a Spanish-language series otherwise called La Casa de Papel; and 13 Reasons Why, a high schooler series that has been criticized for its portrayal of self-destruction. Each has two seasons that made it onto the Top 10 most-watched list.

Their repeat appearances in the rankings reflect how hours-watched can be a superior measure of the enduring appeal of specific titles.

Hours-watched likewise can uncover the strength of certain shows that were either released before Netflix started sharing viewership details, or were delivered such a long time ago that Netflix essentially had millions of fewer accounts that could test them. As of September, the third season of Stranger Things, for instance, was Netflix’s fifth most well-known show by a number of accounts inspecting it. Be that as it may, by hours watched, a similar season moves up to No. 3 – and its subsequent season, which came out when Netflix had 100 million fewer subscribers, is its No. 8 top show by hours watched.


Netflix has gained notoriety for a considerable length of time:

Throughout the latest several years, Netflix has specifically shared some viewership subtleties, offering restricted investigates the way wherein its interior system works.

The shows and movies ranking generally well known on Netflix as indicated by their subscribers are found on the service. However, that is just essential for the story. Fans invest more time on their number one Netflix series and movies ranking than simply the time spent binging them.

You can watch Netflix through any internet-related device that offers the Netflix app, including keen TVs, a game control place, streaming media players, set-top boxes, cells, and tablets. You can review the system requirements for web program similitude.

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