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Photostick Mobile Review- Is it worth your money?


If you are facing a storage shortage and looking for alternatives, then you might have heard about Photostick Mobile. But before getting yourself this storage product, you need to learn about it. Here is everything you need to know about Photstick Mobile.

Photostick Mobile

Photostick Mobile

The Photostick Mobile stores video and image files, but it does so in a unique way compared to most other phone storage alternatives. It actually locates the files for you, and you can then transfer the files from the Photostick mobile device to another phone or tablet. Moreover, you can also store the pictures separately and use the device as secure storage that you can carry anywhere. Also, you can use it as a backup device to store your information safely. The Photostick mobile is the only cost-effective and practical option for organising, saving, and preserving your priceless memories with just one click. Moreover, it is compatible with both iOS and Android. It comes with an App that automates all of the functions. Moreover, it helps you to free up space on your phone.

Not only that, but your memories will be arranged to make it easier for you to retrieve them when you need them. Making this backup device an excellent option for freeing up space on your phone. Without any specific software, this portable storage device can swiftly scan JPEG data. It may also look for MPEG4 and MOV video files to download to the flash drive. It supports JPG, PCT, RAW, GIF, ICO, MOV, PNG, BMP, WMV, TIFF, AVI, and MPEG4 formats.


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Organizes a large number of photographs and videos at once
  • Locates files for transfer automatically
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Affordable


  • Not available in retail stores

Price and Availability

The 8GB version of the Photostick Mobile Android or iPhone device is the basic model. You will have to pay more if you want one that is larger and holds more images. Most online stores are currently offering the sale for under $60, but that price may not last. So, make sure to take advantage of the low price while it lasts. It is recommended to get the Photo Stick from the company’s official website. You even get a 30-day money-back guarantee and FAST shipping from the official platform. Moreover, the pricing of the Android and iPhone versions is the same, so you can choose based on your device and needs. You can choose the capacity (in GB) that best suits you depending on how many pictures you wish to keep.

How the Photostick Mobile Works?

The Photostick Mobile can locate your photos, and it begins by scanning through all of your storage once you plug it into your device and turn it on. It will search every folder for files that are compatible with it and collect them for transfer. You won’t have to pursue through multiple directories to discover the files you want to transfer because this is a fully automated operation. Moreover, it has the ability to locate and transfer files that you believed were lost. As it doesn’t transport numerous copies of a file, you save space by simply receiving a single copy of each file. A USB connector on the Photostick mobile allows you to connect it to computers, televisions, tablets, and mobiles. It’s worth noting that the Photo stick mobile for Android isn’t compatible with Apple’s operating system, so you’ll have to choose carefully. Here is how it works:

  • Install the Photo Stick mobile app on your device.
  • Connect your Photo Stick Mobile to a USB port.
  • After that, open the app.
  • Click to backup photos of your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Wait a few seconds for PhotoStick mobile to backup. Your phone’s memory will be immediately evicted.
  • Remove it after that.

Main features

  • Easy to use: It helps to instantly upload all files with a single click, thus saving time and effort.
  • Comfort: You can access memories whenever and wherever you desire. Also, you can save data on the PC or external hard drive using the second USB port.
  • Keep photos and files safe: All the images and films are organised and without duplicates.
  • Affordable: Unlike the other devices from other companies, it does not require any form of membership. You don’t have to rely on storage that requires frequent credit card payments because of the modest initial cost.
  • Accessibility: It is accessible to people of all ages and works on all devices as it is easy, quick, and effective.

How does it recover photos?

The Backup Now button on the Photo Stick app allows you to back up your files quickly. Here is how to recover photographs from a photo stick:

  • Install the Photo Stick app on your phone from the Apple Store or Google Play.
  • In the app select “Backup Now” from the menu.
  • The scan will begin, and all files will be backed up, with duplicates removed.
  • After you’ve finished, you can erase them from your phone.
  • The process for recovering photos on Android and iPhone is the same.

How to use?

Photostick Mobile

The Photo Stick Mobile is quite easy to use. This stick has a standard USB 3.0 connector for connecting to a computer. However, you won’t be able to utilise the Android version if you’re using the iPhone version, and vice versa.

  • Connect the gadget to your phone.
  • To begin, open the app. You may access numerous choices from the app’s home page.
  • You can see your existing photographs on the memory card, transfer them, and then detach the device.
  • Click on Back Up, to transfer your images. Allow it a few seconds to capture all of your photos.
  • Lastly, click “disconnect” once it’s finished.

Your phone will then have more free space, and your images will be safely stored on the USB flash drive. You can connect it to a computer via the USB port to transfer the photos. The USB key comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying storage capabilities.

PhotoStick Mobile Speed

The photostick mobile provides service at lightning rate. It can quickly locate and transfer thousands of photographs. Moreover, it does so in just a couple of minutes, according to many users. So, not only does this device locate the files for you, but it also transmits them at lightning speed.



On a single Photostick, you can store thousands of photographs. The basic Photostick mobile has an 8 GB hard drive that can save up to 3,500 images. Although, that’s at the top of its capabilities. So, if you have larger files, you won’t be able to fit as many on the Photostick. Because video files are larger than images, you’ll be able to fit fewer of them on this compact device. However, it can still hold a lot of data. The 16 GB Photostick can store up to 30,000 photos. Moreover, you can store up to 60,000 photographs on the 128 GB Photostick.

Where to use?

This multifunctional device can be used on both your business and personal phone. If you are someone who takes pictures using a business phone and then moves them to a personal phone, this device can come in handy. Also, if you’re changing your phone or want to transfer files, this device allows you to do so efficiently and without losing any data.

File Type Compatiblity

The Photostick Mobile for iPhone or Android supports a variety of file types. JPEG, JPG, MOV, VID, GIF, and PNG are among the video and photo formats. It’s possible that the device won’t automatically locate all of these files. So, you will have to go into the settings menu to allow it to look for specific file kinds.

User Interface

It is easy to use. All you need to do is put it into your phone, click the “GO” button, and then it will automatically find files for you. It can transfer files swiftly, and the process will take a few minutes. The Photostick mobile’s simplicity is one of its most appealing qualities. It is designed to be simple enough that even non-technical individuals can use it without a lot of assistance.

Will it need to download anything to your device?

Photostick does not require you to download any software on your phone. There are no downloads necessary because it runs automatically and provides all it requires. Also, you don’t need to update the Photo Stick for iPhone’s compatibility. It already works with nearly all iPhone and Android devices, including iPads.

Does Photostick organize photos?

All photos and other files are arranged in alphabetical order. As a result, you can find all photographs and files in alphabetical order. Thus, making it easier to locate any file.

Does PhotoStick delete duplicates?

The Photostick mobile detects duplicate files, but it does not delete them automatically. If you want to delete the duplicate files, select “Delete all duplicates“. You will then be able to organise your photos and files in a more orderly manner.

Android or iOS?

There are two versions of the picture stick mobile. One is for iOS devices and the other one is for Android devices. Because their ports differ, you can select the one that best suits the device you intend to use it with.

What you would like?

Although the Photostick mobile isn’t necessary for everyone, it’s a good alternative for anyone with a tablet, iPad, or smartphone. It goes above and beyond other data storage devices, providing significant capabilities such as automatic file searching and device compatibility. You won’t find these in all data storage products for mobile devices. It has excellent space-saving qualities, freeing up space for anyone who is short on space. Also, it is also a terrific safe storage solution, so you can have everything safely backed up. If you have a large number of images to transfer and store but don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it, this device is for you. Moreover, it works automatically, thus saving time and handling a lot of the work for you, allowing you to swiftly transfer your photographs and movies.


The Photostick mobile phone is a fantastic deal. It stands out because of its high quality, compatibility, and features. Although, other storage devices may be less expensive and contain more images. However, finding photos for you automatically and doing it well is an uncommon occurrence in these kinds of devices. So, if you want to free up some space on your phone without jeopardising their photos, the Photostick mobile is highly recommended. Moreover, it provides extremely secure storage, safeguarding photos and videos against file corruption, hackers, viruses, water damage, and other threats. It is the greatest solution for resolving all of your cloud-related issues, diversions, and the potential risk of losing your photographs and movies with just one click. However, the storage capacity is finite, so, you must choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments section below.

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