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Ranking of all Pokemon games from good to worst!


When it came to ranking the best Pokemon games. We knew we’d be here for a competition. The main series has covered eight generations of Nintendo portable consoles and four decades. Rather than figuring in popular games like Pokemon Go and Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu. We chose to keep it simple by sticking to the basic games.

We as well didn’t include the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. But we’re willing to talk about it. Apart from our selections on what to leave off the list. We expect there will be a lot of debate regarding our list of the best Pokemon games.

With new additions like Pokemon Legends: Arceus and Pokemon Sword and Shield scoring well on this list. You might be surprised where your favourite game ranks. So, have a look at our ranking of the top Pokemon games.

Sun and moon

Pokemon Sun and moon

This Pokemon game is like going on a tropical Pokemon vacation with Sun and Moon. It’s brilliant and bright, and it’s a little different from what we are used to. The Alola region was a welcome breath of fresh air for the series. Since it greatly changed the scenery and reflected its theme in the series of unique Alolan Pokemon variations. However, it wasn’t all sunshine and beach.

Although we’re pretty sure everyone will remember the mighty Alolan Exeggutor for the rest of their lives. Some of the Alolan designs are quite memorable. Sun & Moon felt a lot slower to get going than the previous games because of the change from regular gym battles. Furthermore, after you complete the main campaign, there is very little post-game content.

This isn’t to say that it’s a horrible entry in the Pokemon games. It’s definitely more approachable for beginners in certain ways. But it simply doesn’t have the same vibe. The beautiful environment and fascinating plot of Pokemon Sun and Moon are still worth exploring. And it also offers some excellent features that build on what was established in X and Y such as lots of character customization choices and a stronger social component.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game moon:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game sun:

Pokemon Black and white

Pokemon game: Black and white

In the main series, Pokemon Black and White is a bit of an exception. Because of its less recognizable Pokemon game. It is sometimes overshadowed by other entries, but its adult tone and intriguing narrative help it stand out on the list. The fifth generation of Pokemon places a greater focus on narration and plays with the concept of right and evil. Since it is the only game to have a direct sequel in the form of Black and White 2.

In this one, the villains aren’t quite as evil like Team Rocket, with their tail-cutting habits and handling of Pokemon. Instead, Team Plasma appears in Black and White. As an organization that believes in the term that says ‘Pokemon has a right to move freely.

It creates a compelling problem with no obvious cut-and-dry solutions. In comparison to Diamond and Pearl, this edition features some graphical enhancements, including more attractive sprite movements in combat.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Black:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game White:

Pokemon Diamond and pearl

Pokemon diamond and pearl

When compared to the previous Pokemon games in the series, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl did not offer anything truly innovative to spice it up. However, it did achieve one notable thing. It brought the Pokemon trade into the present day. It used the Nintendo DS’ WiFi connectivity to exchange Pokemon with other players instead of a cable link.

While some new features were added. The majority of them were based on those introduced in Ruby and Sapphire. Prior to the release of the improved Platinum edition. The animations had a history of slowing down the combat sequences, making the rhythm feel odd.

It also deserves respect for its plot. The evil Team Galactic conducts strange research experiments in order to get control of the Legendaries in the Sinnoh region. But it isn’t as compelling as some of the other storylines we’ve seen.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Diamond:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Pearl:

X and Y

Pokemon games: X and Y

Pokemon game: X and Y brought Pokemon to life in 3D on the Nintendo 3DS allowing us to immerse ourselves in its environment like never before. It was a huge departure from the previous Pokemon games in the series. It seemed like the start of a new era for the long-running franchise on the handheld. The cute sprites of the past were transformed into stunning 3D models taking the fight sequences to new animated heights.

For the first time, the Pokemon-Amie system was introduced in this pokemon game. This allows you to interact with your Pokemon friends and build bonds with them. It was a lovely addition to being able to pet and interact with your favorite combat partners.

X and Y also included a lot more customization allowing you to modify your trainer’s look and style. While it was merely decorative. It offered a unique touch to the role-playing aspect of the game. X and Y moved the series ahead and created the foundation for Sun and Moon to follow.

It also included additional social features as well as a more interesting Pokemon such as the introduction of the fairy type. While it isn’t nearly as outstanding as some of the older games. It is one of the best-looking entries in the series to date, and it will be remembered for bringing the main Pokemon series into the realm of 3D.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game X:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Y:

Pokemon Legends of Arceus

legends of Arceus

The latest game in the main Pokemon series is the franchise’s closest thing to a reboot in its long history. It’s the first game that truly opens up the environment. This perfectly allows you to run across Pokemon in the wild much as we would if we actually lived in a world filled with small pocket monsters.

Pokemon game Legends Arceus is a wonderful addition to the franchise that takes the attempted Pokemon model and pushes it outwards, with an amazing story (that takes you back too much before any point we’ve seen in the series yet) and new gameplay aspects that sing. If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll enjoy this.

Pokemon sword and shield

Pokemon sword and shield

With good reason, the Pokemon game Sword and Shield was one of the most exciting games of 2019. Sword & Shield was the first game in the main Pokemon series to be released on Nintendo’s hybrid machine. It introduced us to the world of Pokemon in a way we hadn’t seen before. The Galar Region is a charming environment based in the United Kingdom, and it’s easy to lose track of time in its vast Wild Area capturing all the roaming Pokemon and it has everything to offer.

The Galarian form designs included references to parts of the UK. The ability to associate with all of the wildlife via the new camp function was a nice touch. Because of some of the more accessible features it offered, we called it a “Pokemon game for a new generation” allowing new players to enter into the formula we know and love. Sword and Shield is a tremendously memorable experience with a cast of colorful characters and Pokemon even if it is a little simple than previous entries in the series. It’s also the best-looking Pokemon game to date.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Sword:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Shield:

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire 

Ruby and Sapphire

While much of the formula kept the same. Pokemon game Ruby and Sapphire on the GameBoy Advance brought the game into a bright realm of color. The Pokemon graphics jumped out the screen like never before, and the beautiful start-up screen will be remembered for a long time. It was also the first Pokemon game to debut several elements and features that would later appear in subsequent games in the series. For the first time, 2v2 double battles were introduced, and Pokemon were given different Natures that change their overall stats.

This entry also saw the introduction of a large number of new powers that were particular to distinct types. And this gave the battles a lot more depth than in previous games. Contests were also added to the game for introducing new challenges. The Hoenn region had a fantastic location, and the Legendary Pokemon Groudon and Kyogre. Both of whom could bring a distinct weather element into combat were unforgettable.

It didn’t feel nearly as unique because Ruby and Sapphire built on what Silver and Gold had established without going off in any dramatic new way.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game, Ruby:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Sapphire:

Pokemon Red and Blue

Red and Blue

Returning to the beginning. Pokemon game Red and Blue placed us on a course to be the best, like no one before us, and we haven’t looked back since. The world of Kanto is still as magical as it was when it first debuted, and the original 151 Pokemon remain the most recognizable in the franchise’s history because of their stunning designs. Who can forget Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, the classic starter Pokemon?

The earliest games captured our imaginations and made us dream with all of our hearts that we could be real-life trainers. Thankfully, Pokemon Go has brought us closer than ever to realizing that ideal. Yet the classic Pokemon experience still rules supreme.

The Gameboy graphics offer a nostalgic appeal that the following entries lack. It’s still quite playable to this day, demonstrating how brilliant it is. While it is responsible for the long-running series that we all know and love, it falls short of the top slot.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Red:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Blue:

Pokemon game gold and silver

Pokemon gold and silver

The sequel has large shoes to fill after Pokemon Red and Blue sent the globe into a Pokemon craze. Fans all across the world were hungry for more, and happily, Silver and Gold delivered in spades. The second generation was bigger and better than the first, with 100 fantastic and memorable additions to the Pokemon collection as well as two new Pokemon kinds and a slew of new moves. It introduced several intriguing new elements that modified the game in fresh and exciting ways.

With the addition of a day and night cycle, new obstacles emerged, as well as Pokemon that could only be caught at specific hours of the day. Silver and Gold retained all of the elements that made the previous games so entertaining. But they improved on the experience to establish themselves as the best Pokemon game. Even better, once you’ve completed the game, you’ll be able to access the Kanto area from Red and Blue, allowing you to revisit all of the gyms and trainers. Nothing has come close to matching Silver and Gold as a major step forward for the franchise.

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Gold:

If you want to buy the Pokemon game Silver:


Now here is the list of Pokemon games worst to best. But it’s not like Pokemon Sun and Moon is a bad game. It’s also a great game and it is worth trying but from my point of I didn’t feel like it’s worthy to be called the best game. I am literally very much upset about its performance and its graphics are also not that great.

The pokemon game Gold and Silver is very favorite and also it’s the game which can be called the best game. The game where the franchise begins its reputation in Pokemon fans. At that time they gave us a heaven-like game. It’s a personal favorite game on my side and also it was launched in starting of the Pokemon name.

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