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How to connect wireless headphones to your TV?


Connecting wireless headphones to your TV is a great way to watch your favorite shows. And movies, and games without bothering others around you. And it may also improve the sound quality of your media. Aside from allowing you to watch TV in peace, using headphones instead of your TV’s built-in speakers allows you to approximate. A home theatre speaker system without the cost of a soundbar, subwoofer, and rear speakers.

If you want to recreate a theatre system. You’ll need the correct headphones for the job.

Connecting wireless headphones to your TV via Bluetooth

If your TV has Bluetooth integrated into it using wireless headphones to watch TV is as simple as putting your headphones in pairing mode and turning on the Bluetooth function on your TV.

On Samsung TVS

Samsung TVs make it simple to connect a set of Bluetooth headphones to your TV. And they’re especially good at recognizing connected devices and reconnecting them when turned back on. Here’s how you attach headphones to Samsung TVs that are running the company’s current TV operating system.

  • Select Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Device Manager > Bluetooth Device List on your remote. This instructs your television to search for Bluetooth devices in pairing mode.

Make sure your headphones or Bluetooth speaker are in pairing mode. And they’ll show in the TV menu’s Bluetooth Device List section. When you choose your headphones. A notification will appear requesting you to couple the two devices. Confirm, and you’re all done.

If you switch on the headphones while the TV is on. A notice will show in the right-hand corner of the screen asking if you wish to connect audio to the headphones. This will mute the TV speakers and direct all sound to your best capacity.

To remove a Bluetooth device. Return to the Bluetooth Device List section, click over the headset, click Edit, and then delete it.


We found that connecting Bluetooth headphones to a Sony TV takes some time, so be patient. First, hit the Home button on your Sony remote control to enter the setting which is marked by the gear logo. Instructions may change somewhat depending on the model. But you’ll want to scroll down until you find the Bluetooth Settings option, which is sometimes found under the Network & Accessories section of the menu.

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then click Add Device. Check to see if the device you’re connected to is in pairing mode. Which is generally indicated by a flashing light of some form.

Don’t be afraid if it takes a few minutes for the Sony TV to recognize the headphones. It took our Sony KD-49XE8396 around four minutes to detect the item during our test. Your headphones should now show on the right side of your screen. Simply pick them to pair them with your Sony TV.


Sadly, not all Philips televisions feature Bluetooth headphones or speakers. As a result, check the handbook for your TV to see if it has Bluetooth connectivity.

If it does, turn on your wireless headphones and enter pairing mode. Then, on your TV, go to All Settings and hit OK. Choose Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth Device > OK.

Then, to link your headphones with your TV, follow the instructions on the screen. Select the device type, then press Next and OK. If your TV has Bluetooth compatibility, you’ll need to use wired headphones or buy an additional Bluetooth transmitter to hook into your display.

Connecting wireless headphones to streaming devices

Bluetooth gadgets such as keyboards, and gaming controllers. And headphones may be connected to a streaming device such as the Amazon Fire TV. Or a smart TV that uses the Fire TV platform.

Simply go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Other Devices > Add New Device. Then, turn on your headphones; they should show up. When you select them, the audio from your TV will be sent through your headphones.

Head to Settings > Remote & Accessories > Add Accessory for Android TV and Google TV devices. Whether they’re smart TVs or streaming devices like the TiVo Stream 4K. Put your headphones in pairing mode and choose them when they pop up.

Can you connect wireless headphones to Smart TV?

Smart TVs include wireless connection technology, allowing you to use wireless headphones while watching TV. You may connect your Bluetooth items via the on-screen display. Locate your TV’s Accessory menu, open the Bluetooth settings, and set it to pairing mode.

How do you use wireless headphones?

Pull down the shade from the top of your Android smartphone and long-press the Bluetooth symbol. It will take you directly to the Bluetooth menu. Where you can switch it on and search for devices. Tap the name of the headphones you’re trying to connect.

Do you need Bluetooth for wireless headphones?

Yes, wireless headphones may be used without Bluetooth. It all depends on the type of wireless headphones you use. The truth is, if you use proper wireless headphones that use radio frequency transmission rather than Bluetooth, you can use a wireless headset without Bluetooth.


Bluetooth headphones are almost always possible to use while watching television. Connecting Bluetooth headphones to a smart TV is a simple process and you should never get frantic or get hectic.

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