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Everything you need to know about Amazon Business!


There is an Amazon version dedicated just to enterprises, large and small, that desire more control over their procurement process. It’s referred to as Amazon Business.

It’s free to join and comes with a unique collection of features that businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups will appreciate, such as multi-user accounts and volume discounts. It also provides a Business Prime membership, which unlocks additional features for subscribers for an annual subscription, similar to how Amazon Prime works for normal Amazon customers.

If you want to give your team direct exposure to Amazon‘s marketplace’s millions and millions of business products while also having the ability to set spending limits, get pallet deliveries, get price discounts on multi-unit purchases, monitor purchases, and much more, you’ll need to register as an Amazon Business user.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a marketplace for small and medium-sized enterprises. It appears and functions similarly to ordinary Amazon, except that it claims to have access to “hundreds of millions” of industry items from “hundreds of thousands” of enterprise vendors. It first went live in spring 2015, and so by 2018, Amazon said it had generated $10 billion in yearly sales.

It’s important to remember that Amazon Business provides features and perks designed specifically for enterprises. For example, if you sign up for a free account, you’ll be able to explore a large number of things that may be available at discounted prices if purchased in quantity. You may even establish a multi-user account for your team to utilize to make purchases.

It also has a B2B marketplace where companies of all sizes may offer their goods.  It includes company-specific features and benefits such as automated VAT invoicing, quantity discounts, business pricing, and invoice payments.

The free account allows users to explore a wide choice of items that are sold at discounted rates when purchased in bulk. Amazon Business is available in:

  • US
  • UK
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • France

How one can join Amazon Business?

Follow these steps to become an Amazon Business member:

1. To begin, go to the Amazon business site.
2. Select the “Create a free Amazon Business account” button.
3. You will be prompted to provide the email address for your account. You can utilize the one that your company provides. Also, you must provide your name and a password.
4. Amazon may request details about your company to assist authenticate it, like the address on your official paperwork.
5. You can offer your credit card or tax details, such as a business tax ID, to get validated faster. You can, however, skip this step.
6. Amazon will then confirm your identity. It can take up to 24 hours. 

However, if one tries to join Amazon Business using an email that’s already associated with a normal Amazon account, they’ll be prompted to upgrade to an Amazon Business account. If they refuse this offer, they’ll have to create a new account with a different email address.

How does Amazon Business work?

There’s not a single Amazon Business shop, and you can’t access it by typing a URL into your browser. To browse Amazon Business and all of the things offered via it, you must first establish a free account and then sign in. There’s almost no new skill to learn, as Amazon Business looks and functions almost just like normal Amazon.

Account settings

Sign in to a free Amazon Business account, and then click on your name in the upper right corner to get a drop-down menu containing your Account settings. Amazon Business customers get access to extra features such as business settings, business analytics, and supplier management. Through ‘Business settings’ one can add members, enter tax exemption information, set up approval workflows, and can manage payment options. With Business Analytics, one can view reports, line-item details, and invoices. Whereas using supplier management one can search and save their preferred suppliers.

Browse and shop

The classic Amazon search bar will appear at the top of your Amazon Business account once you log in. To find a certain item, type in a keyword or a product number. If you search for anything specific, such as a printer, you’ll be able to filter your options on the left, exactly like on Amazon. Due to the fact that this is an Amazon Business listing, you may additionally filter products by Business Prime eligibility, seller type (such as a business seller), and seller certification.

Place an order

The Amazon Business checkout procedure is nearly identical to the ordinary Amazon checkout procedure: Add a product to the cart, choose if you want it to be a recurring delivery, and finally go to your cart to verify your shipping information, and payment method, and complete your order. Navigate to your Account settings and either choose the Orders menu item directly or pick Business analytics to obtain a complete report on shipping, product, as well as seller information once you’ve placed your order.

What is Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon Business

Amazon Business Prime is a premium membership club that offers free delivery on over 100 million goods as well as other perks to its customers. Also, the capacity to monitor spending patterns and develop policy guidelines that direct staff to authorized items, enriches your procurement experience. There’s also a 30-day free trial.


Business Prime costs are determined by the number of users per account:

Duo: $69/year for 1 user.

Essentials: $179/year for up to 3 users.

Small: $499/year for up to 10 users.

Medium: $1299/year for up to 100 users

Enterprise: $10,099/year for over 100 users


Amazon Business

Guided Buyings: To increase compliance and consolidate vendors, account managers can identify certain suppliers and items as preferred, establish certain product category limits, and much more.

Amazon Business American Express Card: A credit card with no annual charge is available to Business Prime members. For additional information, go to

Spend visibility: This tool, which is by AWS QuickSight, visualizes corporate expenditure, making it easier to examine data and patterns.

Business Delivery: On over 100 million goods, you may get free same-day, one-day, or two-day shipping. At checkout, Business Prime members can choose consolidated shipping for qualified large items.

Extended terms for Pay by Invoice: Business Prime customers may request “Extended Terms for Pay by Invoice,” which extends their payment terms for an Amazon Business invoice for 45 or 60 days, according to their plan.

Benefits for small businesses on Amazon Business

small enterprise

As a business seller, you may be eligible for tax relief through Amazon‘s Tax Exemption Program (ATEP). You can apply online using a tool that will determine whether or not you are qualified for the program.

If you qualify, you will be able to use your tax-exempt status to apply to several of the purchases you do from Amazon or associate merchants. Finally, it includes an analytics dashboard that gives new enterprises insight into the supply chain process.

Difference between Amazon Business and Amazon

Look out for a few of the features that are not only specific to Amazon Business but also make it distinctive to better comprehend the main distinctions between Amazon Business and the ordinary Amazon marketplace, which you’re probably already aware with:

Multi-user accounts: You may link your complete staff and establish purchase groups to match your business structure after you create a free Amazon Business account.

Purchasing cards: One can share payment methods with a small group of people or the entire team. You may also apply for AmazonCorporate Credit and pay with a purchase order.

Business only prices: You enjoy price breaks on over five million goods, including bulk reductions on multi-unit orders.

Business-only products: Look for specialized business items. It has everything from IT to cleaning, office to restaurant supplies, healthcare to hospitality.

Tax-exempt purchasing: Register in the Amazon Tax Exemption Program if your organization qualifies for tax-free purchases.

Business Prime: On qualifying purchases, subscribers enjoy free same-day, one-day, or two-day shipping, as well as certain other perks.

Seller credentials: It allows you to explore and shop from small businesses, women-owned businesses, and minority-owned businesses.

Approval workflows: To not only control your organization’s procurement but also obtain visibility into how money is spent, you may personalize order approvals and establish spending limitations.

Integrate purchasing systems: Do you want Amazon to be a punchout option for your customers? Over 90 platforms support Amazon Business as a catalog.

Reporting and analytics: You may use charts to track and manage your expenditure.

Consolidated deliveries: On qualifying for a consolidated delivery, it will be delivered on a pallet to your receiving dock or doorstep by one of Amazon‘s carriers.

Difference between Amazon Business and Business Prime

To use the Business Prime membership, you must have an Amazon Business account. In effect, Business Prime provides free delivery, discounts, and member-only deals to business clients.

Whereas, Amazon Business is a marketplace that caters to business procurement needs. This covers bulk purchases as well as seller listing options.


For registered enterprises, Amazon Business offers buying options. Users having requisitioner permissions in their business accounts can purchase business items on Amazon on behalf of their company at a discount price and can enjoy other benefits too.

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