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Breath of the Wild 2: Release date, gameplay, story, orders, and more!

Breath of the Wild 2
Breath of the Wild 2

Since the original, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 may be the most thrilling game on the Switch. It still has a lot of mystery around it. Thanks to a Nintendo Direct at E3 2021, you now have some reliable information about it. The best video game of the past ten years’ sequel. This will let players explore temples in the sky. It was initially scheduled to debut in 2022 but has lately been postponed.

Aside from that, all know that Link and Zelda will return in Breath of the Wild, that the plot will continue where it did in the original game, and that the game will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Read on to find out what Breath of the Wild 2, even though there is surprisingly little information available for such a much-anticipated game.

Release Date

Release Date

Breath of the Wild 2‘s earliest release date is Spring 2023. In a brief development update video, Nintendo announced this formal delay from a 2022 release date.

Few details regarding Breath of the Wild 2 have been revealed, but users anxiously await a Nintendo Direct to get a glimpse of the game and show us how it may improve on Breath of the Wild while adding new features.

You read that right: Best Buy and Amazon U.S. accept pre-orders for Breath of the Wild 2. A game for which it still needs an official name. Both stores currently just feature placeholder artwork and release dates. But if you wish to reserve a copy for $59.99 in advance, you are welcome to do so.

Breath of the Wild 2 -What’s behind?

Breath of the Wild 2 story

Nintendo hasn’t given the Breath of the Wild 2 trailers any extra context. First off, Link and Zelda will reprise their roles from Breath of the Wild in this direct sequel. This is uncommon for Zelda games where Link, Zelda, and Ganon are typically reimagined for each main entry. However, Zelda II and Majora’s Mask accomplished the same thing, so it’s not entirely unusual.

But also know that Zelda and Link will look into odd spirit energy that appears to have the ability to reanimate the dead. This spirit energy may corrupt the shining plains of Hyrule and convert them into a dark reflection of themselves. According to a serene image of Hyrule that is accompanied by a foreboding rumble.

So, it would appear that the scenario is that Link and Zelda go on a new voyage following Breath of the Wild, as they vowed to do in the epilogue. They make an odd discovery, and this terrible force now threatens all of Hyrule. So, it would appear that the scenario is that Link and Zelda go on a new voyage following Breath of the Wild.

The only thing left to determine is whether Zelda will play a significant role throughout most of the narrative as she did in Wind Waker if she requires immediate rescue, as in the original Breath of the Wild.

While Nintendo has generally been quiet regarding Breath of the Wild 2, you may anticipate some updates before the year ends. Since Zelda is celebrating its 35th anniversary, Nintendo should inform us of any new developments on the beloved Hylian hero.

The title Breath Of The Wild 2

The title Breath Of The Wild 2

The official name of the game isn’t Breath of the Wild 2. It’s just what the sequel’s admirers began calling it when they learned that it existed. It appears that the sequel has a subtitle similar to earlier Zelda games. Nintendo marketing director Bill Trinen noted that the tagline might give away the upcoming game’s narrative in an interview with IGN. The team decided to withhold disclosing the complete title to maintain the mystery a little longer.

Nintendo refers to the game as the “Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” internally. Its official media, including the trailer, all utilize this name. Trinen and other representatives at Nintendo Treehouse appeared to have no problem with the general public referring to the Breath of the Wild sequel, however pleased.

A recent rumor that the sequel’s name, “Breath of Duality,” would have referenced gameplay characteristics has gained momentum. It is unknown whether this will still be true when the game is released.

Breath of the Wild 2’s gameplay

The gameplay of Breath of the Wild 2 appears to be substantially based on the original game. While the teaser suggests that additional abilities will be added. In addition to driving a massive spiky ball up a mountain and past several adversaries, Link phases through the bottom of a floating road. The Stasis rune from the first game appears to be connected to this. It makes sense that the other new skills will build on Sheikah Slate’s skills.

It’s interesting to note that several patents filed by Nintendo have been discovered. They appear to give light on some upcoming game elements. The first indicates that more options will be accessible while falling or diving. The second relates to Link’s unique move to phase through levels, and the third is an item “reversal” feature shown in the trailer.

There will be scattered, explorable areas above the sky in addition to the rich, expansive vistas that Breath of the Wild bests. This brings to mind Zelda’s earlier use of isolated islands in Wind Waker. Each island had particular objectives and mini-games to set it apart from the others rather than merely existing as plain landmasses. That, though, is more of a wish than a feature that has been verified.

Similar to how Skyward Sword, canonically the earliest Zelda narrative set in the furthest past, seems to have inspired the game’s soaring design, this is perfectly feasible. The similarities between the floating islands in the sky and Skyloft and other locales in Skyward Sword have mainly led to the comparison.

Possibility of playing as Zelda?

Breath of the Wild 2's gameplay

Most likely not. After all, the trailer depicts Link wandering about by himself while she plunges into a deep, dark abyss. But while it continued, it was a tremendous hope unless Nintendo hides something and surprises us when more details are revealed!

That is all the information that one currently has about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. When new information becomes available, you’ll return with more BOTW2 updates, so bookmark this page and return quickly.


Even though fans saw Link and Zelda adventuring together in the unveiling video, the game doesn’t have co-op. Offering co-op would significantly differ from the original Breath of the Wild, albeit nothing is official yet.

How dark will BOTW2 be?

Producer of the Zelda series Eiji Aonuma has informed us that the game would be “a little bit darker” than Majora’s Mask and darker than Breath of the Wild (via IGN)

Is BOTW 2 a sequel to Age of calamity?

This may alter how BOTW 2 fulfills the role as a sequel to its 2017 predecessor. A little Guardian named Terrako travels across time 100 years before Breath of the Wild to warn Zelda, Link, and the Four Champions of the Great Calamity.

Is BOTW 2 on Switch Lite?

According to all reports, this new game has enhanced every aspect of gameplay from the original BOTW. Nintendo is expected to succeed with Breath of the Wild 2 by everyone at EarlyGame. But people won’t know until the game’s Switch Lite and OLED versions are out.


Over the years, the legend of the Zelda series has done a fantastic job of renewing itself without losing what makes it unique. While focusing on the same central characters, it transitioned from a top-down 2D game to a 3D adventure, did away with its trademark dungeons, and revolutionized open-world gaming.

The Legend of Zelda doesn’t hesitate to reevaluate and muddle up its past, even going back in time. Now, a weird fan idea predicts that Breath of the Wild 2 will be an even more significant leap for the franchise.

Breath of the Wild 2 was going to have underwater exploration. Nintendo decided against it before making it a reality. In many Zelda games, Link is a skilled swimmer, and allowing him to explore new depths in the upcoming adventure would fit with Breath of the Wild’s emphasis on exploring Hyrule in exciting new ways.

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