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VanMoof S3 E-Bike – All you need to know about it!


Firstly, the Dutch brothers Taco and Ties Carlier started VanMoof in 2009, building stylish, traveler bicycles. Presently VanMoof has taken its honor-winning design into the universe of electric bicycles with the Vanmoof S3.VanMoof S3 e-bike s particular design is a top cylinder that extends out past the head tube and past the seat-tube junction, incorporating the front and backlights.

On the VanMoof S3, this integration is taken to a higher level with the frame housing a 504Wh battery, while a 250W engine is built into the front wheel hub.

However, the incorporation doesn’t stop there either, with a 4-speed electronic auto-moving rear hub, incorporated security and an exceptionally smooth display joined into the top cylinder. The Vanmoof S3 is a tesla of bicycles.

VanMoof S3 has an LED display and controls!

LED Display

The VanMoof S3 includes a Matrix display a leading group of 166 LEDs under the top cylinder. This lits up to show battery level. With a bank of 21 lights showing the inner battery level. 20 more LED lights for the PowerBank piggyback battery.

The remaining lights, while riding, show current speed. When VanMoof S3 stopped, it changes to a ‘V’ logo.

At the point when the VanMoof S3 is in safe mode. The display is dull except if you attempt to move or someone tries to steal it. It will make a loud warning sound and the display will transform into an animated skull.

Bike controls of Vanmoof S3

Controls of VanMoof S3

When we are talking about VanMoof S3’s LED display let us also talk about its controls. The one-piece bar and stem supplement the Vanmoof S3’s smooth appearance and the ergonomically shaped holds transition smoothly into the bar.

Besides brake switches to control the strong hydraulic disc brakes. Moreover, each side of the bar includes a little button inside the simple reach of your thumb.

The left-hand button controls the Vanmoof S3’s electronic bell. This can be chosen through the app as a simple ‘ding dong’. In fact, VanMoof’s own horn noise or a ‘party’ sound is related to a clown vehicle’s horn and gives endless entertainment.

Also, The right-hand button has the VanMoof S3’s other party trick: the turbo. This button gives a cycle of electronically assisted overdrive which means that implies you’ll securely beat traffic away from the lights or give yourself a welcome boost before the beginning of a hill.

VanMoof features

Vanmoof S3 e-bike

While parking, adjust the imprints on the frame and the rear hub. Then, use your foot to kick a button on the back non-drive-side dropout. This locks the VanMoof S3 e-bike, delivers the rear wheel enduring, and sets the in-built alert which works related to the app on your smartphone to follow the bicycle.

It’s an exceptionally shrewd yet easy to-utilize arrangement that implies you don’t need to stress over a second lock to get the bicycle. If the most terrible happens to Vanmoof S3, you can tell VanMoof at the touch of a button.

Moreover, unlocking can be done either through a smartphone or by entering a three-digit code. The auto-gears function well. Generally, you can pick flat or hilly settings, or set up your own custom change points. The application also controls the lights, Moreover, you can set everything up on iOS in Apple’s Find My application.

VanMoof S3 Systems

Vanmoof S3 e-bike
VanMoof S3 E-Bike - All you need to know about it! 7

The power assistance smoothly matches your paddling and, generally, the automatic gear-moving changes exactly when you really want it to.

However, that is just in VanMoof’s standard hilly settings. Though, you can change when the bike switches gear by custom settings inside the application.

Not at all like the Cowboy e-bike, which offers a comparably smooth and incorporated e-bike system. I never felt the VanMoof required my smartphone mounted on the bar to give data.

The LED display on the VanMoof S3’s top cylinder shows the exact speed. With 21 individual lights addressing the degree of charge, it gives an extremely precise leftover power indicator.

Battery life of VanMoof S3

Battery life of VanMoof S3

The Vanmooof S3’s range is maybe its most great feature. With the extra PowerBank switched off and not connected, I figured out how to get the Vanmoof S3 to a remarkable 129.42km (80.42 miles), with 1,521m (4,990ft) of rising. The PowerBank adds an extra 378Wh of capacity to the S3’s standard 504Wh and should up the reach to more than 100 miles.

That is a ton of native trips, and with a charged season of four hours (80 minutes will get you 50% charge) the vanmoof S3 is a more than fit native for even the greatest mile-munchers out there.

Vanmoof S3 ride experience

Vanmoof S3 e-bike

On the road, the VanMoof is a winner. The effortlessness of the ride experience is matched by the lovely upstanding riding position and the entirely comfortable, yet not excessively soft, saddle.

It’s magnificently steady and smooth, while the intense e-bike-approved switchable tires offer a lot of grip in the wet. alongside their generous, unpleasant street smoothing volume.

The place of the engine in the front hub might appear like an odd option in comparison with the mid-mounted or rear-hub systems of its opponents. However, it functions admirably here, with a feeling of the bicycle pulling you along without it influencing the taking care of or guiding you.


We found that there is an immense amount of craze for E-Bikes and it’s important to know all about e-bikes if you are purchasing them. The VanMoof S3 E-Bike is an affordable electric bike that delivers the promise of riding a bicycle, but with the ease, comfort, and speed of the E-Bike

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