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Best Fitbit for men to wear in 2024!


New year, new you, correct? The beginning of another year urges numerous dreams on in getting once again into shape. Setting themselves up for the following not many months as fit and as sound, as could truly be expected. Fitness trackers are an ideal device to help on such an excursion. Like Fitbit Versa 3, Fitbit Inspire 2, and Fitbit Luxe.

Fitbit, especially, makes the absolute most well-respected regarded trackers and fitness-centric smartwatches out there. Also, they’re supported by an energetic and dynamic local area of users.

Regardless of whether you need to follow your steps pedometer-style. Or see how well you’re sleeping, monitor your pulse, or compete with your friends. A Fitbit is an unpretentious(subtle), reasonable accessory. New health features look further into your heart and health, just as feelings of anxiety and illness potential.

Owning a Fitbit will motivate you to practice more, and even improve your night’s sleep. We’ve tried every Fitbit at any point launched off. We will let you know which is the best Fitbit for you. We even incorporated some more older Fitbits that have been halted from selling. But yet are as yet accessible from third-party retailers.

What is Fitbit?

Fitbit is a cool company that makes fitness technology items. They have a few item models. Each with a marginally unique list of elements yet the principal intention is step tracking and activity following. At the end of the day. It’s a method for estimating how much active work you have every day.

A Fitbit is an activity tracker worn on the wrist. Very much like a watch, that tracks your everyday movement. Regardless of whether you walk, run, swim, cycle or work out at the gym. Fitbits come in two primary sorts: trackers and watches. Trackers are greater action and following centered while a Fitbit Smartwatch offers cell phone-like elements.

Fitbit Versa 3

Best Fitbit for men to wear in 2024!

The Fitbit Versa 3 covers all of the parts of a fitness watch, measuring steps, heartbeat (pulse), distance, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity, and sleep, with a lot of additional health features. In addition to working in GPS, for the individuals who outdoor practice without their phones.

You can even take and react to calls on your wrist, as it has an in-built microphone and speaker. It matches the more costly Fitbit Sense on all fitness features and most health functions, as well. Also, its screen is huge and bright.

While the Sense has more detailed health applications and sensors like EDA, ECG, and Skin Temperature. In addition, to push the board devices, we think these are over the top for most users, and the Versa 3 range of features is all that anyone could need, and at a greatly improved cost. High and Low Heart Rate Notifications – which were beforehand a select Sense highlight – are more important for the Versa 3’s sweet spot as well. This is one of the popular Fitbit for men.


  • It has the best fitness features
  • It includes an in-built GPS
  • You can receive any calls on Fitbit


  • Some of the features require a subscription

Fitbit Inspire 2

Best Fitbit for men to wear in 2024!

The Fitbit Inspire 2’s fitness features set covers the basics quite well like tracking steps, calories burned, Active Zone Minutes, distance traveled, heartbeat( pulse), advanced Sleep Stages measurement, swimming tracker, directed relaxing breathing, the capacity to auto-detect exercises with reasonable accuracy, and notifications.

It misses the in-built GPS found in the Charge 5, Charge 4, Versa 3, and Sense. However, it will connect with your phone’s GPS on the off chance that you want an area location for pace measurement. Certainly, it likewise misses the mark on the altimeter. Yet in any case, is nearly just about as fit as Fitbit’s more costly trackers.

The heart rate screen extends the gadget’s exercise investigation and makes its sleep tracking far more modern. Assuming that activity tracking is the thing you’re after, the Fitbit Inspire 2 delivers in a reasonable package. Right now, it’s likewise the main Fitbit with coordinated Tile location finding, if you misplace it. This makes it a must-buy Fitbit for men.

This is a great price for a light and sharp-looking device with a strong list of capabilities. fitness fans will need something further developed, like the Charge 4, Charge 5, Versa 3, or Sense – yet for the majority of us, the Inspire 2 will be all we want.


  • It is a reasonable tracker
  • There are a lot of fitness features
  • It has a location finder


  • Connected rather than in-built GPS
  • It is only available in Black and White display

Fitbit Charge 5

Best Fitbit for men to wear in 2024!

The Charge 5 is easily our best all-around Fitbit activity tracker. Fitbit has carefully selected the absolute best and most brilliant features from its most recent trackers and smartwatches to make a Goldilocks product that delivers a great broadness of usefulness at the cost, also enveloping it with a lightweight and classy package.

It covers every one of the basics- tracking steps, distance, calories burned, hourly activity, heartbeat(pulse), swim-tracking, and advanced rest, also it has the greater part of the top-end exercise included as well. This includes Active Zone Minutes. Its inherent GPS implies a tracker can match the costly smartwatches. However, it can’t accept calls, similar to the Sense and Versa 3 can.

There are a couple of missteps. However, like conflicting performance, an awkward gadget on the board, no altimeter, and a couple of already accessible features that essentially were absent on the Charge 5 at the launch, when they definitely should have been. This is the best activity tracker Fitbit for men.


  • It includes some of the best fitness features
  • Available with in-built GPS
  • Not having a Black and White display


  • Some of the features of charge 4 are missing
  • After 1 or 4 years of use, it will become laggy

Fitbit Sense

Best Fitbit for men to wear in 2024!

The Fitbit Sense sits at the highest point of the list for the total number of features and stands apart, particularly for its detailed health functions, and its big price tag.

This Fitbit includes an Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor that can measure the force of feeling an Electrocardiogram (ECG) app to access your heart for heart-mood irregularity and a skin temperature sensor that can be used to indicate the beginning of a fever or illness.

It possesses all the fitness features and brilliant apps found in the other Fitbits and is the champion Fitbit smartwatch for health measurement and bits of knowledge. However, a few readings require a Fitbit Premium subscription.


It also has some of the best health features in it.

Having an in-built GPS.

It can allow you to pick up calls.


We have to get a premium subscription to use some of the features.

Fitbit Luxe – Most fashionable

Best Fitbit for men to wear in 2024!

The classy Fitbit Luxe is motivated by jewelry and made for its looks, as much as its features. There’s even a Special Edition Luxe planned by jewelry brand Gorjana – with a Parker Link Bracelet in delicate gold stainless steel, alongside a swim-proof exemplary silicone Peony band. There is likewise a wide variety of accessory bands for the Luxe.

The Luxe is a tracker, rather than a full smartwatch, and is closer to the passage level Inspire 2 than the full-featured Charge 5. There’s no in-built GPS, for example, similar to what you get with Charge 4 and 5, However, you can connect it with your phone’s GPS.

It’s loaded with health features, as well, including pressure management, Guided Breathing sessions, and access to Health Metrics. For example, breathing rate, pulse fluctuation (HRV), resting pulse (RHR), skin temperature, and oxygen immersion (SpO2). This makes it the best health-related Fitbit for men.


It’s come with top fitness features

Having a slim body

Gives a stylish look


Connects with your phone’s GPS instead of an in-built feature

We have to pay for some of the features

Versa 2

Best Fitbit for men to wear in 2024!

Replaced by the Versa 3, the more established Versa 2 is yet an extraordinary health smartwatch. It has nearly all the features found on the Versa 3, however, needs an underlying GPS. Despite the fact that it can associate with your phone’s GPS. The Versa 3 claimed more exact pulse measurement, which could influence newbies to the most recent model, yet probably not existing Versa 2 users.

It can work with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. But not with Google Assistant, which is available on Versa 3. It likewise misses the ability the capacity to accept calls on the wrist, another Versa 3 advantage. In the event that you observe a Versa 2 at an extraordinary value. We actually rate it as an incredible health smartwatch not so extraordinary as the Versa 3 but rather a few features behind. However, It is still a good Fitbit for men.


It comes with Top fitness features

Can work with Alexa


It’s an old model and doesn’t have some of the features

Doesn’t allow to answer calls


Fitbit has become the most popular product in the fitness market and they are recommended by doctors to be used as a part of their treatment. As a result, it is important to know which one will suit your needs and lifestyle best. The Fitbit Versa is considered by many people to be a pretty big upgrade from the Charge 2. While you may not find any major differences in terms of design or function between the two to find Fitbit for men.

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