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Hacks and tips to replace a tempered glass screen protector!


Assuming you have a break in your tempered glass screen protector, it’s managed its work. When a tempered glass screen protector has a break in it, it’s dramatically less powerful – you ought to replace it. Phone screen protectors last just so sometimes before they should be replaced. In case yours is damaged or broken, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to get another one. Numerous users are careful about removing the old screen protector themselves, yet the cycle is basic. Here’s the manner by which to replace your tempered glass screen protector with the goal that your iPhone or iPad’s screen remains sufficiently protected.

Removing old tempered glass screen protector

There are a few different ways to manage to eliminate your busted tempered glass screen protector.

Before you start, utilize a hairdryer on low on your screen for around 15 seconds. This ought to marginally warm up and loosen the adhesive on the screen protector. Try not to exaggerate this part.

Method 1 :With fingernail

Prior to getting out your tool kit and working on your iPhone or iPad, take a stab at removing the screen protector with your fingernail.

  • Start by attempting to lift the screen protector up from each corner.
  • At the point when it starts coming up, prevent pulling from essentially the corner and move further along the protector as it strips off. This will assist with keeping it from falling to pieces before you can get it right off.
replace a tempered glass screen protector

Method 2 : With toothpick

  • Take a stab at utilizing a toothpick to pry up one of the corners. Make sure you point the sharp end up toward the screen safeguard as you do this and not down toward the screen.
  • When you can get a corner up, pull with your fingers, by and by pulling gradually and equally.
  • If that you can, slide a credit card into the hole and gradually push it along to lift the screen protector.
replace a tempered glass screen protector

Method 3 :With Duct Tape

  • Roll duct tape around two of your fingers with the sticky side out.
  • Start in a corner and press the duct tape onto it, rolling away from a corner gradually. Ideally, the duct tape will cling to the screen protector, and you’ll have the option to pull it up and off.
Hacks and tips to replace a tempered glass screen protector!

Installing your new tempered glass screen protector

There are several installation techniques, which will contrast dependent on brand and style.

Regardless, ensure your hands are spotless so as not to leave residue, dust, or dirt on your iPhone or iPad’s screen. This causes bubbles under your screen protector.

Dry mounting

This strategy is for tempered glass screen protectors that didn’t come with a bottle of solution.

  • Clean your phone’s screen with an alcohol pad if the protector accompanied one. Something else, use without a lint microfiber material.
  • Hold the screen protector and strip off the film on its sticky side.
  • Carefully change the screen protector with your iPhone or iPad’s screen.
  • Gradually place the screen protector onto your screen, beginning from one end and cautiously working your direction to the next.
    • Utilize a credit card or any application tools that were incorporated with your protector to guarantee that it goes on uniformly and without bubbles.
  • Smooth out any bubbles with the installation card that accompanied your screen protector.
    • Beginning in the middle, push bubbles out toward the edges of your screen with short developments. If that you attempt long pushes, you’ll just spread the air pocket out under the screen protector.
  • Eliminate the film from on top of your screen protector. This ought to uncover a totally clean screen protector.

Wet mounting

This methodology is for tempered glass screen protectors that go with a bottle of spray to help to install.

  • Clean your iPhone or iPad’s screen using the spray and delicate cleaning material.
  • Spray both the front and back of the screen protector, being liberal with the spray. This will keep it from deying during installation.
  • Cautiously place the screen protector onto your iPhone or iPad’s screen.
    • Balance one end on the screen and gradually apply it from one finish to the next, utilizing a credit card or the level of your hand.
  • Utilize the squeegee that accompanies wet-mounted tempered glass screen protectors.
    • Start in the middle and gently push it out toward the edges, making a point to hold the protector, so it doesn’t move around.
    • Pass on it to dry for essentially thirty minutes. In case you’re putting a case on your iPhone or iPad, wait at least a few hours. This will keep the screen protector from moving around and will permit it to completely hold fast to your screen.

Give it to dry for essentially 30 minutes. If that you’re putting a case on your iPhone or iPad, remain by something a couple of hours. This will hold the screen protector back from moving around and will allow it to totally stick to your screen.

Remember that during installation, you might need to remoisten the screen protector. It very well may be fairly tedious to arrange everything appropriately and you might need to reapply the spray a couple of times. Simply be patient and cautious while you replace a tempered glass screen protector.


The tempered glass screen protector is impact-resistant and frequently used to cover sensitive surfaces, for example, phone screens. If your glass screen cracks, you can lift the tempered glass screen protector to reveal an undamaged surface underneath it. Tempered glass is typically held by an adhesive, which ought to be warmed first to loosen it. Then, at that point, gradually peel away the thin sheet of glass to eliminate it and replace the tempered glass screen protector.

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