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iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cases!


We all are so much addicted to our phones, that we spend more than 8 hours of our day with them. According to one survey, one in four mobile phone users spend more than 7 hours per day staring at their device, half spend more than 5 hours. But when you’re out and about without a nearby outlet, you don’t have a lot of charging options. Many people have turned to charge cases, which incorporate a battery into a protective phone case, or slim portable power battery packs that can be carried in a pocket, backpack, or purse. Here we will see some good selling iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery/Charging Case or Cover.

But which one should you get? We’ve laid out the big factors that differentiate these charging accessories to help you choose which is best for you.

What is a battery case?

Battery Case is also called an external battery, back battery, back power, or probably can be called your digital charging companion. It cannot not only act as a mobile power but a protective cover as well. Currently, these are trending in the markets! In protecting the cell phone, it is also capable of providing adequate power.  Charging cases can be very convenient. You’ll never forget it. Most charging cases also offer pass-through charging, meaning that when you plug in to charge, your phone will charge before the battery case.

Snag👎-A sneak peak before you buy!

Charging cases also may have limited protective capabilities versus rugged cases meant to take a beating during everyday drops and tumbles. Charger cases will likely need to be replaced each time you purchase a new phone, as they’re usually built to fit a specific phone. Charging cases tend to involve a trade-off between size and battery power. The more capacity a charging case has, the bigger and heavier it is.

Alpatronix iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case Protective Charger Cover with Qi Wireless Charging

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case
iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cases! 7
  • Battery-True 4200mAh battery capacity. Most battery cases struggle to give you even a 75% charge, while Alpatronix’s UL-tested battery case provides you a reliable charge every time.
  • Compatibility-Certified lightning chip ensures 100% compatibility with your iPhone with iOS 13+ and older, Apple Pay & CarPlay.NOT compatible with iPhone 11 (6.1-inch) or iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5-inch).NOT compatible with Lightning EarPods or Headphone Accessories. ONLY compatible with Apple Airpods & Bluetooth Headphone Accessories.
  • Charging and Sync– Well defined with Qi Wireless & Wired Charging . You can charge your iPhone and case together without removing the case. You can charge with a wireless charger for a quick and convenient wireless charging experience. Use your original lightning cable that was included with your iPhone 11 Pro to charge directly & sync/transfer data.
  • Design-Protects your iPhone from everyday wear. Raised bezels and included tempered glass screen protectors offer full front and surface protection.
  • Inside the package-Alpatronix Battery Case, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, User Manual & 1-Year Warranty (Extended Warranty is also available at no extra cost).

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case

iPhone 11 Pro Battery/Charging Case/Cover
  • Design-Inside, a soft microfiber lining helps protect your iPhone. And on the outside, the silky, soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior feels great in your hand. A soft elastomer hinge design makes it easy to put the case on-off. The case features a dedicated camera button that launches the Camera app whether the iPhone is locked or unlocked. A quick press of the button takes a photo and a longer press captures QuickTake video. It works for selfies, too.
  • Compatibility-The Smart Battery Case is also compatible with Qi-certified chargers. You can charge your iPhone and battery case simultaneously.
  • Battery-And when fully charged, the Smart Battery Case delivers up to 50% longer battery life. With the Smart Battery Case on, the intelligent battery status is displayed on the iPhone Lock screen and in Notification Center, so you know exactly how much charge you have left. The case can be charged even faster with USB-PD-compatible chargers. Smart Battery Case gives you even longer battery life while offering great protection
  • Other Features-It also supports Lightning accessories, such as the EarPods with Lightning Connector or the Lightning Digital AV Adapter.

 Smiphee 4800mAh Charging iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case/Cover

iPhone 11 Pro Battery/Charging Case/Cover
  • Compatibility– Only compatible for iPhone 11 pro, not for iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 pro Max. Do not support Car Charger, High Voltage, or Quick Charge adapters and Qi Wireless charger. Also support the headphones that came with your phone, no need to remove the battery case get full audio access.
  • Battery-Endurable 4800mAh battery can double your iPhone 11 Pro daily battery life, keep iPhone 11 Pro powered for a longer time. Besides, this iPhone 11 Pro battery pack comes with a built-in LED indicator light that can clearly let you know how much power is left. By just pressing the switch button to on/ off. You can charge your battery case and iPhone 11 Pro simultaneously with your existing original iPhone charging cable without removing the battery case.
  • Design-Uni-body design, easy to install. Elastic soft material and full edge design protect iPhone 11 Pro 5.8″ 4800mAh Battery case from scratches shock fingerprint and other daily wears and tear. Full edge 360° protection & camera protection.

AOPAWA Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cases!
  • Compatibility-ONLY fit for iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches), Not compatible with iPhone 11 (6.1 inches) and iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches) NOT compatible with iPhone lightning headphone, ONLY works with Apple AirPods or another wireless Bluetooth headphone.
  • Battery-The capacity of this 11 Pro charging case was upgraded to 6800mAh. It can double your iPhone’s battery life, and it’s Portable charging anytime and anywhere. When you connect lightning cable to the battery case with a phone installed, your phone will be charged first, after phone full charged, it will charge the battery case. AOPAWA iPhone 11 Pro smart battery case intelligently stops charging when your iPhone power is 100%.
  • Sync Technology-Provides you with amazing sync-through technology so that you can simultaneously charge your iPhone and battery case together. Together with that conveniently sync your Phone to your MacBook, PC, or laptop without having to take the battery case off.
  • Design-This battery case with 360°scratch-guard, can protect your iPhone from scratches and other daily wear and tear. Internal high-quality chips also protect your smartphone from overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging.

NEWDERY iPhone 11 Pro Charging Case Qi Wireless Charging Compatible

  • Compatibility -Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro (2019 Release) Only. NEWDERY is QI Wireless compatible that permits you to charge the case with a wireless charging pad. You can charge your phone and the case charger at the same time with any Qi wireless charging pad. The Apple iPhone 11 pro external case battery supports wired and wireless headphones.
  • Battery – iPhone 11 pro battery case designed with an endurable 4800mAh Li-polymer battery pack, extends 100% battery life. Great for heavy users and travel. Time of the case charges the phone: about 3h
  • Sync Technology– Supports simultaneously charge your iPhone 11 pro and extended case, both fully charged when you wake up in the morning! (charge quicker separately), your iPhone 11 pro will be recharged first, following with the charging case. You can transfer files to your computer, no need to remove the case charging.
  • Design – Made by soft TPU material and microfiber flannel, designed with upgraded port connection and raised bezel, prevents your phone from scratching and bumping. Adding only 0.41-inch thickness and 0.23lb weight to your phone, slim enough to slide to your pocket. Smart LED light shows remained power conveniently. The soft top part and hard body design. Bend the soft rubber on the back which makes it easier to install and remove your iPhone.

Trswyop iPhone 11 Pro Portable Charging Case

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cases! 8
  • Compatibility– This iPhone 11 Pro Portable Charging Battery Case/Cover is only fit for iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches), Not fit for iPhone 11 (6.1 inches) or iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5 inches) or other models; Not compatible with iPhone lightning headphone or traditional 3.5mm headphones, ONLY works with Apple AirPods or other wireless Bluetooth headphones.
  • Battery-Equipped with a powerful 6800mAh built-in lithium polymer battery chip. The battery case usually can charge your phone 2-3 times. 4 LED lights indicate how much power you have (25%–50%–75%–100%). Power switch allows you to switch on/off the battery case.
  • Design– The battery case is not only a portable charger but also a protector for your iPhone. Raised sides and hard-shell design maximizes protection to your iPhone 11 Pro, durable high- class material to protect your iPhone from scratches, drops, impacts, and other daily wear and tear. Accurate cutouts allow access to microphones, sensors, cameras, controls. More than just a charger, it’s a sturdy drop-proof case.PC+ABS Plastic material protects your iPhone from scratch, shock.
  • Sync-through technology-The charging case supports syncing data to Macbook, PC, or laptop without removing the power case, compatible with the original lightning cable.

Snugg iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case Portable Protective Charging Cover

  • Compatibility-Compatible with only iPhone 11 Pro.You can listen to music or make a phone call via wired headphones.
  • Design-The Snugg iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case in premium quality provides you with a simple, easy-to-use, and effective way to protect your iPhone 11 Pro. Designed in London, the case is made from the highest quality, polymer. Made of high-quality material with 360°scratch-guard, dual-layer protection to protect your iPhone 11 Pro from scratches and other daily wear and tear. The Internal safe chips could protect against your phone from over-current, over-charging, and over-heating for safe and reliable fast charging. Precision cutouts of this charger case provide easy access to all buttons and ports. Folding rear panel with stand function.
  • Battery-Taking a bulky charger with you every time you leave the house is now a thing of the past as you can relax in the fact you have an extra 120% battery while out and about so there is no worry of running out of charge. The easy to use charge on and off button is on the back and when you need that extra juice just press it and you will not need to worry about running out of power so turn on your favorite movie or show and you’re ready to go, so you can relax and enjoy your moments on the go.
  • Sync Technology-Advanced Sync-through technology allows you to sync your iPhone 11 Pro to your MacBook, PC, or laptop without removing the battery case.

The Verdict

That ends our article on the best iPhone 11 Pro Battery case that you can buy right now.

Conclusively, by observing and also distinguishing between all the above, Apple Smart Case is the best option when you are opting for the iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case.

There are various reasons we consider Apple as best. It is a super-comfy design that feels great in your hand. Undoubtedly,quality-wise one cannot beat Apple for sure! The Smart Battery Case is also compatible with Qi-certified chargers. Smart Battery Case gives you even longer battery life while offering great protection. You can surely go for it!

But if you want a more budget-friendly option, we choose Alpatronix iPhone 11 Pro Battery Case because of the prominent affordable range it gives. Above all, another aspect why you should prefer these because of the superior and satisfactory quality, that will assure you that your phone is in safe hands.

Regardless of which battery case you go with, the most important thing is that your phone charges well when you need the power the most! Right?

We would like to hear your reviews. Do comment and share. Also do subscribe to stay updated With All The Latest News, Offers, and Special Announcements.

*Prices was correct as on 13th June 2020.





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