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How to host a website anonymously?


If you want to run a website anonymously then you are in right place. To learn how to host a website anonymously, one must first grasp the concept of anonymous hosting.

What is anonymous hosting?

In a sense, anonymous web hosting refers to the hosting of a website by an unknown site owner. There are numerous levels of anonymous web hosting. The more private the hosting is, the more will be its level.

If you want to create a truly anonymous website, you have various alternatives. This also includes how you pay for your website hosting; a few of the top anonymous hosting services even allow you to pay using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Steps to host a website anonymously:

Install VPN

host a website anonymously

If you want to keep your personal information private, such as your IP address, name, and location, the first approach is to utilize a Virtual Private Network. You may utilize an anonymous VPN, which combines the strength of military-grade encryption plus IP address masking. This will enable you to browse the internet anonymously. There are several VPN companies available to assist you to get started, like NordVPN or TorGuard.

Buy an anonymous email id

host a website anonymously

Acquire a Protonmail account to host a website anonymously, which guarantees end-to-end encryption and zero data access by the business behind it. While no one can promise you to complete privacy, utilizing anonymous email accounts, which hide your address and encrypt your connections, can considerably improve your privacy. Additionally, you may safeguard your identity by using an alias system to establish many profiles.

List an anonymous domain name


You can choose domain extensions that do not need you to supply personal information when registering a domain name. Nowadays, purchasing a domain name and keeping your name hidden from the public eye is rather straightforward. When it comes to anonymous domain names, some of the top domain registrar providers include “WHOIS” privacy protection.

WHOIS is a public database that contains personal information about web hosting account holders such as their phone number, address, email address, and name, and may be used to determine who owns a domain.

Acquire anonymous hosting

host a website anonymously

Select a hosting company that permits you to register anonymously. You will not be prompted to submit any personal information when signing up for anonymous web hosting, and the information will not be sent on to the hosting provider. Any hosting company that promises to provide anonymous services yet demands such information is not providing anonymous hosting. One can choose Hostinger as it is the finest anonymous hosting service provider.

Hostinger does not need you to go through an identity verification process, plus you may pay extra for domain privacy and security. If you live in a nation with weak privacy regulations, you might want to consider utilizing an offshore anonymous hosting provider, which means your website will be hosted on a server in a country other than your own. Hostinger‘s data centers are located in seven countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Make a payment for your domain and hosting anonymously

Pay for anonymous hosting

Most of those leading anonymous hosting and domain name services support cryptocurrency payments, allowing you to pay using Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or some other cryptocurrency while remaining anonymous. For anonymous hosting, Bitcoin payments are a must. While these techniques may not provide complete anonymity, they do provide a significant improvement over traditional payment methods.

Which are the best anonymous hosting providers?

Without a doubt, one can choose Hostinger as it is the finest hosting provider in the market. Besides Hostinger, one can select from various options. Some of them are Namecheap, Hostgator, ScalaHosting, and DreamHost. These are some of the popular anonymous hosting providers one can select from.

What are the benefits of hosting a website anonymously?

One of the most significant advantages of anonymous web hosting is, well, anonymity. If your website and company require secrecy, anonymous hosting will undoubtedly be beneficial.

Because each of your personal information, including your company address, is anonymous, linking your business address to your website should be difficult.

Another significant advantage is that anonymous hosting allows you to keep your online website activity hidden while also protecting you from spam, cyber-attacks, and DDoS attacks.


It is absolutely legal to host a website anonymously, and it is for the folks who wish to stay, well, anonymous. Despite being anonymous, if you select this path, you must still follow the rules of the site hosting service you’ve chosen. Also, if you’re working on politically sensitive material online, government authorities may be able to force your web provider to expose your private information, depending on local national or international regulations. Even if your identity is anonymous, the government can take it down if it violates local regulations.

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