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How to transfer a domain to Wix?


Users input your domain into their browser’s address bar when they visit your website. Do you know if a domain acquired from another supplier can be linked to or transferred to your Wix website? Yes, you can. By doing this, you’ll be able to manage more aspects of your domain from a convenient location—your Wix account.

Wix becomes your domain host when you move your domain to them. This implies that your Wix account is where you handle your domain’s contact details, DNS settings, and registration fees.

Things to consider before starting

  • First, get your registrar’s authorization code before transferring your domain to fix. Usually, the code is sent to the linked email address by the registrar.
  • Ensure that your domain is unlocked. To unlock your domain, contact the registrar’s customer support, as in most cases, the domain is unlocked due to the rule of ICANN.
  • Wix doesn’t support DNSSEC for now. So if your DNSSEC is ON, make sure to turn it OFF.

The cost associated with transferring Domains to Wix

When you transfer your domain to Wix, Wix becomes your domain host. Information, registered payments, and DNS (Domain Name System) that translate human-readable domain names to machine-readable IP addresses are all controlled from within your Wix account.
The transfer of Domain to Wix fees is often considered the same as the cost of renewing your domain registration. For transferring your domain, Wix does not charge any fees. But you must purchase a minimum of one year of domain registration.

Things to consider while transferring your Domain

  • First, you must upgrade your account to a premium plan before you assign a domain to your site.
  • Your Domain should be unlocked. Make sure that 60 days have to be passed after registering your Domain; otherwise, it is locked.
  • You should have the authorization code from your previous domain register.
  • If there is a change in your contact information, you must confirm and register it within 14 days of the transfer. Failure to do this in your transfer of a domain could be suspended.
  • Your Domain should be public.

How to transfer your domain to Wix

To handle your domain settings, payment, and support outside of Wix, transfer your domain away from Wix.

To move your domain over to Wix:

1) Before you begin the transfer, connect your domain to Wix.

2) To begin your transfer, click here.

3) After reading the guidelines, click Start Transfer. Then, Your desired domain name should be entered.

4) Select the domain’s place of purchase from the drop-down menu, then click Continue.

Transfer your domain using Wix
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5) Log in to the account wherever your domain was bought, then click I logged in to your Wix account.

6) Lock your domain in the account where you bought it, then click I unlocked it in your Wix account.

7) Obtain an authorization number from the account where your domain was bought, then enter it in your Wix account’s Enter authorization code section.

8) Then click Next.

9) Choose an extension term that lasts at least a year.
Advice: The free domain voucher you have will be instantly applied.

10) Click Continue.

11) Click Continue once you have checked or modified your contact information. Next, pick a privacy setting

12) then click “Continue” After choosing your payment method, click Submit Purchase.

Transferring vs. Connecting Your Domain to Wix

Transferring the Domain

After transferring your Domain to Wix, Wix becomes your Domain host. By transferring, you can manage your domain’s registration payments, contact information, and your domain’s DNS records through Wix. DNS records are the instruction saved in DNS servers and gives all the information like the IP address attached to that Domain and handles the requests for that Domain.

Connecting your domain

When you purchase a domain outside Wix and try to connect it to Wix, your domain remains hosted at your current domain host, not at Wix. There are two ways one can connect your domain to Wix, i.e via name servers or pointing.

Name servers manage your DNS records from your Wix account.

Using pointers, you can still manage your DNS records at your domain host.

You have to contact the Domain host for assistance with domain renewals, contact information, and other domain-related billing inquiries. Wix does not handle billing or contact information; your current domain host does. DNS changes may take approximately 48 hours once you connect your domain to Wix

Is transferring a domain to Wix free?

Transferring your domain to Wix is free of charge. Before making a purchase, you may see the entire cost of transferring your domain.

Does changing a domain impact Wix’s email?

Even if you have already moved the domain to Wix, transferring an existing email account or mailbox is not feasible. Instead, by adding DNS entries (MX, A, CNAME, and TXT records) given by your email server on the Domains area of your Wix account, you may link your mailbox to Wix.

How long does it take to transfer the domain to Wix?

Your domain transfer to Wix may take up to 7 days to complete. As soon as the domain transfer request has been received, you will receive an email. No more action is required to complete this process.


If you transfer your domain, you will only have one supplier for your website and domain, making it easier to get billing and expiration information from one source and to contact a single business if something goes wrong with your website. Wix becomes your domain host when you move your domain to them. This implies that your Wix account is where you handle your domain’s contact details, DNS settings, and registration payments. However, you have to consider certain things, like your domain must be unlocked, DNSSEC is off, and you have your authorization code. Everything needed to transfer your domain to Wix is mentioned above. I hope you have found this informative.

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