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Try this if your Vodafone Mobile Data is not working!


Is your Vodafone mobile data not working with your handsets? Do you have an iPhone or Android phone with the Vodafone SIM card and you can’t utilize the internet on them? You can definitely relax, this article will assist you with observing the answers that you want to fix every one of the mobile data issues.

Vodafone offers incredible mobile data service to its subscribers with 4g technology for further developed internet speeds. We’ve found that the normal Vodafone 4g download speed is superior to its rivals.

Without mobile data enabled on your mobile phone, the world is out of your scope and you needn’t bother with this happening. Be that as it may, mobile data doesn’t constantly give you a continuous data network constantly. Along these lines, you might run into certain issues and errors that can restrict your acess to the internet on your mobile gadgets.

Why Is My Vodafone Mobile Data Not Working?

Vodafone Mobile Data Not Working
Try this if your Vodafone Mobile Data is not working! 7

While utilizing your iPhone or Android phone, you might have seen that you don’t have any Vodafone data connectivity.  Sometimes, despite the fact that you are associated with the Vodafone mobile data, the internet speed is too slow to even think about playing out any task on your mobile phone.

We should investigate a couple of the justifications for why your Vodafone mobile data isn’t working on your mobile gadgets.

  • Your region is encountering Vodafone mobile data internet outage
  • The network settings on your mobile phone are incorrect
  • Vodafone Secure Net programming is enabled on your mobile phone
  • The APN setups on your mobile phone are incorrect
  • You have turned on the data saver mode on your mobile gadget
  • Something is off-base with the hardware or software of your mobile phone
  • You have not covered the Vodafone bill on schedule

How to Solve Mobile Data To Work On Vodafone?

Vodafone Mobile Data Not Working

To get your mobile data to deal with your Vodafone, you can do the accompanying fixes.

Disable Data Saver Mode

If you are constantly utilizing Vodafone mobile data on your mobile phone, you might have set the day-by-day mobile data limit to a minimum value. To fix this:

  • Go to your mobile telephone Settings.
  • Hit on Mobile Data and afterward select on Data usage
  • Switch off the Data Saving or Data Saver mode

Check SIM Card Settings

If you are utilizing a double SIM handset, your mobile phone mobile data settings could have been designed for some unacceptable opening. To fix this issue:

  • Go to your mobile gadget settings and hit on SIM card and mobile data.
  • Enter on the Mobile Data.
  • Enter the Vodafone SIM as default for mobile data
  • Cack that your Vodafone mobile data is working

Vodafone Network Outage

It is possible that you have a Vodafone network blackout in your space. For this situation, you need to trust that the mobile data issue will be fixed when the Vodafone service is back online or you can contact Vodafone support for additional questions.

Turn Off Vodafone Secure Net

Vodafone Secure Net is an internet security software and may have accompanied your mobile data plan. If the Vodafone Secure Net service is turned on, it might block you from downloading apps and browsing different sites as it is designed to protect you from malware, viruses, or phishing scams.

Nonetheless, if your Vodafone mobile data isn’t working because of the Secure Net software, you can switch it off or remove it by the accompanying strategies.

  • Contact Vodafone customer support
  • Utilize the cancel link in the Vodafone text message when you initiated the Secure Net software
  • Utilize your Vodafone app to remove Secure Net under the Mobile data class
  • Go to the Vodafone Secure Net portal to switch it off

Why is Mobile Data not working?

Vodafone Mobile Data Not Working

Your mobile data probably won’t be working on your mobile phone because of the accompanying reasons.

  • If you have a double SIM phone, you have put the SIM card in some unacceptable slot for mobile data
  • You have not chosen the quickest data choice in the network type
  • Data roaming for International client’s choice isn’t enabled
  • You are utilizing the mobile data saver mode
  • Your mobile telephone network settings are not enabled
  • You have exhausted your plan limits

What Can I Do If Mobile Data Is On But Not Working?

Vodafone Mobile Data Not Working

Now and again, your mobile data is on however your internet isn’t working. You can take the assistance of the following troubleshooting steps to fix this issue.

Choose The Fastest Data Option

To begin with, check which data icon is displayed on your mobile telephone. It can either be 2G just, 3G/2G, or 4G/3G/2G auto. Go to your SIM and mobile data settings and pick the quickest 4G/3G/2G auto choice to get your internet back.

Exhausted plan Limit

Frequently, when you have exhausted your mobile data plan limit, you might see that your mobile data is on yet it isn’t working. Accordingly, you really want to top up to appreciate continuous mobile data.

Reinsert Your SIM

SIM cards can get dislodged inside the slot. A ton of mobile users fix their mobile data issues basically by taking the SIM card out of the slot and returning it once more. Perhaps a basic fix like this can help you out.

Now that you know the normal reasons and a couple of fixes for mobile data issues, presently how about we perceive how to fix Vodafone mobile data issues independently on iPhone and Android phones.

Vodafone Mobile Data Not Working On iPhone

Try this if your Vodafone Mobile Data is not working!

If you have an iPhone and your Vodafone mobile data isn’t working on it, utilize the accompanying fixes to resolve the issue.

Check For Vodafone Network Coverage

To do this fix, you should be in the space where Vodafone offers its 4g mobile data services. Thereafter, do the accompanying steps.

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Go to Mobile Data or Mobile Network
  • Hit on Data Options and afterward select on Data Roaming
  • Enable data for roaming for global use

Update iPhone Network Settings

If you have forthcoming updates for your iPhone network settings, you can encounter that your Vodafone mobile data isn’t working. To do this:

  • Open your iPhone Settings
  • Go to General and afterward hit on the Info
  • Trust that a couple of moments will check whether an update is accessible
  • Then, apply the update
  • Connect with the Vodafone mobile data and verify the fix

Reset iPhone Network Settings

If the previously mentioned troubleshooting steps neglect to solve Vodafone mobile data issues on your iPhone, you can reset the network settings to check whether that works. To do this:

  • Go to your iPhone Settings
  • Hit on General and afterward select on Reset
  • Then, hit on Reset Network Settings
  • Wait for quite a while to allow the reset process to finish
  • Presently restart your iPhone and verify that your Vodafone mobile data is working

Update iPhone

Sometimes, if your iPhone software is outdated, it can cause the mobile data to not work properly. Consequently, you want to update your iPhone.

  • Go to your iPhone settings and afterward select General
  • Hit on Software update
  • If an update is accessible, install it and affirm that the mobile data is working once more.

Vodafone Mobile Data Not Working On Android

Try this if your Vodafone Mobile Data is not working!

If Vodafone mobile data isn’t working on your Android phone, first disable the flight or Airplane mode. If the issue continues, you can do the accompanying troubleshooting steps.

Restart Your Android Phone

The vast majority of the Vodafone mobile data users fix their issues with a straightforward Android gadget restart. To do this, utilization the power button on your phone to shut it off, wait for a couple of moments, and restart the phone again to check whether that fixes the issue.

Switch Internet Networks

You can change your mobile data to WiFi and afterward again on mobile data to fix the issue.

  • Go to your Android mobile settings and hit on SIM card and Mobile data
  • Switch off the Mobile data under General Settings
  • Go to your Android phone settings again and turn on your WiFi
  • Then, switch off WiFi and turn on your Vodafone mobile data once more

Verify Correct APN Settings

Then, you really want to check if the APN settings are appropriately set or not. The APN settings for Vodafone UK is as per the following:

  • Name: Vodafone Internet
  • Password: wap
  • Username: wap
  • APN:
  • APN (for PAY G) –
  • MMS Port: 8799
  • MMSC:
  • Authentication type: PAP ▪ MMS Proxy:
  • APN type: internet+mms

Quick Fact

To enter these details,

  • Go to the Settings and hit on the Mobile Networks.
  • Select the SIM, then, at that point, hit Access Point Names.
  • Select Add New APN.

Kindly note the settings may somewhat differ from manufacturer to manufacturer yet the cycle continues as before. In certain gadgets, you will track down the choice “Reset to default”.

You can utilize this choice too to reset the APN settings back to Company default.

Select Preferred Network to Automatic

For the next fix, you can set your Android phone to associate with Vodafone 4g as the Preferred Network automatically. To do this

  • Go to your Android phone Settings
  • Then, go to SIM and Mobile Data
  • Select Vodafone enabled SIM and affirm that the Preferred Network Type is set to Automatic

Turn on Mobile Data

Presently, either restart the mobile or utilize the flight mode for a couple of moments and turn it on. Next turn on mobile data and your Internet should turn out great on your Android.


Ideally, this article covered every one of the steps that you want to fix the Vodafone mobile data issues yourself. In any case, if you actually deal with this issue, visit a decent mobile repair shop so they can check if something isn’t right with your mobile phone hardware or software. Best of Luck!

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