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NuraTrue Pro – Wireless lossless audio with a comfy look!


The Australian firm Nura, which created the ground-breaking Nuraphone headphones that analyze your ear structure to tailor the sound to you, is currently developing new, ground-breaking technology for its future NuraTrue Pro wireless earbuds.  Although Nura is a newcomer to the headphone industry, it has been a pioneer in promoting customized sound. And it hopes to usher in the next phase of high-quality wireless audio with its newest NuraTrue Pro device. The NuraTrue Pro is the first consumer-grade wireless earbuds that offer complete support for 16-bit/44.1kHz lossless audio, sometimes known as CD quality, and the company’s renowned unique sound profiles. For the industry, it’s a fascinating step forward, but there’s a catch.


NuraTrue Pro - Wireless lossless audio with a comfy look!

With its disc-based touch interface and ear-tip part, the NuraTrue Pro model is comparable to the original NuraTrue, but that’s about it. The Pro model is the most expensive choice in the lineup because of its sleeker, better-executed design.

A big disc surface controls the earbuds, and their use has proved smooth and quick. Single, double, and triple taps and double tap and hold provide users with various ways to interact with the earphones. Within the Nura app, the touch controls are adjustable.

The ‘nura’ writing on the charging case is made of ceramic, and the brand’s emblem and trim can be seen on the exterior of the earbuds themselves. Despite this, there are a few little details that give the product a more expensive appearance.

The box includes Four additional sets of ear tips in varying sizes and a new in-ear “fins” design to ensure a snug fit. There’s a strong chance you’ll discover a fit that stays snug and secure with this variety of possibilities. In addition, the app has a feature that ensures the NuraTrue Pro establishes a suitable seal in your ears.


NuraTrue Pro - Wireless lossless audio with a comfy look!

The NuraTrue Pro is futuristic in its approach in terms of its spec. Instead of trying to replace what is available, these earbuds want to put themselves in a position to support cutting-edge headphone capabilities when they eventually appear. Over the past few years, spatial or 3D audio has gained in popularity as a listening style. Some people may still view 3D sound as a novelty, but the sheer volume of companies and headphones that support it implies that it’s changing and that momentum is growing. The Sudio E2 earbuds were released earlier this year, and the NuraTrue Pro earphones support Dirac’s spatial audio solution.

Dirac’s Spatial Audio aims to create a sound field and stereo imaging similar to what you would hear from a pair of high-end speakers placed in front of you. It’s nearly tough to think of anything Nura has missed out on. It includes active noise cancellation (ANC), transparency mode, IPX4 water resistance, completely customizable controls, a substantial eight hours of battery life per charge, and 32 hours of total playing.

Sound Quality

NuraTrue Pro - Wireless lossless audio with a comfy look!

Personalized audio is the standout feature of Nura devices, adjusting the output to your ears to improve overall performance. The NuraTrue Pro buds will quickly evaluate your frequency response when you initially set them up on the Nura app. And they will then modify their output to match that reaction. It’s easy to see how much of an improvement there is during setup and the choice to make the experience more immersive.

It’s a standout feature that sets Nura products apart from the competition by adding extra depth to enduring favorites while producing a rich, full, detailed sound with many basses. Although not the brightest rendering I’ve heard, high-frequency notes are distinct and clear, and cymbal crashes have good clarity. Although the warmth of the sound seems to have reduced some of the detail and precise definition of instruments, the midrange is devoid of any sibilance, and a decent sense of clarity characterizes vocals.

Battery Life

NuraTrue Pro - Wireless lossless audio with a comfy look!

The NuraTrue Pro provides an astonishing 8 hours of battery life from the earphones, and the charging case’s other battery life is 24 hours. You may extend this device’s lifespan by turning off features like immersion mode, spatial audio, and ANC.

The charging case has a USB-C connector for charging devices and a new Qi wireless charging option from the manufacturer. The NuraTrue Pro will recharge twice as quickly with a cable as its predecessor did.

While they are being used, you may use a capacitive touch control on each earbud to carry out several actions pre-programmed in the app (more on this later). Six different instructions are available at any time and may be executed with single, double, or triple taps. In our testing, we discovered that the controls functioned just as they should, with no unintentional activations or missed touches.

Price & Availability

The NuraTrue Pro costs quite a bit more than the original NuraTrue; it costs $329/£299/AU$499 as opposed to $199/£199/AU$299; This is a difference of roughly 66 percent in the US and Australia and a difference of about 50 percent in the UK.

The good news is that you’ll receive a discount if you choose to support the Kickstarter campaign. If you want to save money on the NuraTrue Pro, the firm is starting to take pre-orders through Kickstarter. Depending on how early you acquire your pair, you may receive a range of discounts, with Super Early Bird rates starting at under $199 (about £169/AU$299). The estimated release date is October. However, if you’re tempted, act quickly because there is only a limited supply.

What distinguishes NuraBuds from NuraTrue?

NuraBuds does not conduct a hearing test or create a customized sound profile for listening, in contrast to NuraTrue. Instead, we’ve developed an internal hearing profile that anyone may utilize using the most extensive hearing database in the world.

Has NuraTrue got a microphone?

When sound enters the ear, the eardrum emits “sounds” known as otoacoustic emissions. NuraTrue is integrated with an Extra sensitive microphone. This microphone measures them since they are much quieter than incoming sound.

Does purchasing truly wireless earphones make sense?

Sports athletes and fitness enthusiasts move a lot, so wireless earphones are a great purchase. The ability to move freely without being choked by cords will be appreciated whether you’re on the treadmill or the track.


The NuraTrue Pro is an exciting next step in Nura’s development, providing (nearly) CD-quality lossless audio support through Bluetooth for the first time, in addition to presenting individualized music that is rich and complete. The difficulty is that there aren’t any smartphones with the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 to use as of this writing, though that will be less of an issue when they come later this year.

Even without lossless audio, the NuraTrue Pro has much to recommend. With ceramic accents and a lightweight, attractive design, it boasts a long battery life for both the headphones and the carrying case. New features like wireless charging, spatial audio compatibility, and improved adaptive ANC help to offset the premium price.

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