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OnePlus Nord Buds – A Budget Earbuds that offer intuitive functionalities!


OnePlus has established a reputation as a game-changer over the years. With its initial phone, it cut the price of a top device down and offered Samsung and Apple stiff competition. With regard to its earphones, it has used the same method. The Z series did not live up to the OnePlus brand, but with its latest Nord Buds, it is poised to disrupt the market.

The Nord Buds are probably the cheapest true wireless headphones we’ve seen from OnePlus so far, priced at $39 USD. They’re also attractive and comfy, with bigger titanium drivers that provide high-quality audio. However, unless you already possess a OnePlus phone, you should avoid purchasing them because the user experience is primarily dependent on the device’s software.

If you own a OnePlus smartphone, the NordBuds is a must-have accessory. For everyone else, we suggest the $35.99 Tribit Flybuds 3 for their outstanding audio performance, totally waterproof construction, and good battery life, which come with a carrying bag that can charge your other mobile phones.

Price & Release date

OnePlus Nord Buds

The OnePlus Nord Buds will be available in early June 2022. They are reasonably priced, in line with the Nord brand. They cost $39 in the United States and £49 in the United Kingdom.

This price point is quickly becoming the sweet spot for many cheap true wireless earbud models. There are quite a few that come in around this price point, and even seeing the price of earbuds such as the Sony WF-C500 drop to somewhere around this price point at times.

However, most of the models coming at this price are all from lesser-known brands, so having a reliable company like OnePlus behind these is encouraging.

Design & Build

OnePlus Nord Buds - A Budget Earbuds that offer intuitive functionalities!

The Nord Buds stand out from any of OnePlus’ prior TWS headphones with such a unique pill-shaped charging case finished in a nice matt ‘Black Slate’ finish. Beyond the corporate logo on the outside is an LED power indication, while on the rear is a USB-C charging connector and a well-hidden setup button.

On the Nord Buds, OnePlus has gone for a somewhat blocky design. While one axis has many rounded edges, the other has many flat edges. That’s not so much of a problem for the buds, but it’s a sour note for the case. The Nord Buds fit inside a very large case, and the harsh edges on the bulky design cause it to stick out uncomfortably in pockets and battle against falling into them in the first instance.

Charging Case

Otherwise, there isn’t anything to complain about in the billing instance. It uses magnets to keep the earphones securely in place. The front has a charge indicator light. However, it lacks the nuance of cases with numerous indicator lights. A USB-C charging connector is located on the back. Given the product’s low cost, it’s not unexpected that Qi wireless charging isn’t included. Whereas the earbuds have IP55 protection against water and sand, making them a good choice for training buds, they do have a propensity to slip somewhat due to sweat.

Some of the buds’ functions are unfortunately restricted to OnePlus smartphones alone. OnePlus Fast Set and Dolby Atmos functionality for the buds are exclusive to OnePlus phones. Although the latter is actually only needed once, the utility of the latter is questionable for a pair of inexpensive headphones.

Supported Codecs

Whereas the Nord Buds connect through Bluetooth 5.2, they only support the SBC & ACC codecs, which aren’t the best in terms of audio quality or lag. OnePlus claims a low 94ms latency in Pro Gamer Mode, which again is restricted to OnePlus phones, although that’s not particularly low.

Sound Quality & Performance

OnePlus Nord Buds - A Budget Earbuds that offer intuitive functionalities!

Here’s where the Nord Buds outperform the opposition. The sonic characteristics are comparable to some of the top mid-range earphones. The sound signature can sustain extreme bases extremely well, but lows are a challenge. There’s enough bass to get you through the upbeat songs.

While listening to music There is distortion at maximum volume. However, the pricing is an issue. The beginning of Kygo’s “Firestone” was hardly audible, which is a concern. The sound leak is excessive at levels greater than 80%. The person next to you would be aware of what you are hearing.


The 12.4mm titanium drivers live up to OnePlus’ claim of producing deep bass. It surprises us every time a powerful bass impact comes in, and it lacks some of the flaws users would expect from such a little speaker.

Call Quality

The call quality was poor, and the audio was adequate. However, the output sounded robotic. Not what you’d want or anticipate in 2022. The background noise was also excessive.


The delay of the buds is evident, thus they may not be the best choice for individuals who want to do a lot of videos and thus are sensitive to latency, and much less so for gaming, where audio delay may be a major distraction.

Application & User Experience

OnePlus Nord Buds - A Budget Earbuds that offer intuitive functionalities!

OnePlus users benefited from the company’s in-house Fast Pair feature, whereas other Android phones should provide a similarly seamless experience once you’ve installed the HeyMelody app from the Play Store.

The same software is also available for iOS. Although the Nord Buds aren’t currently compatible, implying that support will be added shortly.

It would have been preferable if OnePlus had used Google’s Fast Pair function rather than its own so that this quick setup technique wasn’t confined to the OnePlus 6 and newer. The firm did this most likely to preserve a few functions private to its own phones, in an effort to allow your OnePlus Nord Buds + OnePlus phone combination superior to any other combination.

The touchpad panel on the back of each earphone is far too sensitive to be used. Buttons might function better with lower-end earbuds. Although Bluetooth worked well, connectivity difficulties persisted, particularly with devices other than the OnePlus. The sound characteristic of the OnePlus was also improved. The Bluetooth just wouldn’t disconnect, and it would take some time to rejoin in OnePlus. As a result, there are several software concerns that must be addressed.

Battery Life & Charging

OnePlus Nord Buds

OnePlus guarantees seven hours of use from the Buds on a single charge, which stretches to a total of 30 hours when you throw in the case; stats we’re used to hearing on more expensive TWS headphones. Which indicates the company’s genuine belief in its latest product.

If you’re still concerned about lifespan, the case doesn’t have wireless charging, but connecting to the USB-C does allow for a quick charge of about five hours wear from a ten-minute top-up. A 60-minute charge fully recharges the Buds, while a 100-minute charge should return the entire package back to full health.

Do OnePlus Buds have noise cancellation?

The OnePlus Buds Pro includes 3 noise-canceling modes with a noise cancellation range of 15dB to 40dB. When the noise canceling option is set to “Smart,” this enables dynamic and intelligent noise cancellation that adapts itself dynamically, accounting for ambient noises in your surroundings.

Which OnePlus Buds is best?

OnePlus Buds Z Truly Wireless outperform OnePlus Buds Truly Wireless. The silicone earbud tips of the Z provide a more pleasant and stable fit than the original Buds. They feature superior noise isolation and reduced sound leakage.


The OnePlus Nord Buds aren’t attempting to be the greatest wireless earbuds. However, they are among the best deal earbuds with acceptable music quality & battery life at a low price.

The firm might improve the software experience to give users more control, and the good finish on the hefty shell isn’t the most durable, but for what they do supply for the money, the Nord Buds make a great case in the cheap TWS market and would also make an amazing backup set of buds. The OnePlus Nord sub-brand is all about affordability, and the OnePlus Nord Buds deliver on that front. While these $40 earbuds lack some of the more notable features of popular earbuds, such as active noise cancellation or a wireless charging case, they deliver plenty of value with excellent enough music quality and battery life to get you through a busy day.

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