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Firestick remote volume not working? Here is a step-by-step guide!


Amazon’s Firestick TV set is one of the most well-known entertainment services out there right now. Fire TV Stick Alexa Remote is perhaps the most famous product these days utilized in many houses and workplaces. What happens if any of the control buttons of the Fire TV  remote volume are not working? Be that as it may, how is there you can manage such a circumstance? Do you know the potential fixes if out of nowhere your Fire TV Stick remote isn’t working? Indeed, we know probably the best hacks that can help you. In this article, we should fix the issues with your Firestick remote volume not working.

Potential Reasons for Volume Not Working on Firestick Remote

There could be a few purposes behind the volume button declining to chip away at your remote. It very well may be because of faulty batteries, signal obstruction, or old and broken down buttons. It could likewise be a temporary snag that can be fixed by a power cycle or a for-all-time harmed remote that needs substitution.

Firestick Infrared frequency (IR) Problems

There could be a couple of justifications for why your Firestick’s volume buttons will not out of nowhere work, yet the most well-known would be issued with the infrared or IR frequency. Since you’re managing three different gadgets, it’s an excess of work for every one of them to be at standard with everything.

Thus, the issue would be with the matching of the infrared (IR) frequencies between the Firestick remote, the TV, and the TV controller. If they’re confused, the TV wouldn’t have the option to perceive the Firestick TV controller, making the remote glitch at certain commands (volume button, power button, and so on)

Weak Batteries

Likened to different kinds of devices, Firestick controllers need batteries for them to work. Since we’re so worked up utilizing it, we frequently fail to remember when we installed the pair of batteries. Furthermore, at times, we don’t contemplate the way that a few batteries are of a low quality that they wouldn’t keep going as long as how we need them to.

Faulty Remote

If you’ve had your Firestick remote for over five years, or on the other hand if it has been seriously utilized in the recent months, then, you’ll see that the rubbers on the rear of each button aren’t so practical as they were you previously got it.

The explanation is that over the long run, these rubbers get broken down! Along these lines, making it harder for them to be squeezed, and thus, it’ll be difficult to control the TV utilizing it. Those three are really the most standard situations on why the Firestick remote volume buttons stop working.

Be that as it may, the first or the IR frequency crisscross is the most well-known. Truth be told, you’ll promptly know if the dilemma is with the batteries or with the remote when you do a few tests.

You can give and replace the batteries a shot and if it actually doesn’t work, you definitely know it’s with the IR coordinating. Things being what they are, without additional advertisement, how would you fix the volume buttons on your Firestick remote?

Instruction to fix “Firestick Remote Volme Not Working”

Here is the bit-by-bit guide on how you can fix your Firestick TV’s faulty usefulness.

  • Remove the batteries and reinsert them and test if the TV reacts to different commands; if it doesn’t change the batteries on the remote.
  • There are times when even a battery at its half dulls out the functionalities of controllers. In this way, be certain that you generally have spare batteries at home for circumstances like these.
Firestick remote volume not working
  • The subsequent stage is a minor step, yet it’s as yet worth the effort, and it’s power cycling your TV.
  • For the people who don’t know, a power cycle is a straightforward demonstration of flipping the power of a specific piece of hardware.
  • So, try switching your TV off for around 30 seconds. While it’s switched off, remove the Fire TV stick from the TV.
Firestick remote volume not working
  • When the TV is back on once more, explore Settings and attempt to track down the category that says Equipment Control.
  • It’s generally the symbol where there’s a TV and different gadgets below it (alongside apps and remote and Bluetooth devices).
  • Tapping on Equipment Control will open another menu, with Manage Equipment on it.
  • Select Manage Equipment. From Manage Equipment, you’ll see Add Equipment, TV, and Advanced Setting.
  • For this situation, you’d need to choose TV then, at that point, hit the Change TV.
  • Then, wait, until it distinguishes what TV brand you have- it’ll inquire as to whether it’s right. If it’s not right, select No. In any case, enter the Yes.
  • When you effectively complete it, it’ll give you a brief letting you know that you had the option to update your Firestick TV remote!

At the point when you get the brief that the update was fruitful, the system will request that you press the [POWER] button of the Fire TV stick controller.

It resembles a test to check whether it’s now working. If it works, then, great! Yet, that is the power button, not the volume button.

  • Along these lines, the following step is to back to Manage Equipment then, select TV. Presently as opposed to picking a TV, in this step, you would need to choose IR Profile.
Firestick remote volume not working? Here is a step-by-step guide!

There are many TV brands and producers on the lookout; figuring out which your IR profile is would be difficult. You could do a test to see which one is viable by returning to the back page of the Advanced Setup screen. Or then again, a more straightforward method for doing it is:

  • Go to Setting and Proceed to Equipment Control.
  • From that point, hit on Manage Equipment then, at that point, select the TV.

Presently, rather than going to Change TV, you want to choose Infrared Options. Subsequent to choosing that, press the choice that says IR Profile and Change IR Profile.

For the last step, you should simply drive cycle everything – both your TV and your Fire TV stick. What this does is invigorate the devices’ availability capability. Also, obviously, a basic restart is something tremendous in technology, correct?

Fire it back up and test assuming the volume button is working. If you’ve followed every one of the steps, it should work impeccably now.

I Followed Everything, But it’s as yet Not Working… How would it be advisable for me to Respond?

All in all, you followed every one of the steps in this aide however you’re as yet not ready to fix the volume buttons on your Fire TV stick controller, does it mean you have a faulty remote as of now?

That is perhaps the most conceivable thing. The following best thing you can do is to contact Amazon and tell them about what you’re experiencing. They’ll run two or three particular investigating steps with you and they’ll see what they can do.

More awful comes to most horrendously terrible, you’ll require another remote and unfortunately, you would need to pay for it. Except if you’re ready to discuss actually with Amazon, they’ll give you another remote for free.


The method involved with fixing your fire TV remote is difficult. In any case, it is likewise something you can do yourself. All you want is a bit-by-bit rule, for example, this one that you can follow, and you will be all set. It will most likely not take you over an hour to do as such. If you are as yet incapable to fix it, you can buy another one. It may cost you a little, yet it will make your life simpler.

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