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Google trusted contacts are the Android alternative to finding my friends!


Google provides an app that works similarly to Find My Friends on an iPhone or iPad and allows you to track the whereabouts of relatives and friends. Google trusted contacts has based on the premise that someone knows where you are in case something goes wrong, but it might be a very vital strategy to keep safe. We’ll teach you how to get started with the app, which is free to use.

How do you track an Android phone’s location?

You may be familiar with the website but only works to locate devices that are linked to your Google account. It’s rather useful because you can have a device play a tune to help you locate it in your house.

On the other hand, Trusted Contacts allow relatives or close friends to request & share their whereabouts. Once you give contact permission, they can see if you’ve used your phone recently, if you’ve switched locations, as well as how much battery power your phone has remaining.

It’s perfect for parents to keep track of where their children are, especially if they’ve recently acquired their first phone and begun attending school on their own.

Google trusted contacts can also come in handy if a contact – or you – have gone somewhere unknown where there aren’t many people to aid you if you get into trouble. It’s worth noting, however, that it only works with mobile data. Therefore it won’t help you out in the wilderness if your 3G or 4G connection is poor or nonexistent.

The most important feature of Google trusted contacts is the ability to request someone’s location. The software allows them 5 minutes to approve or refuse the request by default. But if they don’t answer, it will automatically furnish the requester with the location. You can set this delay to “immediately react” or a longer timeout. As well as the user has a complete choice over who can and cannot track them.

How to set up Google Trusted Contacts?

How to set up Google Trusted Contacts?

After sending off it interestingly you’ll see a progression of pretty energized screens that take you through the different elements of the app.

This is the following app and can require your area to work appropriately, so award this consent when incited. Google expresses that the information is kept hidden in the app and shows your ongoing area alongside a guide to your new exercises.

As the name proposes, you’ll have to choose which individuals you entrust with your area. To do this permit the app acess to your Contacts, then, at that point. Pick the ones you need by tapping on the Add button on the right half of the screen. Individuals you pick don’t must have Trusted Contacts introduced on their telephones. Even a Google account, even though they will require one to demand your area.

Google trusted contacts are the Android alternative to finding my friends!

With the contacts chosen you’re all set. Presently your companions will get an email telling them that they can get to your area and status. Either through a program interface or the free Trusted Contacts application.

How to use Google Trusted Contacts to locate a phone

Google trusted contacts are the Android alternative to finding my friends!

You can begin using the app once you’ve established a list of trusted friends. The Home page displays a list of friends you’ve added, along with a status or a note informing you that they haven’t yet added you back.

If you confirm a friend’s request for your location in the Trusted Contacts app. They will receive a variety of status updates, each with a distinct significance.

Recently used or moved – the phone was used or moved within the last 30 minutes. Last hour’s activity – identical to above but for an hour. Low battery, dead battery, or Offline – all of these are self-explanatory.

Simply tap the orange circle in the top right corner with the location icon inside to let others know where you are. This opens a new window with two options: Send an alert or Share with selected contacts. The first simply informs others of your location and allows them to view your location history for the next 24 hours, or until you disable the Sharing feature.

Google trusted contacts: shared with selected contact

Each belief gets in touch with you select gets an email telling them. You’ve shared your area, and they can get to the data either by tapping the View Updates in the app. By surveying similar data through the program connect remembered the email.

Quick assistance

The second is a pressing message that tells individuals you want quick assistance. It doesn’t sit around idly requesting who picks. Rather it simply sends the caution to all confided in contacts on your rundown. Those with the app introduced will hear their alert tone start to play and see your area. Companions picking the program choice will get an email letting them know you want help and giving a connection to your area.

If you’re stressed over somebody and have any desire. Go to the Home screen to see where they are. Tap on a contact, and select the ‘Request XXX’s area’.

The app will then request that the other individual affirm they need to impart it to you. On the off chance that they don’t answer in somewhere around five minutes. You’ll naturally get the guide subtleties of their area. You can do the same thing through the web assuming that you open the first email you got from the individual and press the Request area button.

Trusted Contacts is a basic app. It doesn’t come stacked with highlights or choices, however, that is probably the best thing about it. You simply find the data you need rapidly with the goal that you know when to quit stressing or begin making a difference. Download it today, and get your companions to do likewise. No one can tell when something like this could be exactly what you want.

For more on finding your Android gadgets, read how to find a lost Android or lost iPhone.


Google never really replaced Latitude, its counterpart of iOS’s Find My Friend, when it was terminated in 2013. Google is bringing location tracking back with Google trusted contacts, so you can interact with and locate loved ones in an emergency.

You can add people to your Google trusted contacts list with who you want to share your presence. It doesn’t matter if you’re using your GPS or if you’re online. During a crisis, friends &  relatives can inquire about your whereabouts to see whether you’re safe, and you can either respond to your location and let them know you’re safe or decline the request. If you don’t react within five minutes, the app will send your location. Your last known location when your phone is unavailable, to the contact.

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