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How to download all media from google photos?


You’re trying to find out how to download all media from Google Photos to either PC or Mac, but you’re having trouble. You’re not the only one who feels this way. Most have hundreds of photographs and movies stored in the cloud, and while you’d think getting them all off and onto a hard drive would be simple, it requires a bit more effort than we anticipated.

But don’t worry, photography aficionados: we are here for you. It isn’t as simple as we believe it should be, but it is entirely possible, and once you get the knack for it, you’ll find the procedure to be relatively simple. Understanding how to download all of your Google images to your PC or Mac is useful, whether you own one of the top PCs or prefer the greatest MacBooks and Macs.

Reasons to download media from google photos

First, let’s take a look at the Google Photos cloud storage feature and why you would wish to transfer your photos and movies from there to your hard drive. There’s no doubting that the cloud system is a terrific method to safely save your photographs and movies, not to mention that it’s simple to use and has excellent cross-platform compatibility.

Keeping a backup of your library isn’t a terrible idea, even if Google Photos is one of the top picture cloud storage choices available and is an accessible and safe method to save your snaps. Having offline backups of your photos can enable you to access them anytime, anyplace. Whether you’ve been logged out of your Google account or you’re traveling and have restricted internet connectivity.

Another need to learn how to transfer all of your Google Photos to your PC or Mac is that Google Photos no longer offers limitless free storage for high-quality photos. If you snap your images with the finest iPhone or one of the Android phones, you’ll rapidly exhaust Google’s 15GB of free storage space.

After you’ve used all your free storage, you’ll need to join up for a Google One storage subscription, which starts at $1.99 / £1.59 monthly for 100GB of storage. While it’s difficult to break the bank, these tiny expenses mount up, so understanding how to download your images to your hard drive will be well worth it if you wish to avoid paying them.

We walk you through the numerous ways to download all of your Google Photos to either PC or Mac, whether one by one or in bunches. If you’d want to look at your choices first, see our list of the top Google Photos alternatives.

Download albums from google photos

Download album

You may quickly download the pre-sorted contents of Google Photos albums if you’ve previously organized your photos into albums – or saved any of Google’s suggested ‘smart albums’.

To see your whole collection, go to the ‘albums’ tab and click ‘view all albums.’ Once an album is loaded, click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose ‘download all.’ All of the photographs and videos in the album will be compressed into one zip file for you to download.

The advantage of this method is that you may download your snaps selectively in just a few clicks and keep them organized on your hard disc.

What’s the drawback? Multiple albums cannot be downloaded at the same time. Instead, each one must be accessed and saved separately, which can be time-consuming if you have a significant number of them.

How one can download photos from google photos?

Downloading images one by one

Download single image

The simplest way to download all of your Google Photos to either PC or Mac is to do it one at a time, which one may find to be the finest method. Simply open the photo you wish to save, and pick ‘download’ from the three dots in the upper right corner. However, unless you simply have a few images on the cloud, downloading them one by one will be a time-consuming approach to saving all of your photos.

Download multiple photos

Download all

Selecting batches of snaps to store at the same time is another option. Hover over a certain image’s thumbnail in Google Photos on the web and select the checkmark in the top left. You may then add more photographs to your selection by clicking on them. When you click while holding shift, you’ll be able to highlight groups of photos between the first and final photos you pick.

When you’ve made your decision, click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner and then ‘download.’ Google will compress all of your photos into a single zip bundle that you may save.

While this technique isn’t as straightforward as downloading all of your Google Photos photos at once, it does conserve storage by allowing you to choose only the images you wish to preserve. Google has also begun to offer a free storage management tool to help you locate and remove photos that are underexposed or fuzzy, making it easier to sort through photos and select your favorites.

If you’re going to organize your photos on your hard drive, now is a good time to download batches that fit your sorting criteria. Filter your photos using the search bar, such as by location or date, and then choose from the results. This makes it simple to store photographs that are similar, such as those from the same location.

How one can download all your Google Photos?

You won’t be able to download all of your Google Photos on your PC or Mac at once if you use Google Photos. Instead, utilize Google Takeout for the quickest way to a complete backup. This is the identical tool that can export all types of user data, including Keep notes, Chrome history, and Mail messages.

Navigate to Google Takeout

Navigate to for more information. You’ll need to ‘make a new export’ after checking in with your Google account. This entails selecting all of the stuff you want to download from your Google account. Click ‘deselect all’ under the ‘select data to include’ option if you simply want to store your picture library. Next, scroll down the product list until you come across Google Photos.

Check the option next to Google Photos

download all media from google photos

If you check the option next to ‘Google Photos,’ the download will contain your full image collection. If you click the ‘all picture albums included’ option, a pop-up will appear, allowing you to pick or deselect certain albums in your collection, as well as whole years. Thankfully, the album structure will be preserved in the download folder created by Takeout.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to examine the contents of any albums using Takeout, so you’ll want to double-check the contents of each folder with Google Photos in a separate tab.

Click OK without album selection

download all media from google photos

After making your album selections, click ‘OK,’ now scroll down and choose ‘next step.’ You’ll be given a variety of export choices. You may select to get a download link through email after the export is complete using the ‘delivery method’ drop-down.

It also allows you to directly move your photos to another cloud storage service, such as Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box. A direct transfer can save you time and bandwidth if you want to re-upload your collection to one of these sites.

Select Time and format of download

download all media from google photos

You may also pick between one-time and periodic exports, as well as the file format you want. The majority of users will discover. The best option is zip.

You may also choose the maximum file size for downloads. If you set a limit of 1GB, for example, exports beyond that amount will be broken into 1GB pieces for easier downloading.

Select ‘Create Export’

After you’ve figured out your options, select ‘Create Export.’ ‘Google is creating a copy of files from Google Photos,’ you’ll notice a notification. This can take anything from a few minutes to many hours, depending on the size of your photo library.

What does one have to do before downloading all their google photos?

While the export procedure allows you to choose which albums and years to download, it does not allow for further fine-tuning. It’s worth looking over before you download all media from google photos for this reason.

However, searching through a large Google Photos media collection might take a long time. Alternatively, you might use Google’s free storage management tool. It will make it easier and faster to find and delete unnecessary photographs in your library.


If you’re tense about how to save those images you’re saving for a long time, don’t be. These are the methods to save and download all media from google photos. However, Google does not make this very clear, that’s where we step in.

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