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Google Find My Device: How to locate your phone?


The best feature of Google for finding mobiles is Google Find My Device.

We are mostly dependent on our cell phones. For some individuals, the phone is the main thing they look at when they get out of bed toward the beginning. And of the day and the final thing they take a look at before they rest.

Also, mobile phone companies are having good advantages of it. However, what if we lost our phones. In addition, Google has a trick or you can say a feature called ”Google Find My Device”.

Losing your phone can be a trauma for you. This is the reason both Apple and Google give comparative systems to track, find, and at any place. And you can also erase a lost phone. However, By Google, we are having an element Google Find My Device.

Firstly, You can find a lost phone by using Google’s Find My Device service from its app or a browser. Secondly, On the Google Find My Device app or website, you can see the phone’s location on a map, play a sound to locate it, or remotely erase the phone and reset it to factory conditions.

What is Google Find My device?

Google’s Find My Device, referred to already as Android Device Manager is an advantageous feature that helps users with following and remotely locking their phones, tablets, or smartwatches. The gadget can likewise be cleaned on the off chance that it gets stolen.

The Purpose behind Google Find My Device

Google might be dealing with transforming Android phones into a hivemind fit for tracking down lost devices, like Apple’s Find My network. A switch for the feature displayed in Google Play Services, with code referring to the capacity for phones to assist with finding different devices, possibly signaling that Android phones could before long become easier to find.

At this beginning phase, it’s indistinct which, if any, of those impediments the hand-off network include – evidently called Spot – would settle. However, when you’re searching for a lost phone any benefit is great to have.

Google has different projects that include using a network of Android phones. Prominently, its tremor identification is highlighted. While the execution is unique, the hidden idea is logical basically the same: there are multiple billion dynamic Android devices. This is an enormous group to source data from, be it accelerometer information, or the area of a lost phone.

It is observed a setting that would allow users to switch off the feature, working everything out such that their phones wouldn’t assist with finding different devices. Given the restricted data, it’s hazy whether the Find My Device network will actually want to observe things other than phones. Similar to Apple’s Find My network or Samsung’s Galaxy Find network can do.

How to find your Lost Phone ?

Find my device

You can see your Android gadget by using the Google Find My Device site or by app of the Find My Device application on another Android gadget that is signed into a similar Google account.

  • 1. Start the website or app of Google Find My Device.
  • 2. Assuming you have one device, Find My Device should quickly focus on that device. On the off chance that you have numerous devices, you can choose the one you’re searching for using the gadget icon at the top point of the page.
  • 3. In addition to seeing the phone on the map, you have two options:
    • Firstly, select “Play Sound” to remotely order the Device to play a ringtone sound. However, in the event that the phone is turned on and associated with the web. It will play the sound paying little mind to the phone volume settings by Google Find My Device.
    • Secondly, you can select “Secure Device” to keep somebody from getting to your device information. You can likewise show a message or phone number on the lock screen to assist with recovering the device.

How to make sure Find My Device is On on Android?

Regardless of whether you turned on Google’s Find My Device service, fortunately, Likewise, it’s likely currently on – Google turns it on as a matter of course when you associate an Android mobile to a Google account, so it should as of now be running from when you initially set up your device. Assuming you approach your phone, this is the way to confirm it’s On:

  • 1. Firstly, go to the settings.
  • 2. Tap on google.
  • 3. In google tap on security.
  • 4. Tap Google Find my Device.
  • 5. On the Find My Device page, make sure the feature is turned On.
Google Find My Device: How to locate your phone?


If your phone is stolen or you have forgotten somewhere then Google finds my device can help you in finding your lost phone. It can track your phone’s last active location. With another device, you can also delete your data from your lost phone. Google finds my device is very much helpful at that time so if you want to try it you can try by doing the steps given above.

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