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How to download apps on Android?


Android phones arrive with a standard collection of apps that may be used to do a range of tasks. But, of course, users can make it do a lot more with the vast array of apps available, which range from weather apps to life management apps, as well as games.

This article will walk you through locating and downloading apps on Android through Google Play Store and also hunting for apps from other places that you may not be aware of.

What is the procedure for downloading apps on Android from Google Play Store?

What is the procedure for downloading programs from Google Play Store?

Download apps on Android: Open the Google Play Store

The Google Play Store makes it incredibly simple to download apps. This app is pre-installed on almost every Android device, as it’s part of the Google software bundle that comes with Android. Look for the Play Store app, which has a multi-colored triangle over its side on a white background as its icon.

You’ll be brought to a Play Store after tapping the symbol. There will be a few apps in the main portion of the screen, but you should also look at the line of icons all along the bottom of the screen, which divides the app categories into Games, Apps, Movies &…, and Books.

Search for apps

Choose one which appears to feature the app you’re looking for, then type its name into the text box so at top of the page, where the words “Search for apps” should appear. Now you may enter the title and, ideally, the desired app will display at the top of a results list. When you tap on it, a page for that app will open, and all you have to do now is tap on the Install button, and the software will begin downloading right away.

Not all apps are free, although many of them are. Your request to set up the payment method if you choose one that costs money. But keep in mind that you may use Google Play gift vouchers instead of a credit and debit card.

Download apps on Android: Install


If you’re unsure which app to get, hit the For you, Top Charts, or Categories options above featured apps. These will show you a list of popular apps on the store. This you can download by hitting the Install button on any of them. If you’re new to Android, the list of best Android apps will come in handy and save you time sifting through the vast selection available on the Play Store.

Is Google Play the only place where you can download apps on Android?

Is Google Play the only location where Android apps can download?

No, yet it is among the most secure and convenient methods for downloading apps on Android. There are other options to consider. In some situations, such as with the new Huawei handsets that come with the company’s own App Gallery due to the conflict with Google or the US government, which has prohibited American companies (like Google) from cooperating with Huawei and its sub-brand Honor, these requirements.

Amazon’s Fire tablet line, which runs a modified version of Android, is another example. By providing apps through the Amazon Appstore, Amazon tries to keep clients within its digital boundaries. However, on ordinary Android devices, different stores are accessible, including the aforementioned Huawei & Amazon attempts. As well as Aptoide, F-Droid, and a slew of others if you Google ‘alternative android app stores.’

Although Amazon and – as far as you can tell – the App Gallery are reliable stores, many of the others. Because of the catalog’s more open nature, can be home to fraudulent software or even malware. That’s why we recommend staying with Google Play Store; however, if you insist on heading out into the world, ensure you install some good Android antivirus software first.

an.apk file directly

Another option is to download them as an.apk file directly out of a website, potentially even the app’s developer, as you do with several Windows apps. Again, there’s a chance it contains malware, which is why using antivirus software is still a smart idea if you’re going to do this.

To install programs from sites other than Google, you’ll need to change your device’s settings first. The exact titles listed next may differ slightly based on the handset, but they must be essentially the same regardless. To do so, go to Apps in the Settings app, then tap the 3 dots in the top right corner. Select Special access from the drop-down option. Scroll down to Install unknown apps on the next page.

A list of applications will now show. These are the several ways apps can install. So choose the ones you’re most like to use – Chrome should definitely be at the top of your list. Then enable your Allow by this source option. That is all there is to it. You can now go to those alternative app shops and download the programs to your device. Just make sure you update them on a regular basis to keep the security settings current.


Google Play, Amazon Appstore on Android, Galaxy Apps (if you do have a Samsung smartphone), and a slew of others—some legitimate, some not—are all available to Android users. This article shows how to download apps on Android 7.0 Nougat and later smartphones and tablets.

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