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Best basic phone of 2024: Simpler phone with the best features!


With smartphones growing increasingly complex and pricey, there may be occasions when you don’t want a device in your pocket that’s also made of glass and costs a small fortune to replace or insure.

A simple, old-school feature phone can be an ideal alternative whether you’re heading to a concert, going on a camping trip, or working in an atmosphere that is unfriendly to smart gadgets. Plus, they have super-long battery life and costs that make them cheap as a backup or secondary phone; perhaps one to keep in the car in case of an emergency.

TTfone Lunar TT750

Basic Phone: TTfone Lunar TT750

The TTFone Lunar may not be the first phone that comes to mind, but the firm has made a name for itself in recent years by producing low-cost goods intended mostly for the elderly and those with vision problems less than 20/20.

This is supported by the large lettering on the keypad, which makes it easy to identify one from the other without the need for a bulky handset or a huge on-screen font size.

The TT750’s accessibility features don’t stop there: it has a loud overall speaker volume to guarantee that text messages & calls aren’t missed, as well as a programmed SOS emergency button, which allows the phone to send out an alert if the user falls or has another mishap.

The TT750’s clamshell form makes it easy to slip into bags or pockets, as well as a desktop cradle dock eliminates the need to fumble with cables when charging the battery.

If you’re looking for a phone for an elderly relative who needs something simple to use, the TT750 should be on your list.

Nokia 6300 4G

Nokia 6300 4G

If you prefer the Nokia 8000 4G’s feature set but not so much the price, the Nokia 6300 4G – which was released alongside it – foregoes some of the more luxury design elements in order to be more economical without sacrificing functionality.

The 8000 4G features the same Snapdragon 210 CPU & app-supported KaiOS experience as this feature phone with smartphone tendencies but with a smaller 2.4 display as well as a more modest VGA camera.

It still has a detachable 1500mAh battery, however, you can delete it faster than expected if you try; nonetheless, 512MB of RAM & 4GB of storage may be insufficient for some.

Nokia 8000 4G

Basic Phone: Nokia 8000

You probably wouldn’t blink if we told you Nokia produced a phone with a Snapdragon 210 processor that allows you to download games and apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, and Google Maps; this isn’t a smartphone, though; this is the Nokia 8000 4G.

One of Nokia’s brightest and best candy bar feature phones, it runs on KaiOS and features a glossy eye-catching finish with a (relatively) large 2.8in QVGA display as well as a comfortable “3D curved keymat.” The 8000 4G comes with an FM radio and a hotspot, in addition to being able to run a few critical apps.

Just be mindful of the sluggish performance, which is usually manifested by slow app launch times, as well as KaiOS’ restricted program choices.

Nokia 5310

Nokia 5310

This Nokia 5310 is an excellent all-around phone. Its timeless design (influenced by its predecessor) and striking contrasting color finish (based on the black/red model you examined) are both appealing to us.

For a low-cost feature phone, its 2.4-inch color display is pleasingly bright and colorful, and typing on the keypad is very pleasant.

It also has dual-SIM capability and microSD expansion (up to 32GB). While the removable back appears to be a touch brittle. It allows you to easily access the phone’s changeable 1200mAh battery.

As you might anticipate, such a battery has a lengthy lifespan. With the unit still having power left over after two weeks of mixed-use.

You don’t have to be concerned about being conservative including its feature set, so place as many calls as you like, listen to its FM radio all morning, or play multiple games of Snake without fear!

Nokia 2720 Flip

Basic phone: Nokia 2720 Flip

A Nokia 2720 Flip is a famous throwback phone from Nokia, which revives the iconic flip phone design factor. That means you’ll spend a little more for the nostalgia & novelty. But there’s a case to be made that it’s worth it.

It sure helps that the feature set is still pretty current. You can use Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, plus – probably most crucially – WhatsApp thanks to 4G support and certain basic apps. There’s even a Google Assistant app with a dedicated button to activate it. You can set it up to serve as just an emergency button, sending a text to chosen contacts in the event something goes wrong.

Nokia claims a 28-day battery life, but while you haven’t tried it for that long, 2720 is clearly capable of lasting that long.

There’s also Bluetooth, a headphone jack, a camera (though it’s not great), and 4GB of internal storage, with microSD card support up to 32GB.

Nokia 8810

Nokia 8110

Nokia 8810 is another reprint of its famous phones from the past, continuing the pattern started with the return of the 3310 in 2019.

The ‘banana’ or ‘Matrix’ phone’s design is a little odd, as it contains a full color 2.4in display inside the top half, with a sliding compartment covering the number pad below, all of which curve. A bright yellow model, in addition to the black livery seen in The Matrix, is available to complete the banana theme.

Unfortunately, the onboard storage limit to 4GB, however, this can increase to 32GB by inserting a microSD card. The inclusion of a nano-SIM card to the dual SIM slots is a great feature, making switching between newer handsets and the 8810 a breeze.

The ability to sync appointments & contacts from Gmail and Outlook is a valuable feature. As is the ability to utilize the 8810 to establish a mobile hotspot using (up to) a 4G LTE connection.

Although it isn’t as adorable as its smaller sibling, the 8810 has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a simple phone that could still handle internet duties. Best of all, it’s now frequently available at a bargain.


Buy the Nokia 6300 4G if you don’t want to worry about which basic phone to get. It’s exactly what you desire without even realizing it.

The basic phone design is for folks who desire a more straightforward experience as smartphones become increasingly advanced. It’s typically a little phone with a small screen, and it’s frequently a flip phone. Large keys and an easy-to-read screen and interface are there. They can’t run apps, but they’re a great way to stay in touch for folks who don’t have access to a modern smartphone.

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