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Best online fax services to provide fax through the mail!


Why do you think the best online fax services are necessary if individuals are still sending faxes? Faxing, nevertheless, is still in use in this day and age. Faxing is still frequently the best way to get documentation from point A to point B, whether for signing contracts, purchasing real estate, or working with paperwork when a PDF won’t do.

Many companies still have fax machines, but in recent years, the finest online fax services have given physical devices a run for their money with a cloud-based substitute. This entails adding an email address to the fax number that a fax machine will print out.

Although fax technology may appear a little archaic to some, it does have the advantages of security and direct print communications that may be read rather than left inbox-bound emails that are later printed.

You may transmit and receive documents from the PC and, in some situations, your mobile phone using an online fax service, eliminating the need for a separate fax machine and saving you money on maintenance costs.


SRFax online fax service

SRFax had previously served as a MetroFax substitute, but it appears that the service has consolidated its plans while raising some of its pricing. For instance, the 25-page tier, which attracted occasional fax users, is no longer available, while SRFax’s 500-page tier currently costs $1 more than MetroFax.

SRFax is still a good choice because it supports various file formats and has a straightforward, text-focused web interface. Since SRFax doesn’t have a mobile app specifically for mobile devices, the responsive design works well there. However, this is a good service that provides just the right features for a reasonable fee.

If you’re transmitting medically sensitive faxes, SRFax now promotes its HIPAA compliance. The least expensive HIPAA-compliant subscription starts at $8.95 per month for 200 pages, a touch more expensive than SRFax’s usual rate. online fax service

An online fax service called Fax.Plus provides cross-platform adaptability and a user-friendly mobile interface. You can continue to use your regular fax number even if the service is online because it complies with PCI and HIPAA security regulations. Fax signatures can be added with the click of a button, and the service is designed to be simple.

The free tier, which is only advised for casual users and individuals, allows up to 10 pages each month but just for sending with no option for receiving. Paid plans come with 100 pages, and each additional page is charged at a per-page rate; however, they do allow for the use of electronic signatures.

Small teams of up to 5 people should choose the Business tier, enabling you to download fax logs as CSV files. As well as Slack connectivity for conversation, there is an admin panel for team management. This package includes up to 800 pages each month; any additional pages incur a per-page fee.


MetroFax online fax service

MetroFax provides the best online fax service and can address the faxing requirements of small businesses and larger organizations. The company’s mobile apps, available for Android and iOS, are the best we’ve seen, and its web interface is simple.

We appreciate that MetroFax accepts more than 50 file types, including popular ones like Microsoft Office documents, Adobe PDFs, and JPEG images. However, there is also compatibility for obscure file formats.

The monthly cost is affordable, with 500 pages sent and received for $9.95. Additionally, you can access the same capabilities offered in more expensive plans with that 500-page tier. Even better, you can choose an annual service to lower costs and save 20% off your monthly fee. You can test MetroFax for 14 days by sending 500 pages to evaluate the service.


Faxburner online fax service

With applications for the iOS and Android devices that function on both smartphones and tablets, Faxburner takes a “Mobile first” stance. Users can sign up for a free account, including a 24-hour temporary fax number. After that, by subscribing to a paid account, FaxBurner offers the choice to keep the fax number. A dedicated phone line or a physical fax machine is unnecessary.

The free edition of FaxBurner comes with a temporary fax number that runs out after 24 hours. Additionally, it has a manageable volume of 5 pages of outgoing faxing and 25 pages of incoming faxing. Additionally, it offers fax-to-email and email-to-fax support.

The Professional plan for Faxburner comes with several upgrades, most prominently a permanent fax number, a toll-free number, and the email-to-fax and fax-to-email capabilities from the cheaper plan. The monthly page limit, which applies to both incoming and outbound faxing, is 500 pages.

The top-tier Premier plan includes lower plan features, offering 2,000 extra monthly total inbound and outbound fax pages.

With a functional free tier and less stringent, more considerable page restrictions than its rivals in the paid tiers, Faxburner distinguishes out from the competition. Their app offers extra features like emailing, receiving, and signing papers from a mobile device.



If you only occasionally need to send a few pages by fax, HelloFax is unquestionably the most acceptable option. The clear, straightforward interface of HelloFax’s free tier, which has a five-page maximum restriction, will be appreciated. Remember that the free tier allows you to transmit pages; if you wish to receive faxes, you must choose a paid plan.

You are not entitled to enroll in a service plan if you exceed your five-page limit. Fewer fax users might find HelloFax’s per-page charges, which are affordable and appealing. Up to 10 pages of fax cost 99 cents each; additional pages cost 20 cents each.

The addition of electronic signature support is a good one for the service. Another feature we enjoy is integrating HelloFax with cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Evernote.

Less impressed with HelloFax’s fax tracking and indexing method because you can only search by email address or document title, and you don’t receive a confirmation that your fax was sent. High-volume fax users should avoid it, especially when better alternatives are available. Paid plans support multiple users and start at $9.99 per month for 300 pages; you can save money by choosing annual billing instead.



Users can send and receive faxes using the astonishingly comprehensive online fax service known as Faxage. This company distinguishes out for providing unlimited users on every account and many administrative options, despite not being very inexpensive.

Every subscription from Faxage comes with a variety of helpful features. To begin with, any plan—including those designated for individuals—allows for the addition of an unlimited number of online accounts. That offers small enterprises a significant advantage.

Sending faxes is also quite simple with Faxage. Through your online account, you can create new faxes and attach any files or photographs from your computer. You can also send faxes directly from your email as an alternative. The Faxage print driver, available to Windows users, enables you to send a fax directly from most Microsoft Office programs.

The fact that all accounts have access to the API is another significant benefit of Faxage. Using this system, you can incorporate sending and receiving capabilities into your current workflows. Compared to many of its rivals, Faxage places a higher priority on security by employing SSL and TLS for each fax sent from the web-based interface, the API, or your email.


Sfax online fax service

Look no further than Sfax if your share documents need to remain secure. The faxing service provides HIPPA-compliant faxing and various features targeted toward the medical sector. In contrast to SRFax, Sfax incorporates business associate agreements with the $49 and above monthly levels and HIPAA compliance with every plan.

Despite its industry-focused approach, Sfax still offers a highly aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface, although it is one of the more expensive fax services. Sfax plans start at $29 per month. However, you can get a quick discount if you switch to annual paying rather than monthly.

However, corporate users will value the wide range of file compatibility, the capacity to save numerous cover sheets for various fax kinds, and the multi-user support. The Sfax also stands out for its search tools and comprehensive support for various file types.

How secure are online fax services?

Yes, all online fax services consider various security concerns, and thus, online fax services are secure to use.


How you respond to these questions will decide which online fax service best suits your needs among the many available. The otherwise excellent MetroFax becomes far less enticing if you require a personalized cover sheet, for instance. Even with its low price, SRFax becomes less appealing if search functionality is important to you.

Nearly all of the services on this list include free trial periods, regarding HelloFax and Fax. Additionally, there are free service tiers with caps on how many pages you can send for free. The prices for sending extra pages are modest at both sites.

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