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Why choose Microsoft edge over Google chrome?


You’re probably viewing this with Google Chrome, Google’s web browser that really has grown in popularity since its launch in 2008. However, Chrome has its flaws, but now Microsoft has returned with a revamped version of its own Edge browser on the identical Chromium technology as Chrome it could just persuade you to switch sides to Microsoft edge over Google chrome.

Microsoft Edge is now compatible with Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS, allowing you to utilize it across several platforms. It provides similar browsing data sync settings as Chrome and is linked to your Microsoft account. Because of the standard Chromium code, it also includes any browser extension that operates on Google Chrome.

Although Chrome has its benefits, such as seamless integration with all Google services from Gmail to Google Translate, Edge fails to disappoint. These are a few of the highlights over the last several months.

Microsoft edge over Google chrome has Greater Privacy

Microsoft edge over Google chrome

The issue of internet privacy is numerous and complex, and switching browsers won’t always solve the difficulties connected with being monitored on the web. Still, Edge provides a more user-friendly and complete approach to keeping you safer online. The services, search, and privacy settings tab’s Basic, Balanced, and Strict settings are carefully thought out and described.

While Chrome provides a comparable set of cookie-blocking features, they are not as simple to configure. Edge earns points for allowing you to delete the browsing data you’ve acquired every time you close the software, which is a function that Google has yet to add.

Data Collection

Another reason you might choose Edge to Chrome is that it is not created by Google. Microsoft is way far from ideal when it relates to user privacy, but Google’s whole business strategy is around gathering as much information about you as possible and afterward selling it to advertisers. Google is really attempting to substitute cookie-based tracking with a mechanism that operates on aggregated data that is less individualized, although it is unclear how useful this will be for consumers.

In terms of security and privacy, the gap between these rival browsers isn’t as stark. After all, Google has done some fantastic work in making online browsing safer for everybody. Ultimately, one of these firms is founded on an ad tech empire, while the other isn’t. In the end, it may come down to either you trust Microsoft or Google better, not only for online browsing but for other elements of your digital life as well.

Microsoft edge over Google chrome has various Innovation

Microsoft edge over Google chrome

Microsoft’s programmers have been quick to add new functionality to Edge, including many that aren’t accessible on Chrome. Edge, for example, has a built-in reading mode that Chrome does not have unless you click into the flags tab and enable it explicitly. Microsoft Edge can also read pages to you, which is useful if you select Read aloud from the main browser menu.

Edge has added the ability to display vertical tabs along the side of the screen. It’s not a completely novel concept, but still, it allows you a little more leeway. Microsoft Edge will automatically put unneeded tabs to sleep after a specific length of time, with no need for an extension, which is another function that Chrome has yet to implement.

Edge has additional customization choices for the new tab page right out of the box, and it also includes a unique method to preserve collections of web pages called Collections. You can use the tool to combine text, photos, videos, and web pages together, which may be useful for everything from studying a certain topic to organizing your online shopping.

It’s true that Chrome does have its own collection of exclusive features. Tab grouping is among the most recent improvements, and integrated Chromecast support is among the most significant. However, Microsoft is putting its own mark on Chromium and heading in a few directions that make it worth looking out for. You could discover that you wish to make the transition.

Microsoft edge over Google chrome is Lightweight

Why choose Microsoft edge over Google chrome?

Chrome has been consuming system resources and taking its time for years, it become infamous for the ram it can use and the bad impact it may have on device battery life. Chrome teams are working on these issues and making some improvements, but it remains a big issue.

If one will fairly test on a Windows PC and load the identical set of sites in both Chrome and Edge after restarting both browsers and keep a check on them through task manager. One will find  Chrome continually sucking up far more CPU time, memory space, and disc consumption than Edge.

Thus, in comparison, Microsoft edge over Google Chrome consumes less ram and runs smoothly without giving any load to your system.

Can you still use Google as a search engine in the Edge browser?

Microsoft Edge’s default search engine is Bing, but if one wants something different, like Google or DuckDuckGo, one can easily change it in the Settings menu. Here’s how, regardless of whether you’re using Edge on Windows 11, Windows 10, or a Mac.

1. To begin, launch an Edge browser window. In Microsoft’s current Edge browser, select the menu button (three dots in the top-right corner), then pick “Settings.”

Microsoft edge over Google chrome
Why choose Microsoft edge over Google chrome?

2. Select “Privacy, Search, and Services”, in the Settings tab, in the sidebar.

Why choose Microsoft edge over Google chrome?

3. Look for the “Services” area at the bottom of the right panel. “Address Bar and Search” will appear.

Microsoft edge over Google chrome

4. Find the “Search engine used in the address bar” area and select “Google” or your preferred search engine. Microsoft Edge offers Yahoo! as well as DuckDuckGo by default, in addition to Google and Bing.

Why choose Microsoft edge over Google chrome?

You are now finished. Edge will utilize your preferred search engine the subsequent time you search from the URL bar or by right-clicking text on the web page and choosing “Search the web.”

If you’re satisfied with your selection, you may close Settings. Otherwise, select the “Manage Search Engines” button to manage the range of search engines that display in the defaults list. A list of search engines will appear. You can add them to the list by clicking the “Add” button by inputting a URL for your own search engine.


There are still benefits to using Chrome, such as the way it connects with Google’s own services and a large number of extensions available, but there are probably more negatives these days.

For a long time, Chrome was the greatest Chromium browser available, but that is no longer the case. It got bloated and is a huge memory eater for people using Windows 10. When you have a number of tabs active, your computer might soon stall.

Other web browsers, even ones built on Chromium, such as Brave and Microsoft Edge, do not exhibit the same issue. This is enough to switch to Microsoft Edge over Google chrome.

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