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Best Amazon Fire Tablets-Productive+Affordable range of tablets!


Because Amazon offers something for everyone. The best Amazon Fire tablets are a unique bunch. For example, the Fire 7 is quite cheap, yet the Fire HD 10 productivity edition is an Office-capable tablet that costs less than an iPad. That’s before you include the Fire HD line which has something for everyone, even youngsters.

For the time being, our list of the top Amazon Fire tablets includes options for every type of buyer. This covers the best Fire tablets for kids, the best Fire tablets for everyday apps, the best Fire tablets for gaming, and the best Fire tablets on a budget.

Whatever your budget or needs. One of the top Amazon Fire tablets listed below will be ideal.

Fire HD 10

Best Amazon Fire Tablets-Productive+Affordable range of tablets!

The latest edition of the Fire HD 10 is not just larger than the HD 8. But it also has much higher specifications. The screen is 1920 x 1200, which makes it better than the smaller Fire tablets and brighter than the previous HD 10.

The processor is octa-core instead of quad-core. And the back camera has been upgraded from 2MP to 5MP. Although iPads are still a better option for serious photography, they are vastly more expensive, and 5MP is sufficient for playing around with family or friends.

This Fire does not support wireless charging (the HD 10 Plus does). But it offers a lot of tablets for a low price. If flexibility isn’t your primary concern, the HD 10’s bigger display and quicker processing make it a smart choice.

Fire HD 10 Plus

Best Amazon Fire Tablets-Productive+Affordable range of tablets!

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Plus is the greatest Amazon Fire tablet, with excellent battery life, with respectable display, and acceptable performance for a low price.

This slightly more powerful version of the Fire HD 10 is ideal for those who want to relax with a book or some streaming movie. Just don’t expect to find many apps, as it has the typical Fire tablet problem of not having easy access to the Google Play Android app store.

Still, if you’re already a member of Amazon Prime (and can get a discount during an Amazon sale). The Fire HD 10 Plus gives a lot of hardware for your money.

Fire 7:

best amazon fire tablets

For many buyers, pricing is everything. Therefore Amazon might have done away with the $50 Fire 7 tablet. Fortunately, the most current generation of the company’s most affordable tablet includes a quick quad-core 1.3 GHz CPU. This allows it to move apps and access the web faster than you’d expect from a tablet this low-cost. While previous Fire tablets required you to tap to activate Alexa. This made little sense because the digital assistant is designed to be called with your voice. The Fire 7 finally added speech activation for the digital assistant.

Just don’t expect any of the extra features that come with more expensive tablets. The Fire 7 tablet’s sub-HD screen isn’t clear enough for someone used to use an iPad. And its lock screen is filled with ads unless you pay extra. Still, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a low-cost video viewing gadget.

Fire HD 8:

best amazon fire tablets
Best Amazon Fire Tablets-Productive+Affordable range of tablets! 7

If you’re new to tablets or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money. The Amazon Fire HD 8  is an excellent value.

The recently upgraded Fire HD 10 has a larger, sharper display and a quicker CPU. But the Fire HD 8 offers a great 1280 x 800 screen and a quad-core processor that handles common programs just well.

With a battery life of up to 12 hours. It’s a terrific choice for casual gaming, social networking, and e-reading. And, unlike the Fire 7, it offers Show Mode for a full-screen Alexa experience while you’re not actively using it. It’s a great deal at a low price.

Fire HD 8 Plus:

best amazon fire tablets
Best Amazon Fire Tablets-Productive+Affordable range of tablets! 8

Amazon’s Fire HD tablets are now available in a variety of models, including the Plus. Which increases the RAM from 2GB to 3GB and adds wireless charging capability to the regular Fire HD 8.

It’s highly comparable to the ordinary model, with a 12-hour battery and a bright, crisp screen with a resolution of 1280 x 800. The eight-inch display isn’t suitable for serious work. But it’s perfect for commuting, throwing into a bag, and relaxing on a chair.

The 2.0GHz processor provides enough speed for regular activities. While the additional RAM is useful for more demanding apps and games. As with other Fire tablets, apps are available through the Amazon App Store rather than Google Play. But all of the big names are included, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Instagram, and TikTok.

Fire HD 10 Kids Pro

Fire HD 10 kids pro best amazon fire tablets

Hardware-wise, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro is much the same as the fantastic Amazon Fire HD 10.  It has the same octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and the same vibrant 1,900 x 1,200 display. The main difference is that it’s designed for older children aged 6 to 12. So it comes with a one-year Amazon Kids+ membership, a colorful kickstand case, and a complete, no-questions-asked 2-year guarantee that covers accidental breakage.

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly tablet, few competitors can beat the Fire HD 10 Kids Pro for $199. Especially with the excellent extended guarantee. Sure, it has the same problems as every other Fire tablet, most notably a lack of easy access to the Google Play Store, but If you’re going to give something to a child eventually, it’s less of a problem.

Can you use the Amazon Fire tablet without an Amazon account?

Nope. To use the Kindle Fire, you must have a basic Amazon account. If you are new to Amazon and buy the Kindle Fire in a shop. You will be asked to create an Amazon account during the first device setup.

Can you text from the Amazon Fire tablet?

You’ll need to install third-party software from the Amazon App Store to send and receive text and multimedia messages on your Fire tablet. TextMe is a free program that allows you to send and receive free text messages in the United States and Canada.  This is one of the better and more user-friendly solutions.

Can you FaceTime with Amazon Fire?

FaceTime cannot be used on the Fire HD10 tablet since it is an Apple program. That is mismatched with the Fire tablet. However, you can make video calls using a variety of other applications, including the Alexa app that comes installed on the device.


Amazon Fire tablets are available in a range of screen sizes ranging from 7 to 10 inches. If you plan on watching a lot of videos. The Fire HD 10 has the largest and best screen available. If you only need a tablet to browse the web and read ebooks, a smaller display, such as that found on the Fire 7 or Fire HD 8, would work.

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